Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 11 Jan to 26 Jan 2007
Aviram Eisenberg: (Ignite) Ignite strongly support the Agile Manifesto! Our team at Ignite practices Distributed Agile Development in an onsite-offshore delivery model. For us, Agile Development is a natural evolution of Software Development Methodologies that best reflects the reality in Software Development projects.
Sezhian: (Business Objects)
Dnyanesh k. Bendre.
Matthew Gorton: (Gap Inc )
Ujwal Reddy Malipeddi: ( [ Uj:Labs ] ) be|do|go| Agile with Scripting (Perl/Python/PHP/Ruby/Tcl) and OSS ;)
Ibrahim Mohamed: (EME International) I am proud of being one from the first people sign on this manifesto. I am a junior software engineer and i consider myself a lucky man to be an engineer in the era of agile methodologies in software construction. Really i am working in a team usign Scrum one of agile methods. I believe that agile methods will develop software developers faster than business needs changes.
Reiner Schindler: ( In then years working as a project manager i had have the possibility to make (only) two projects with agile mehtodes and they were the best projects i have ever made. It's a pitty, that the ideas are often misunderstood by managers and customers.
Neagul Marian: (Sc SolSys SRL) Agile is one of the best project management practices in use today.
Luis J. Murgas: (Serranilla, LLC)
Lyndon Washington: (Novell, Inc.) It is worth refreshing your memory of the manifesto and its principles, to ensure that you do not stray from the path for too long.
Chang Li: (CrossView Solutions)
William Shaffer: (Waysys LLC)
Dan Calloway: I support the Agile Manifesto in my coursework and will do so in my career goals in the future.
Mz Omarjee: (Standard Bank Group - South Africa) Agile development practices has proven itself to be a success almost in every way. An agile strategy can alleviate many of a software project's intricate an unknown complexities early in the development process. In our organization, Pervasive(Mobile and Voice Banking) software solutions were implemented using agile approaches, resulting in project delivery on time, within budget, and more importantly meeting all requirements. Finally, the Agile principles is analogus to a constitution. If an enterprise believes in it , its entire domain - business, IT, logistics and operations will flourish.
Denis Arnaud: (
Carl Erickson: (Atomic Object) Should have signed this in spring of 2001 when I first read it.
George Dinwiddie: (iDIA Computing, LLC) I don't know why it never occurred to me to add my name to this list before. I was certainly convinced of the appropriateness of Agile Development when a bunch of people I admire first wrote the Manifesto.
Mark Naudé: This is a welcome approach, and it's pleasing to find other like-minded persons. I work in the pharmaceutical environment, where GAMP holds sway, and am - slowly - changing minds concerning the slow, waterfall-type approach espoused by GAMP. This will be a useful addition to the arsenal.
Pankaj Dwivedi: (Avaya)
Tor Murvold: (Objectware) I absolutely support the Agile Manifesto which welcome creativity and focus even more on each individuals participation in teams.
Sotiris Giannaropoulos.
Vanessa: (Apartments near ECU) I am all for Agile Software Development!
David Van Overberge: (DVO.NET Solutions)
sharad hegde: (Bear ) I started experimenting with Agile methodologies after reading Kent Beck's seminal book on Xtreme programming. Since then, I haven't looked back. I have used different doses and flavors of it depending upon the situation and constraints. But we still have miles to go...
Low Chin Chau: (RelyAS Pte Ltd) RelyAS is a Singapore based software developer. We believe that agile practices is key to our delivering real value and making a real difference to our clients.
Rocky Smith: ( I love agile development because it's natural and the emphasis is on delivering an amazing product to satisfy a customer, not a piece of paper. Developers who justify their crappy software by stating it "meets the requirements" are only justifying the need for this development process.
R.S.A. van Domburg: (Nedforce Informatica Specialisten)
Boris Gloger: (SPRiNT iT)
Tim Lauer.
Paulo Gomez: (Software Developer)
Devin Gray: ( I completely agree with the manifesto. I love ruby on rails! Keep up the awesome work!
Rainer Thiel: The manifesto is truly a thing of beauty. Its brevity belies its depth.
Tomas Kejzlar.
Brian Lee: (ABL Consulting) It is wonderful to see so many people focused on their customers!
Fernanda Menezes.
Ghen Jiang: (Huawei (IT co. from China)) I have worked for several companies. And Huawei Technologies is the biggest and famous, but when we reached the CMM level 5, and prepared for CMMI level 4, we found the ability of the software development is not very good actually, the documents so heavy and useless, just document for document, not for the project aims. Agile, the balance of the CMM and the undefined, give us more hopeful. When I having worked around developer, tester, QA, I felt the Agile was very power for including a variety of area knowledge, such as project management,human resource management, technical and so on. Thank you, Agile!
Zsolt Trencsényi: My teams practice the Scrum methodology to be able to meet the frequently changing requirements of our clients and deliver high-quality software on time.
Vani: (
Woosung Jung: (Seoul National University) I've noticed the miracles in the Agile Software Development and I believe in it.
Javed Shaikh: (Tech Mahindra) I wanted to become a part of this manifesto currentlly i am working with Agile methodology . I find it very useful for the software projects.
Paul Klipp: (Agile Activist) You guys really turned the industry around. And you made my career possible (not just tolerable, but enjoyable). Long live Agile!
Rogor M. Light: (AgilityWare) With growing trends of aligning the focus' of business units toward the common needs of the customer, Agile methodology is finially getting the recognition it has long deserved. Fast paced development environments with requirements of doing more with less are well armed with Agile in their corner.
Ben Hoskins: (WDSGlobal)
Nishant Aggarwal: (HCL INFOSYTEMS) I thoroughly support the contribution of AGILE in setting up all new dimensions in Software Development World which leads to more reliable and more compact end-user product.
Michael Gat: (GreyBridge Solutions)
Konstantin Bulenkov: (Stalk Software) I completely agree with authors of Agile Manifesto. Agile helped my team and me make things faster. I'm happy that my customers and I chose Agile as a base for our relationships. Thanks
Craig Demyanovich.
Bart Spedden.
Edward San Pedro: Fostering an environment that promotes continuous change is rooted in trust. We can only have that with teamwork. It's also very challenging to try to incorporate this type of thinking in an environment that isn't used to it.

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