Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 10 May to 22 May 2007
Janos Kovacs: (thecitysecret Ltd.)
Bruce Dungey: ( I have to sign a manifesto with so much commonsence and usable principles.
Rama Krishna Pulivendla: (TechMahindra Ltd) We had transitioned an Agile project from onsite to offshore and were successful in the same. Our experience on Agile says that it requires self discipline and excellent time management. This is a very good learning for both the developers and project manager as it provides good balance between professional and personal life. At the end of the day everyone is gaining from Agile!
Matthew Krout: (Omnicare, Inc) There is no doubt that agile development takes a lot of coordination and great employees to pull it all off, but it's worth the effort and I would not want to do it any other way.
Subhash Gupta: (ThouoghtWorks) I believe this philosphy has more power than any other for building a reliable working software in the competetive market place but on the other side, it requires right blend of right kind of people to maximize the efficiency of whole idea. To say in short-> Geeks Team working to make virtual world a real theme :)
K.Nitani: (Japan)
Kabir Chatterji: It is lively, it is responsive and no doubt it is AGILE
Ted Rivera: (IBM) Been working in the Agile space for some time, about time I signed!
Sivaiah Thunga: (TechMahindra) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
David Forbes.
Nabendu Chaki: (University of Calcutta)
Ayodeji Odusote: The only way to move forward is moving forward. Agile methodology is the way to get agile with development right from the very conceptual start to the upredictable end.
Danilo Americano de Carvalho: (Chiptronic)
Justin Brister: (Virtusa)
Susan M. Beebe, PMP: Agile is an excellent model for iterative web development projects. Effective management includes tight integration between development teams and business customer units. Collaboration, fluid team communications and trust are fundamental tenants of the Agile methodology and must be adhered to for successful results. Agile provides the business with immediate turnarounds (results) on deliverables; furthermore, it allows for scalable designs.
Valdir Paulo Emmerick: There is a gap between thinking and doing. XP is doing.
Florin Marcus: (
Andrew Goldie: (Cyberfuel)
Paul A. Lambert: (PicoMobile Networks) Agile development provides a basis for continuous product improvement.
ayman Salah: (CGIS)
Paulo Roberto Vilan: (Chiptronic)
Scott Cole: Our organization is just beginning the transition to Agile. I believe it will be painful, annoying, and cause lots of conflict. But in the end, it should speed development, increase employee engagement, and be personally rewarding.
Richard Kelly: (BAE Systems)
Koray Dakan: I've been working in a project where 1) changing from one source file to another in the "visual" editor might take a minute or so, 2) building project files to see the effect of a small change in source takes five minutes, 3) you see your changes overwritten in a "source safe" environment, 4) getting latest source that can be built is virtually impossible, 5) people don't share ideas and knowledge and don't care in general, 6) meetings are done on every weekend only to force people to come and work on the weekends, 7) project leader doesn't have a project plan, occasionally asking everyone what they're doing now, 8) endess cycle of requesting extension periods from the customer over the previous deadline, 9) bosses bashing customers and workers, customers bashing the company, 10) analysis done from head, without talking to the customer, 11) constantly working on the framework to make it work instead of working on a "working framework" etc. all leading to an unsuccessful project.. Even industrial project management has learned to deliver working prototypes and getting constant feedback from target customers before going on to full production. I pity those who work in a dynamic sector as software development and insist on old and wrong ways of doing business.
Sallyann Freudenberg.
Robin Kng.
Abhijit Hiremagalur: (Cogent Consulting) This signature is long overdue, what you started with a single match is now a raging fire. Thank you for planting the seed that's grown into the work environments I look forward to going to each morning.
Anna-Jayne Metcalfe: (Riverblade Limited) I've encountered many processes in the course of my career, but all of them had one thing in common - they *didn't* work. The Agile Manifesto is something very different - an approach rather than a rigid process.
Daniel S. Braz: (SACI)
Edwin I. Sanchez: (Magsaysay Group of Companies - Manila, Philippines) Our organization is very dynamic and requirements usually change. Doing a waterfall approach can not deliver what the customer wants on time. Agile is the answer.
Alisson Vale: (Phidelis Tecnologia)
Stuart Cam: (Codebrain Consultancy)
Artem Marchenko: (Nokia) Read, tried and believed
Andy Gueritz: (Sixhills Consulting Ltd) I have been a big fan of iterative methods since the 1980's when I read Barry Boehm's seminal article about the Spiral Model for Software Development. And the passion was rewarded by seeing it all come alive whilst working with Egg to help them develop their agile development organisation
Gustavo A. Garcia: ( I believe the Agile methodology to software development is the most innovative and efficient way to manage development of new applications, ensuring business owner participation and having the results of the end-product be driven by the business, ensures proper alignment of technology behind the strategic vision of any organization. We need to keep in mind that software solutions are nothing without a business need. Technology supports a business not the other way around.
Davi Melazo: (Unisys) I want exchange information and ideas with others about topics and concerns in agile development. I wrote some articles on internet in subjects around software engineering. Agile development turn my attention.
Chris Wilson.
Hari S Kumar.
Sampathgiri: (Bigtec) Software Development Process should be where it belongs - Development Teams.
Paresh: I am highly impresed by Agile software development method so would like to join this community to know more about the same & to keep myself updated by the latest development going in the agile technology .
Martijn Lindhout: (JointEffort)
David Winter: (Michael Page International) We've had some success so far with SCRUM and spent a few days with Craig Larman last week and learned a few more hints (as well as the manifesto off by heart!)
Syed Naqvi: I truely believe is agile manifesto .
Raven young: (
Klement J Fellner: (Zuehlke AG, Switzerland) Although I will not be able to sign all the practices from XP I do believe in the values from the Agile Manifesto. I really hope that we see a Unified Agile Process soon!
Axel Angeli: ( The idea of a Service Orienetd Architecture cannot live without the spirit behind the Agile Manifesto.
Sandeep Sood: (bcm digital)
Lynton Grice: (SAPPI) Being in the SAP EAI space for a couple years now I can most certainly see the value and importance of supporting "Agile Software Development"... I've seen some very big names here, great work guys, I support the Manifesto all the way!
Christopher Hall.
Christine Fu: one more vote! Wish all people working on deliver projects or products who have power of decision making, adopt this idea and carry out.

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