Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 09 Nov to 21 Nov 2006
Andy Leitner.
Doug Rude: (BusyBrains Inc)
Haim Deutsch: IMHO the biggest break since the trsnsistor discovery
Craig Knighton: Agile is closest to the perfect balance between the needs of the customer, the business, and the humans that build the products.
Stanimir Stanev (Stanley): (Momentum SI) I am a fan of the agile development. I've done successful projects using agile principles and clients have been very pleased. However, never implement blindly any principles. Think about them, learn from mistakes and win the next battle. (Stanimir Stanev (Stanley)
Dan Leggatt: (MITeam Ltd) 30 years in development. Returning after a three year break, I discover that Agile is gaining momentum. Having spent the previous 8 years attempting to introduce DSDM to large corporates with an historic tendancy towards Waterfall, I live in hope that sense prevails . Most experienced developers have understood the problems with Waterfall and that Agile is the solution in many cases - lets hope that businesses see the light. Good luck to all.
David Sayre: (Battelle Memorial Institute) I am the leader of a software engineering consulting practice at Battelle Memorial Institute. I have made the decision to transition our methods from classic waterfall or spiral development into Agile methods.
Scott Delcore: (SMS Data Products Group Inc)
Massimo Scorletti: (Klever)
Lisa Morgan: (Lairhaven Enterprises) I only have a week on an agile team behind me and I already know that I want to follow a career path that leads to becoming an Agile project manager. In all my years as a developer, I have never seen a philosophy of work so well-designed to *enable* the development team. Please consider me a sponge prepared to soak up as much as I can!
Huw Peregrine-Young: Common Sense in IT, well worth a try.
Scott Delcore: (SMS data Products Group Inc.)
Rigas Parathyras: (
TARANG: Its the Future of Software through which we can help industry develop better software throuugh better processes and procedures
Brian DSouza: (Cyber Korp Inc.) Having used an Agile approach for the last 2.5 years on a number of projects and seen repeated success appear out of apparent chaos, I am a strong advocate of the same. Though some 'things' are common sense and would appear advantageous to use on every project, experience has shown the need to be agile even with my own perceptions of the Methodology and to allow it to be tailored to every team and environment. The 'satisfied' feeling that all stakehoders have on completion of a project and even during the maintenance cycle is a testimony to the approach's strenghts.
Vesa Saarinen: (University of Helsinki) In a rapidly changing world it only makes sense to empower and encourage people, concentrate on goals and value, increase communication and understanding and adapt yourself and your attitudes. This is the new way of not only making but seeing things.
omran badarneh: (
Shawn Battista: (CPM United Kingdom Limited) I'm relatively new to the agile world, but looking back through my career, I cannot recall a point where something felt so natural - its simplicity, wrapped up in the Agile Manifesto, is the root of its success !!!
Konstantin Mitrofanskiy: (Luxoft)
Manick Rajendran: These methodologies are signs of the times, the Pandora's box having been cracked open by the early developers in the client/server arena. The generation that plugged and played entertainment equipment with scant regard for instruction manuals is now at the helm of affairs, demanding and developing products and methodologies that deliver magic at the finger tips of users.
Jason Mundok: (IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.) We're using a variation of Scrum for workgroup level database development projects in platforms like FileMaker. The shift to an agile process has been extraordinary.
Alan Maciel: (ubernetics)
Charles D Robertson: (CACI International, Inc.)
Koen Roevens: (FfluidD) Being result driven, pragmatic and no nonsense myself, Agile Software Development felt like coming home to me. Since 2 years I'm enjoying being a team member/coach on an agile project and since then I'm continuously experiencing that it just works.
Yuvraj Bhalla.
Joseph A Nyirenda: (Zainco Ltd) Doing agile in Lusaka, Zambia
Carl Lovitt: (HCA)
Erwin Hoogzaad: (id43) I don't need to change my approach to programming. I just did not know the name ... Agile Software Development.
Fraser James: (Bridgefield HOUSE) I was so pleased to find out about the Agile Manifesto. Everything else is so totalitarian. Some software methodologies are themselves the primary cause of project failure.
Marcelo Boezzio Paulino.
Brijesh Jain: (Efextra eSolution Pvt. Ltd) Hi, This is Brijesh Jain, a Software Tester.I found the Agile Testing really helpful.
Graeme Douglas: (Sapient Corporation) Agile really works. It is the better mouse trap!
Jeff Anderson: (Deloitte & Touche)
Sanish: (CareerXperts Consulting)
Pierpaolo Pernici: (
Sohel Merchant: (Northwestern University) I firmly believe that agile software process leads to a highly desirable software system.
Andrei Loskutov: ( I hope "agile" would not bekame something like just another kind of RUP - it is not a fixed "process", it consists of daily learnings & changes of process, it's continuous movement forward, it is being *agile*.
Jamie Douglass.
Arvind Kumar Bhardwaj: I am very keen to know more about Agile method of software develoment.
Chatarjee: (Singularity) I wish, I could implement them right in my next tasks..
Chandrabalu V: (SYSCOTECH-INDIA)
Jochen Krebs: ( After years of practicing agile techniques...
Ruud Rietveld: (LogicaCMG) Agile is the way to go. People have to do it. Customers ultimately want something of value.
Sunita Parmar-Rea: (Mochee Limited)
Delroy Llewellyn.
Dr. Eberhard Steinbauer: (Fourth Project Consulting)
Kandrical Anil.
M. Erhan Yigitbasi: (Telenity) A good approach to rapid application development for business projects.

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