Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 03 Feb to 19 Feb 2007
Jeff Heinen: (Qpass) We've been practicing agile for a little over a year and a half. I'll never go back.
Navin Sinha: (ReInvent Software Solutions) The Agile Methodology is a great step in turning a dead body of knowledge, process and tools into an active, alive interaction between individuals, aimed at causing the fullest expression of every individual's potential. I appreciate the efforts of The Agile Manifesto whole-heartedly.
Jing Gu: (StarCompliance)
Tom Mellor.
Michael Smale.
Jafer Ali: Simple and practical.
Bensi Massimo: I can't think of no other way of doing software than agile.
Jörg Gelfert: (
Lloyd Cogoi: (LVA Consulting Pty Ltd)
Mark Damayo: Agile is practical. Agile is intuitive. Agile makes sense.
Chip Dickson: (XCaliber Software, LLC) The only way to deliver reliable software that meets the ever changing needs of the customer. We have been using Agile methods successfully for over 4 years.
Colin MacKenzie: (Prudential)
George Meng: very interested in the Agile
Simon Gate: (BEUNO) Agile manifest is the attitude you need when you develop great software.
Nathan Moon: (footnote) I agree!
Mohsin Nadeem: (Compuware Corporation) I totally support this form of software development and have been apply same kind of development practices for many years. It produces better products, without large overhead of tons of documentation which really, no one cares about.
Thomas Anderson: (Custom Business Solutions) Using agile techiques has really helped push our company into doing things more for the customer rather then the contracts. With earlier customer interaction, the software has met thier expectations much faster then plan, develop, release, adjust.
ViniciusAC: (UFS) Oi!
Raymond Kroeker: I support an Agile approach because it rewards the people working on the project. It provides a framework that values people; allowing you to reach farther.
David A. Koontz: ( I've worked in many organizations in my twenty years in IT, some really good, some bad. One commonality of the good organizations was their ability to promote an organizational model based on people. A core belief that people are the developers and business users of software; that collaboration to solve problems within the domain was the ultimate goal of software development. I've looked for a software development process that stems from this belief system - Agile is that process!
Prakash SAMBANDAM: (Silicomp) I agree with the policy of interactions withing the team, among the users, business and technical people. Need more real life stories to float with tough situations taking into account the human behaviour in such a situation. Appreciate the effort you guys are doing.
Doug Mackey: Agile development sounds like the key to project delivery in an environment of continuous strategic and process change. Much better than the traditional project paradigm of building to static business requirements developed early in the project life cycle which assumes that a project can be built and will exist in an environment which doesn't change through the life cycle.
Sherry Bibiana.
Frans Jansen: (NXP Semiconductors BV) Excellent initiative, very stimulating!
Adrian Kosmaczewski: (
Ruchi Gupta: (J K Technosoft Ltd.) I have been working on Agile Methodology based Xtreme Programming since more than a year ... and highly appreciate it as a new approach to Software Development.
Bob LoCicero: (Inside Edge Software)
Zaidoun al-Zoabi: We are an IT development team wrking in the Ministry of Finance in Syria (middle east).we ahave successfully used XP agile method. Although we are using PRINCE2 as the managment method which is known for its rigidness, we could find great values in doing so.. We strongly recommend XP as a method for achievments
Anuradha Vijaykumar: (TechMahindra Ltd.)
Ronak Shah.
Lynn Noel: (
Oscar Yu: It works great
Carlos Sandoval: (Sharkbyte Studios LLC)
Zach Dennis: ( Agile principles have improved how I've been able to develop software and interact with people along the way. I've been applying these principles everywhere I can to make a positive and hopefully a habit changing impact on the projects and the people I've been and will continue to become involved with.
Neeraj Kumar: I extend my support to Agile manifesto. In a collaborative environment, self motivated teams deliver business values and respond to change better than conventional development environment.
Antony Marcano: ( It's about delivering value...
Christopher C. Hoffman: (Center for Educational Outcomes) Following the Crystal Clear agile development methodology, our team has created highly cogent code, which is well tested.
Moustafa Mahmoud.
Martin Kearns: (Renewtek) I am a member of agile alliance and an Certified Scrum Master.
Ajaykumar Raju: (CEI India Pvt Ltd.) Agile software developments makes everyone satisfied with what they did, what they delivered, and what they received.
Néstor Salceda: Simply amazing.
John Hwang: (Mutually Human Software, LLC) This is long over due. I've been a believer of the Agile Manifesto since I was in college. Now, I've started a software development company to put the money where my mouth is.
Jason Cook: (Tuesday Creative) ...and the people said "amen."
Aashish Shahade: (Citigroup Global Services Ltd) I support the Agile Manifesto. Following are evident as a part of practising the disciplined Agile Methodology: * Customer Satisfaction * Value for Money * Quick Quantifiable Visible Solution Delivery
Giuseppe Bonaccorso: ( I do believe this is the only effective way to develop software which isn't only a pure abstraction of customer's needs and ideas.
TOMM: (E.C.) a philosophy I have been looking for;
Lev Elbert: Was doing this since I started programming. All Manifesto principles look absolutely natural.
Carlos Carbone: (espherika)
Garth Tissington: (Keen Edge Solutions Inc)

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