Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 22 May to 02 Jun 2007
Marrrek Pelt: (Sun Microsystems Inc.)
Michael Lane: (Delve Into Jesus) We could not have put this project together given the cost and time constraints without the agile methodology. We're all sold on it now, and will never go back to the "old" way.
Marc Beaudry: (Industry Canada) I spent the last 3 and half years championing the adoption of the Agile Manifesto within government walls with a fair amount of success. Today, many Canadians, unknowingly, are benefiting from that influence! Thanks for putting the words together that allow us to build better software today and for many years (and decades) to come!
Richard Kasperowski: (
Kartik Kanakasabesan: (IBM)
Wojciech: Go eXtreme :-)
Sandeep Deb.
Przemysław Włodarczak: (DAC Software) This is a way to build software that works
Aman Soni: I am a pig, my butt is always on the line
Steve: (Alliance Records Management) This has to be the future for software development.
Amruta Vaidya.
Zarick Lau: (
Mario Contestabile: (RadialPoint) I don't just support it; I live it, and breath it, every one of my working days. Doing so, I not only create software value, but also business value.
Keith Rowell: (RubyGreenBlue Pty Ltd) Using Agile Software Development methods allows my business to continually impress customers by providing practical software solutions that work the way the customer wants them to. And we enjoy ourselves in doing it.
Matthew Jenkinson: (Responsive Software Limited) 100% support from us unreservedly!!!
Arun B: Agility is Goal
Steve: (Alliance Group) This has to be the future for software development.
George Kiryluk: Gentlemen, I admire your ideas. Agile is an oasis of sanity. Thank you. George Kiryluk Quality | Software Development Mercury Companies Inc
Kevin Gainey.
hector simon benavides pinjosovsky: (intevep) Agile manifesto is great
Andy Hofmeyr: (Psybergate)
timz: it is a good thing,knowing something and helping others in doing it. its great.
Sudheer Alladi: I vote for this manifesto !!!
James Pannozzi: (Independent Consultant) The conceptions promulgated by the Agile Manifesto initiative are a refreshing change from the dehumanized utilization of people as expendable resources, to be worked to the bone and then discarded like a used printer cartridge by uncaring corporate executives whoose main concern is leaving their schedules open for golf on Friday. With the rise of alternative operating systems comes the opportunity for individuals to regain control of their desktops and continue the wave of liberation unleashed by the desktop personal computer revolution of 30 years ago. Maximizing the individual's productivity and ability to communicate and collaborate in a logical, relaxed, friendly and anti-organizational manner will inevitably result in completed and successful projects instead of half finished outsourced overspeced monstrosities such as what the F.B.I. got for a database several years ago for 30 million dollars which had to be discarded as unworkable. James Pannozzi
Vincent Cabrera: I am an individual with great respect for people who wants to learn everyday is a treasure in itself by solving these challenges up ahead shall determine our journey and not our destiny.
Basil Vandegriend: (Professional Software Development) The agile manifesto is a simple yet profound statement about the values we bring to our work, and I am proud to support it.
Frederic Doillon: ( Paris-France. As program manager, I engage myself to support the four assertions of the Agile Manifesto in my everyday relations with my developper team, my business analyst colleagues and the board of directors.
Gufran Ahmad: Agile approach to agile world!
Naveen: (MentorLabs) This is one of the best ever methodologies we have ever come across. Thanks for everyone who have been contributing to agile methodology & its mechanism to acheive quality software development at a low cost
Lawrence Salmingo: I am a software developer and I support Agile Software Development based upon this manifesto
Gary Herbertson: (Xede Consulting Group) Agile = common sense.
Eduardo Ludi: (Universidad Adventista del Plata)
Hawazen A. Otaibi: (PROJEXA Software) For many years now, the Agile Manifesto was implemented in my organization, making a challenge with continuous requirement change and releasing (working) releases of our software in short periods of time.
Frank pk Chang.
Mark Ratjens: Not sure how my name disappeared off this list from all those years ago, but let me adhere myself to it again... Here's my glib quote for people trying to get their heads around this stuff... "Agile Development == Less Ceremony, More Discipline" As we know, any idea applied thoughtlessly, domatically is bound to fail. Sometimes you DO need more of the less valued things on the right. Peronally, I believe that if you consider the values and principals for each project, and make a balanced decision based on the specific context, then you are being agile. Please don;t apply the same formula every time, even if it does quack like an agile duck.
Slim Tebourbi: (Business&Decision)
Surya Kurra: (Qvantel Software Solutions Ltd)
Shaun Askey: I have consistently used an agile approach over the years to obtain business benefit. At the time I didn't know it was Agile and it's great to now see this approach formalised and recognised.
Vogl Andreas: (
Jeremy Fergason: (Corwynn Technology) 100% Agree!
Francisco Minguez Garcia: (Nethspa Management & Advies)
Seth Moore: This is by far the best way of making any sort of software.
Michael Irwin: (Manic Development) Thanks for bringing together your knowledge and sharing it with everyone!
Guilherme Willian de Oliveira: Gostaria muito muito mesmo que todas as empresas trabalhassem assim ... Que tivesse este manifesto em uma bela moldura na entrada e que fosse seguido a risca
Martine Devos.
Sandeep Deb: ( Agile is possibly the most honest thing that could have happened in the arena of software engineering methodologies. I have been practicing Agile in-principle for a couple of years now and it is just great.
Marty Witbeck: (HRS) Agility makes sense to me.
Michael F. Udrow.
Adron Hall: (Three Step Solutions) Been there, focused on the processes and tools, the comprehensive documentation, contract negotiation, and following a plan and have seen to much failure. It is not fun nor interesting to fail, only useful to know what to avoid. Thus I now know and look forward to the principles of focus on the other side of the paradigm.
othman ouahbi: (devmoz) Simplicity is the Key and It's all fun. I fully support the values that the Manifest embodies.

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