Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 24 Apr to 10 May 2007
Inbae Ahn: (Telus) Less fluff, more working stuff. Agile - you have my support and thanks.
Guilherme Schneider.
mihai iuga: (Atypon Systems) I've been exposed to Agile methodology in my previous job within a very large software developing organization. It was not a happy experiment. It did not work and looking back I can see some of the reasons. I would like to get it right this time. Shortly, I’m looking for help. Thank you, Mihai Iuga
Paques, Bernard: (Paxer Conseil) Principles of agile software development and of open source delivery are the main pillars used for the definition and implementation of YACS. Applying an agile approach to an open business model is the probably the most efficient way to leverage talented developers, designers, translators, trainers, and users.
Barry Jones: (CSC)
Stein Inge Morisbak: (My home page) I solemnly agree and will try to live by and teach others the values.
Mike Mian: ( processes and tools are means not ends. software models the world; the world is dynamic, so software devlopment needs to be dynamic.
Bert Huisman: Great in its simplicity and powerful in giving increasingly more insights on how to be more effective on a number of levels. Experiences with Agile wrapped up and enhanced a lot of my earlier development methods. While having fun all the way too.
Paul: (Indo-Sakura) Agressive, people oriented process
Hans Blaauw: (BlueNow)
Narayana.D: (Iteamic) Agile is a refreshing idealogy - When successfully implemented, it can be the much awaited rain after a long period of drought :)
Michael Bourque: (PTC)
Jose Paulo: (Jose Papo WebLog)
Anurag Shrivastava: (Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd) Software that delivers business value early.
Zhiyang Ong: (University of Southern California) Is an eXtreme Programming enthusiast in electronic design automation
Asgeir S. Nilsen: (
Davood Firoozian: (Ozino Information Technology)
Andre Carrara.
vamsi: (PSIDATA) Agile sotware development helps to reduce the risk of large projects. It is a great technique for Project Managers. It is very much practical and a great methodology for the programmers to adapt to.
Andy McGrath: (Wells Fargo)
Alston E. Hodge: (Ciber, Inc.)
Lemuel Formacil: ( We used to spend a quarter of the time writing progress reports and other documents that does nothing but create the illusion that progress is being made. We also used to spend a considerable amount of time writing system documentation that no developer is actually reading. We should have just used that time to make real progress--writing code. Since learning about agile methodologies we focused more on actual development and we became more productive.
Brandon Phuan: I endorse the Agile Manifesto and look forward to an opportunity to adopt the principles in my work environment. I also hope to see case studies of practical implementation of the Agile Manifesto especially in the enterprise application arena.
Christian Müller: (Electric Paper GmbH) Working software over comprehensive documentation reminds to write code that humans can understand. (credits to M. Fowler)
Tomas Gustavsson: (TUK Kompetensutveckling AB) I have seen the light... working agile is the real way of running efficient projects. In a month, I am releasing a book in swedish named "Agile - konsten att slutföra projekt" which is all about these thoughts and concepts. BR, Tomas
John Graville: (Intellident Ltd) We are starting small on some light weight projects but hope to build the process into our whole software development lifecylce.
Daniel Foley.
Jang Vijay Singh: (3i Infotech Ltd.) Every single time I have typed code, I have tried to live by these principles - sometimes it hasn't been easy. During the past few weeks, I have been reading about agile development and it feels really nice to see these principles as part of a manifesto!
Randy Tangco, PMP: I have been into software development and PM and I believe being agile in both will serve the business better in launching its products and achieving its business goals. In my industry which is banking and payment card industry (card management and EFT system, VISA, MASTERCARD), I believe this would be the most appropriate method. I hope I can learn more on the practice and application of the agile PM by being a protege to an agile PM mentor .
Gaurav Saxena: (Everest Consulting Group)
Heng Joon Tiang.
K. Raja Sekhar: I do support as it : " Provides a Microscopic guidance for a Quality Software Product Development" but : " Lacks the Telescopic view of Strategic Software business needs"
Richard Copenhaver.
Mike Robski.
Gagan Mathur: I am new to the formal definition of Agile Methodologies but I do feel that this is something that comes naturally to me. I really support the idea of Customer satisfaction through focus on continuous stakeholder involvement, keeping things simple, providing software in a phased manner and welcoming continuous changes and being prepared to handle them.
Gabriel Aramburu: I try to apply these ideas every day at work, this help me to be a better sowftware developer.
Gordon Cloke: (Yahoo! Inc.) Yes!
Ben Simo: ( Good software requires intellegent decision-making throughout the development lifecycle. Process, tools, documentation, contracts, and plans are all good things. These can help keep us obtain our goals but should never become a driving force that takes our attention off what really matters.
Peter TAM: (Gameislive Corporation) We work on mobile online game in China, coincidently we have adopt pair programming, standup meeting technique since 2002, and it was good up to now. We also believe that XP and Agile development method is good, and they will last long!
Samuel M. Ervin: (Hilton Hotels Corporation) As a student of project management and software development, I believe this Manifesto to be a best practice for all Agile development practioners to aspire to use and live by in software development.
Aharon Haravon: It's so simple, and so truth.
Sachin Naik: (Rolta India Limited) I look after game development at Rolta. Game development, by its very nature, needs adaptability in its approach since gameplay & fun are intangibles that cannot be decided in the early stages of development. Being nimble footed is critical for successful game developers. Agile methodologies offer interesting alternatives to traditional SDLC models & I am keen to see these models being used by the games industry in a more informed & aware manner.
Christopher Palma Moura.
Brijesh Gajera: (Motorola India Ltd) Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential. This shows what we need in software engineering aptly.
Rick Cochrane: (ObjectZen Consulting)
Michael Nyika: (Carriage Return (or OpenCipher))
Chandrakant: Senior QC Engineer
Brandon Keene: (EZ Publishing, Inc.) Software for human beings.
Raj Thanalapati: (The Nielsen Company)
Arto Ruotsalainen: (-) Nice work, let's keep it up! :)

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