Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 23 Sep to 10 Oct 2006
Rodel Quemado: The pendulum has swung from ad hoc process to heavy-weight process to more sensible, balanced center.
Leilani Morgan: (NIETECH)
Nicodemus Chan: (Nicodemus Chan) The only constant in life is change. Agile methodology frees us from the shackles of bureaucracy and concentrates on getting things done. Spread the word!
Conversión Magro: (Athelia Solutions) To control and manage software teams is just as hard and dynamic as software development. Agile provide teams a guide to collaborate in a creative and free environment, making everyone's life easier, from developers to managers. It helps people commit on their own goals. And of course this produce better software.
Pradeep.N.Kaushik: I am a professional and also a student trying to learn Agile methods and am very interested in the same. It truly overcomes some of the basic flaws in traditional waterfall driven approaches.
George Haden: As a business analyst who has designed several systems, I have yet to find a customer who would rather have perfect UML artifacts than a system that meets his needs. The key to this methodology seems to be customer-oriented thinking - success is defined as a working system at the end of the project, not just meeting the required deliverables list. As long as a customers understands that significant change can mean significant cost, and the cost metrics are agreed upon in advance, then the iterative process can succeed in delivering true value - a system that morphed into what the customer wants as he watched and guided its growth instead of an exhaustively designed system that gets implemented like a boulder rolling down hill, right over the client's needs.
Abhishek M Gupta: (Induslogic) I have been a great fan of some of you guys, you are doing a good job to find better approach for s/w development than stiff "my way or the highway" processes, keep it up.
Joe Peck: (NCSULiving - Apartments near NC State)
Burak Çelebi.
Duncan Mewherter.
GV: (MMSS) All product development companies should follow Agile Software Development methodolgy to meet the customer expectations and maintain product costs.
Ebrahim AlHashel: (University of Canberra) I am conducting a research in software systems engineering and interested to explore Agile development process.
Roberto Lauriola: (Scuola Superiore di Informatica di Gestione - Switzerland) Agile models are not only useful in software development but also in software engineering teaching.
Alexander Zakharchuk.
Fakher Halim: (Task Performance Group) I love Agile Manifesto and actually practice it in my company
Jens-Christian Fischer: (InVisible GmbH)
Nitin Kadam: (Capgemini Consulting India Pvt Ltd)
David O'Brien: (FEXCO)
Ilja Preuß: ( I hope we, as a community, will always remember those values and principles, and won't allow Agile Software Development being watered down to "just agile".
Krishna Reddy: (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.)
Michael J. Tardiff: ( Inc.)
Ralph Henze: In the end, it's running software that decides whether a project was succesfull or not. Agile principles support getting software running quickly and help guaranteeing continuous quality.
Kotesh Veludhandi.
Lee S Young: Twenty years helping intelligent, motivated people deliver tangible business value, at the fastest point of evolving business need, using only the appropriate technology. Ten years helping good people learn to make better mistakes, within the international community of next practice.
Jeffrey W. Owen: (Software Engineering & Magic) "Agile" has been the way I've developed software (and managed staff and companies) for most of my 25+ year career. Now it has a name! Thank you.
gian paolo ciceri: Yes, indeed. It's the way to go.
Greg Tutunjian: (Brightcove) As organizations grow and team size increases, it's a challenge to maintain these values (imho.) It's also a challenge to support the individual who is new to these values. Cheers, Greg
Hassan Shabbir.
Dan Thomas: (Moov2) Bridging the gap between requirements, learning and evolving and acceptance to change is still key to product development
Richard Knowles: (Inception) Support - wholeheartedly.
Ernest Rider: (Various in consulting) Has worked adapted to Very Large Systems down to the smallest project when common understanding is reached.
Nagesh Deshpande.
Oliver Haag: (Oliver Haag IT Consulting)
Samir A. Aljaiban: (Futureware) A balance between the left phrases and the right phrases is needed. However, the left phrases are more important in the long run.
Deepak: (Siemens) I have realized that agile is more that just bringing intelligence into software development.It can be thought of as a set of philosophies.It is simple and sometimes funny, yet provides a definite road to success.
Bart Hansen: ( My everyday experience as an agile developer
Augustine Hermann: (Birlasoft Ltd) I wanted to implement Agile software Development Frameworks to all software products in my on going project proposals and religiously follow the framework.
Ron Manders: (FEI Electron Optics) Done this for many many years, without knowing it's name. It's a natural way of working for me. Natural is good :-)
Todd McGrath: (supergloo, inc.)
Alun R Parry.
Nell Samaratunge: I have been reading Agile Project Management with Scrum written by Ken Schwaber. This book has been well written for beginners like myself and I am planning to learn about this project management system further.
Hitesh Joshi: (eFunds/Wildcard Systems) I support the Agile Manifesto totally. I have been working in Scrum since past 2 years now and strongly believe it is the way to achieve maximum client satisfaction and best optimized performance from scrum team members. Because of Scrum the team gels up very well and can 'self-manage' themselves.
Martyn Cutcher: (CTC Technology) CTC stands for Cut The Crap, and I have been a champion of Agile methods since before the phrase was coined. The original objectives of the Xerox Parc OO teams were very much in the same spirit.
Roland Ettema: (LogicaCMG)
Adil Hamdouna: (eVision inc.) When I found out about this Manifesto, I was thinking that I was alone doing Project Management the way I do it. Now I know there are others who know that this is the right way to conduct an IT project. Thank you all for backing me.
Rajiv Perera: (Spinnaker Edge Consulting) Love it! It is great to get back to the basics and what is important - developing great solutions!
Andr[es Brey.
David J. Koba.
Tom Rue: (
Constantijn Blondel: I can say only one thing : A M E N !

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