Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 11 Sep to 23 Sep 2006
Martin Kropp: (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz)
Colm Smyth: ( Agile principles simply make sense, provided they are balanced with appropriate levels of design and pragmatic documentation to support the project scale, risk and technical difficulty.
Alpheus Mokgalaka: (UP) I welcome change even in social development environment,I do!
Kirill Yatsenko: (United KTB Group) People over tools, not vice versa!
José Vega: (my-xML) I subscribe to the Agile Manifesto because we have found it is a very interesting approach for developing software projects. We are currently analyzing the Agile Modeling (AM) in the framework of our activity…
Andrea Tagliabue: ( I'm both software developer and software customer. As a customer I'm fed up to spend hours to validate tons of documentation and every time you change even a comma re-validate, and when they put the software in the preprod environment re-re-validate, and if you have to change a label in the sw you have to wait months and spend ten times the time in checking documentation than the time they need to change the code (as well as money). And now has arrived also SOA to make things worse. As a sw developer I don't want to oppress a customer in this way. I comprehend them if they prefer to continue to use paper and pen.
Charles H Irwin: (Boeing)
Sherri P. Pennington: I whole-heartedly agree with the manifesto. Most of my recent projects have been fast paced and in need of this methodology. The collaborative efforts of the businss, vendor and IS from the very beginning and throughout the poject has been pleasing to all.
Ram R. Kumar: (BellSouth Telecommunications) As a software developer and a manager, I strongly believe and subscribe to Agile Manifesto. We are currently transitioning from traditional waterfall model to Agile based development. I am truly excited and looking forward to highly collaborative software development teams than the current process heavy methods.
Judi Copler: (CSESolutions)
Ahmed Abd-ElHaffiez: I liked the manifesto. it is cool and quite expressive.
Stefan van der Horst: (actOpus )
Prabhash Shrestha: People over tools!! Prototype development, Better change control, changes towards the late of the project management... Great!!
Venkat Srikumar: If you have ever worked on a project that took more than an year to finish and had the company fold because it was too late to market with the software you will appreciate how carried away people can get about processes over real business needs
David Carver: (STAR)
Michael Marth: (Marth Software Services)
Jeff Louella: (Vivifly)
Diana Criser-Burns: Agile Development is the way to keep people productive, and for companies to keep the good employees they have!
Sean Burke-Gaffney: (Cleverguy Development)
Mario Alvarez.
Michael Domino: I have been quite naturally practicing the Agile Manifesto values throughout my entire career in software development. It's nice to be vindicated after resisting bureaucratic overplanning and reporting for so long as a lonely voice in the wilderness. Now, I can hit people over the head with an authentic Manifesto! Thanks.
Abdulhakim N. Khaled: (itexsolutions) It's just about time for Agile.
Alexey FIlippov: (DataArt, Inc.)
Yuvaraj.N: I completely support the principles of Agile Manifesto.
Josh Hudson: Our world has changed and so should our approach to that world.
Justin Ryan: (Gnudyne) I've been excited about Agile development for a long time, and use this methodology as part of my sales approach for Agile tools. Within a year of my first job as a developer, I played a crucial role in converting us to an Agile methodology and increasing the amount of changes we were able to implement by an order of magnitude.
Tim Lowrimore: I've experienced no better development methodology yet. Agile trims the fat and delivers the meat!
Pedro Gonzalez Jimenez.
Bill LyndPMP: (Ameriquest) We all need to work to make software deliveries faster, and more complete. Our Software must keep up with Today's "Velocity of Business."
Olivier Lafontan: (the agile company) I support the Agile Manifesto and I support individuals and organisations who are working towards these Values.
Michael Larbi: (Valley View University) I think i share in the light of the manifesto.
Boumediene Four: Been a Tester and been involved with software development processes that have a high failure rate, at least now we have something that works beyond any expectation. with no experience with the Agile approach, I have found that with these methodologies it is easier to write code that is more simple, more testable, and more defect free, all in less time . I really believe success will be more likely.
Gurewitsch: ( Wisdom starts where knowledge ends.
Jim Samonte: (
Brian Silberbauer: (Brian Silberbauer)
Michael Beddows: ( You simply can't have an agile organization without having an agile approach to developing products and services.
Ganesh kumar: (EGS-Tool Team of Robert Bosch India Limited) Ideal way of developing software applications/system in any kind of execution model..
Sunitha J. Kumar.
Dr. Charles A Suscheck: (Suscheck and Asc.) As a certified scrum master, OMG certified UML professional, and a certified specialist in RUP, I can attest that agile development is often the best route to take.
Joe Caropepe: ( The Agile Manifesto gives voice to what has long felt like the "right" way to develop software.
Charles J. Bandy III: I believe in the principals of Agile development. I think that Individuals and Interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change are the key principals that all projects should aspire to provide.
RuleSphere International, Inc.: (RuleSphere International, Inc.) RuleSphere supports the latest methods, tools, platforms, and training for agile software development, compliance management, The Business Rule Approach, continuous auditing, Business Rule / Process Management, and Straight Through Processing.
Wes Hester: (OTEE)
Sagun Dhakhwa: (Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya) We have been using agile methods and XP in sambad project. We are finding it useful specially because we are doing a research project and requirements keeps changing as we proceed.
Muhammad Shaheen: (TietoEnator Corporation Finland)
John J Gwynn: (First Notice Systems)
Jan Szumiec: This is THE way to develop software.
Jitendra Joshi.

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