Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 22 Mar to 06 Apr 2007
Jabi Aberasturi Larruzea: (LANTIK S.A.)
Alexandr Kalenuk: (Perpholenta project) Being agile is good for mental health.
Dmytry Mykhaylov: (Odessa, UA)
Andrew Meiklejohn.
K.R.Jayakrishnan: I find the principles and process followed in agile methods is 100% fruitfull
Evelyn Valdeiglesias Lopa: I need to develop agile software. And thanks for your help.
Vinayak Hegde: (Enterprise Software Solutions)
Rustam Lee: (KTH Stockholm) I am truly convinced. No turning back!
anthony minstein: (WellPoint) How could you argue? I have personally evangelized some of our teams in adopting these methods to good result.
Michael Rawling.
Frederic Madre: (Pleine Peau)
Ruben Badaró: (Práxia, SI)
Paolo Gazzei.
Chang Geng Li: (IBM)
Ron Le Blanc: As in previous venues the light dawns. Prior venues and methods were found wanting in some way. Hence we moved into the next venue learning from our past errors thus modifying our methodology. Thus we have arrived at Agile programming. Is this an end point? Not likely! We will learn here also and then move on to ...
Tsvetan Bogdanov.
Mr Pavel L Lechev: (PLSB Ltd) Quality of software over met deadlines. That is, not diminishing the importance of timely deliveries, but realising that going for the deadline for its own sake is not a good solution neither from business nor from development point of view. AGILE has the streamlined approach to achieve this. I particularly like the Customer Collaboration concept.
Jay Smith: (Tenanji Systems) Agile saved my life!
Fred Warren: (Trinityhorne Consulting Ltd.) Agile is definently a better way of developing software. I have spent years trying to refine ways of improving the certainty of the waterfall method to now real benefit. We use Agile in conjunction with Prince 2 for Project Management and find the two entirely complimentary and able to work successfully to deliver on time and to budget. Sign me up...!
Dan Theade.
Steve Quinlan.
Bill Davis: (Solium Capital Inc.)
Ritchie Kashmirian: (BitsInGlass Inc.) The Agile Manifesto, in its simplicity, represents the fundamentals of human creativity. In a dynamic world, just like in software development, human creativity is the key for success.
Daniel Bullington: I support and encourage the use of Agile practices in software development.
Antony Colvin: (Unicorn Light Industries) I have 20 years of experience and success in the management, research, planning, development and implementation of leading edge technology based solutions. These solutions have consisted of upgrades, migrations, integrations and development. All of which have improved service, reduced costs, increased return on investment and/or facilitated new acquisitions by reaching or surpassing their targeted goals. I and my manufacturing clients have greatly improved our development efforts by the use of Agile. Even my clients whose primary business is not manufacturing have benefited markedly. So, I am an enthusiastic signatory of the Agile Manifesto. Sincerely, Antony Colvin Program Manager
Michael Kramer Rilau: (Sybase Danmark) I have seen many, many projects in my 20+ years in the IT consulting industry. The agile manifesto sets words to the rules of thumb I continue to follow to ensure my projects end on time, on budget with no unpleasant surprises. Pragmatism over fanatism. /MicK (Services Manager)
Perry Reid: (Chesapeake Energy) I have been developing and delivering software solutions for well over 26 years. Trained initially in waterfall approach, I began using agile practices about 4 years ago. I strongly believe in the agile values and principles described here and I am convinced that they promote the best approach to consistently delivering high value to my customers as well as creating a positive and product environment for my developers. Agile ROCKS!
Suleman Chikhalia: Advocator of agile software development.
GIUSEPPE ENRICO PROMENT JR: (Control) I´m just a programmer. then I know what work and what doesn´t work ;-) I agree, because this is the way that I have worked ever, since the very begining. long life e good lucky for us, programmers !
Tomek Włodarek: ( A milestone in defining our profession. These simple rules are like a virtue. Brave are these who follow them and dare to speak for them at loud.
Declan Whelan: Agility is a breath of fresh air. We are all deeply indebted to the initial signatories for their courage and clarity.
Campbell Craig: (The Event Shop)
Tommi Mahlamaki: (IBM)
Venkat.H: (Proteans Software Solutions Pvt Ltd) After having worked with the traditional development model and now in a Agile development model, the stark contrasts have made me wonder why someone should use the traditional model at all. It has been refreshing and great feeling to work with a team that works towards a common goal with equal responsibilities starting day one of a project. Individuals and Interactions over procesess and tools...I cannot agree any more.
Ahmed Badami.
Piyush S Bhatnagar: ( Agile is my way of life now...
Michael Bowman: (Vertical Works)
Anthony Ortega: (
Orer: I support the Agile Manifesto! Agile Software Development is a revolutionary idea.
Nikhil V Kapre: (IBM)
Ilham Rizqi Sasmita: (Voucha) There is no best way. There are always better ways.
Dave Sammut: (Goldfish Ltd) I found that taking small steps in introducing areas of the manifesto is winning more and more individuals over. We are now applying a remote-agile setup on which I indend to share my experiences. /dave
Ven Chilukuri: I grew up in waterfall methodologies and have used different approaches in the past 20 years. I am convinced Agile approach is the only way to develop software to deliver value to the business.
Francesco Trucchia: (IDEATO)
Maykel Suarez: Some might call it 'reinventing the wheel'. I call it 'distilling the Wheel through continuos integration and test driven re-factors; discovering the behaviors of the underlying abstraction while keeping it pragmatic, agile, opinionated and real'
Zan Thrash: Focusing on working software, the team, and the customer. Nothing more, nothing less.
Sudhir Kolli: (Marlabs) My first experience with agile methodologies was when I worked on a loan purchasing application (GCD) at Freddie Mac - one of the best projects I ever worked on along with a great group of people. That was almost 12 years ago - before all the names and buzz words were coined for these methodologies. I never missed an opportunity to implement/mentor/evangelize these methodologies at individual/team/department levels after that. While these approaches produce great results in most of the cases it is important development teams and project managers pay close attention to non-technical items such as - organization/team cultural dependency on accurate predictability and disparate geographical locations of team members etc that pose extra challenges. These situations may require a mix of both light weight and heavy methodologies. At the end customers will experience great results at lower costs by adopting development practices based on Agile Manifesto and I fully support it.
Ugandhar Kalva: (iSpace Software Technologies) Agile development is more often required these days where client requirments are volatile. Also the team learn much in agile projects, as it forces them to be involved in all activites of the project.
Clive G. Brown: (Solexa) Used agile thinking throughout my bioinformatics career. Common sense.
Stephen Sullivan: (Homepage of Stephen Sullivan) Try using the agile philosophy and you'll wonder why you ever approached development any other way.

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