Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 26 Jan to 03 Feb 2007
Neil R Pitt: Sign here to help stop "Agile Erosion".
Manny Segarra 3: (iLevel) Greeetings All ! My agreement with your tenets led me to say hello and offer my services as a software developer and new student of the Agile Manifesto ! Sincerely, Manny Segarra
Wojciech Krawczyk: (INTERIA.PL S.A.)
Stephan Burlot: (Coriolis Technologies) For years, I've been doing Agile development, without knowing it. Having this manifesto shows me I was on the right track. There's always room for improvement.
Faheemullah: (Datafocal)
Oskar Lissheim-Boethius: (Acoustic Pond media productions) Life is too short.
Bob Lawson: (Lockheed Martin) I'm catching the vision. Its a big change, but one that we must make. I am indebted to many of the agile leaders for the contributions they have made in object oriented development practices and principles, particularly the design patterns. They are awesome!
Levent Gurses: (Jacoozi) People-centric methods are pivotal to the success of any project, not just software projects. The software community has long debated the merits of process vs. lightweight human-centric approach. I think moderation and balance are the key to achieve great results. I support the principles of this manifesto.
Christophe Addinquy: I do support the agile manifesto. People deliver software, and the way they work together and focus their energy on the real goal is the real success factor.
Steve Bonacorsi: Keep It Simple Software
Seroy Akpan: Quite interesting approach
Peter Baungaard Holmelin: (Danware Data A/S)
Sandeep Rathod: (Zycus Inc.)
Eusebio Resende: ( We can't deny the nature of Software Development. It's mutability and changeability behaviour along the project's lifetime, favour this agile methodology. It's the future. There is no doubt about it.
Roberto van Amstel: (Quasar IT) It is time. Let Agile come to us, for what I've been doing and promoting for long has a name indeed. "AGILE Manifesto" it is! Thank you for making me feel less alone.
John Conway.
Alexander Holmberg.
Iwein Fuld: Great work. Becoming more Agile makes me feel better every time I spend time on it. The whole point of IT is to let the machines do what they are good at so we have more time to do what we're good at: be more human, not more mechanic. Agile promotes exactly that.
Theo Deen: (Ministry of social development) Great supporter of the Agile methodologies. Have some experience myself managing Agile projects with a lot of succes and work enjoyment.
Brett L. Schuchert: (
Abhishek Pandey: (Online Business Inc.) I agree that agile software development is a comprehensive way of developing softwares in a holistic view, with emphasis on tools and processes.Documentation is some area where , the axe of Software development resides.
Rudra Kamal Sinha Roy: (iViZ Techno Solutions)
Maxim Chernomaz: (Eleks Software)
Jonathan Holloway: Agile methodologies provide exactly what is required for software development in a frequently changing business environment where few things can be nailed to the floor... keep it simple...
Victor Tsonkov: Well formulated, these principles are the foundation of good teams and effective work. I think the Manifesto should be extended with some new guidelines which have to be well understood by all participants in a project. To me the key points are Simplicity and Formlessness.
Andreas Hausleitner: (
Ian Warner: (Triangle Solutions Ltd) I fully respect the aims and policies of the AM and hereby add my support. Ian
reddy PRK: (Techmahindra)
Jan Rosenmeier: (Attractor) I' m going to bring Agile Project Management with SCRUM into other kind of business too. Bedt Regards Jan Rosenmeier
Raja Vaidyanathan: While working on both the heavyweight and lightweight methodologies, I have had first hand experience of the benefits of "Agile Manifesto". I hereby extends my support for the Agile Manifesto
Joe Wroblewski: (StretchCom) Thanks for helping bring a new level of clarity to software development.
Bob Clewell.
Alejandro Gil: (INDRA)
Prashant Dathwal: Agile requires discipline.Hard to come out of waterfall mindset, but as you practise agile, benefits are immense..
Ali Muslim: I firmly believe & strongly suggest for the favourable reception of Agile Methodologies. It is the more natural direction to get the things done right in effective way.
Somnath Parida: (Siemens Information Systems Ltd.) I'm a software tester and I completely support Agile Manifesto. It is the new revolution in the Software World.
Heitor Roriz Filho: (FPF) I fully support the agile manifesto as we should always think of better and simpler ways to accomplish tasks and solve problems.
Jeremy Nicoll: (Alaska Satellite Facility) Agile isn't just for the business world; we use SCRUM, and it has been extremely effective in getting us to work on what matters to our users. By developing an order interface that had to go live with minimal functionality we pared down the overkill that goes into mostuser interfaces in our field. Remote Sensing could use the Agile revolution.
Caryn Burke: (Verizon Business)
Nicholas Becker: (JPMorgan Chase & Co.) The works of Alistair Cockburn and Martin Fowler have changed my life as a software developer, and have enabled our project teams to increase their ability to respond and adapt to change.
Paddy Healey: Agile Methods work!
Grant T. Moyers.
Torbjørn Frotveit: (Agresso R&D AS)
Ashutosh Pandey: (Tech Mahindra Ltd) Like the Scrum methodology of Agile practice.
Sandro Jorge de Oliveira: (SJOIN Tecnologia - Brasil) Srs, Here I am to surve this cause. My point is to coach in Brazil people to developer the right way. Here I am. Best Regards, Sandro Jorge.
John M. Greene, Ph.D.: (Complexigen, LLC)
Wisam Daoud (Sam): Agile software development techniques are the only real way to get projects into production. They are highly based on our natural human tendency to want to start working and getting things done.
António Melo: ( We've been following these practices for several years. I can't even compare the end-results with other methodologies.

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