Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 05 Mar to 22 Mar 2007
Idris Mokhtarzada: (Freewebs)
Ruud Steeghs: (Sogeti)
Husein Choroomi: (Yucca Intelligence Development)
stefano corsetti: I deeply believe that the right way is to enhance communication and good relationship between users and IT people. Agile in on this way
Baruch Chaikin: Never too late to start afresh.
Tom Kennett: Following the Agile Manifesto tenets has improved by ability to develop exceptional software ten-fold.
Julia Novitskaya.
Linda Walters: (Labrys Systems) I have used Agile Methodologies since 2005 and they are far better at producing workable solutions on time and on budget than any other methodology that I have used in over 30 years in software developement
Carol Sue Haney: (Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS))
Dragan Zakic: (Derceto)
Tajudeen Yusoof.
Edson Yanaga: (Ínsula T.I.)
Pradeep Peethambaram: (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.) Just started following the agile principles and found it very effective. The best learnings is that it gives importance to individuals and therefore encourages fresh ideas.
Kendall Demaree: (AREVA T&D Inc) I thank the contributors for their advancement of humanity.
René Schumacher.
Artur Świętanowski: (Gamma Consulting (PL)) As management and controlling practitioners, we concentrate on usability and practical value of our consulting and education services. We offer effective, yet simple solutions - based on agile principles applied not only to software development, but to all kinds of projects. It is our belief, that good management practice has to be based on understandable, common-sense methods, which prove their value every day.
kevin li.
Jaime Jornet: (Avanade) All innovation begins with creative ideas. The Agile Manifesto opens a new way to the embodiment, combination, and synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, and services doing emphasizing in the software developers experience as the best manager to ensure successfully projects.
kaveh: (Emkan IT Co.) very nice idea, but We msut get it work for dispersed development methods. thanx
Roberto Bettazzoni.
Teddy Mwakabaga: (TisaKumi) It is like Newton's laws of motion. The true freedom in software development and customer satisfaction is be obtained from quote unquote * Individuals and interactions over processes and tools * Working software over comprehensive documentation * Customer collaboration over contract negotiation * Responding to change over following a plan
David Cleghorn.
Raju Pathmeswaran: (SCRI)
Julien Palmas.
Mauricio Moreno: (SOLUSOFT S.A.)
Lee Goddard: (Server-side Systems Ltd)
Joel Archambault.
Faheem: (Datafocal Systems) Software Engineering is a very complicated process, and so is nascent domain. It still has a lot of unknowns. The trickiest part is extensive human involvement, which causes a lot of problems. Before agile, this fact was greatly ignored, but Agile makes an approach towards this fact. Agile do also address some other key points which are valuable add to this field. I agree to agile manifesto and consider this as a valuable step towards better Software Engineering.
Matthew Kear: (IBM Rational Software)
Kevin Williams.
Igor Milovanovic.
Edward C. Horvath: (Massey University)
angela patarroyo: (USB)
Tony Shi.
Kishor Jadhav: (RMSI Pvt Ltd.) Ours is rapid development environment for small application/customisation delivery for assisting Production Team.Therefore looking towards Agile.
Shakhruz Ashirov: (Deter Technology)
Lenworth Henry: (Nefertitiware) Results over process is always a way to succeed.
Mohit Garg: (Satyam Computer Services Limited)
Otto Behrens: (FinWorks) We have been doing agile development for some time and have attained tremendous success from it. We always have lots to learn and improve on, so the challenge remains.
Bill Bobick: Agile development is the life blood of sensible development these days! Save time, money, headaches, and most importantly - develop a product that the client actually wants and can use.
Leandro Féres Ribeiro.
Samuel Méndez Juárez: (
Mark Guadalupe: This is really proven, I have utilized it ever since I started programming 5 years ago professionally. "Agile" made my life in "Application Development" so handy. A big thanks to "Agile Methodology"!
Shilpa Gupta: (Satyam Computer Services Limited)
Rob Humphris: (VEMS UK)
Jan Ooms: (Hogeschool Utrecht)
Adeboye Dare: I support Agile Manifesto
Dimitri Vratsanos: (Psybergate) Agile approaches keep you honest and true to your craft.
Indir Jaganjac: (....) Hello, I fully support Kent Beck's Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development Manifesto. In fact, I have been doing it unwittingly for a long time. Few years ago, I read a few articles on Extreme Programming and I realized that I have been doing it all along. Good Luck ! I. Jaganjac Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alastair Bathgate: (Blue Prism) I like your views and blogged about them here

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