Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 02 Jun to 15 Jun 2007
Maxwell B. Fernandes: (Adaptiveway Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.)
David C Peterson: (Askus Consulting Services) I have 20 years of technology management experience and this methodology just plain works!
Rafael E. Santos: (Ultimate Software)
František Malina: (VizualBod - individual front-end developer) This is the way to get the software done and make customer happy.
M.Senthil Vel : ( I am lucky that my Current projects is following Agile Methodology. I like Agile and i much willing to implement Agile in all my future projects.
Jim Sangwine: (Competa IT)
Manigandan.M.S.: One of the biggest advantage of agile process is accomplishing change request very easily with less time when the development is on. Secondly I like in the agile process is interaction with business team on regular intervals.
Muhammed Imran Hussain: (Solution Giant) Share a number of common characteristics, including iterative development, and a focus on interaction, communication, and the reduction of resource-intensive intermediate artifacts.
Andy Badera: (Higher Efficiency Solutions, Inc.) I have flirted with various agile techniques, philosophies and practices over the past few years, and am finally in an environment that is allowing me to implement a broad range aforementioned methodologies. The benefits are obvious, and they are huge. Agile practices should be the building block of any software engineering education, and Continuous Integration -- with automated unit and acceptance testing -- is a peerless paradigm.
Mikhail Glazyrin: (CREAT Studios, Inc) I am 100% agree with manifesto! We are moving to agile last 2 years, and we get more and more good results from project to project.
Luc B. Perussault-Diallo: (CodeDynamic LLC)
Arul Kumar C: (Master Sys Technologies, Chennai, India.) I admire this programming model.
April Johnson: (
Iain McKenna: (Project Success)
Christopher Bennage: (Blue Spire Consulting, Inc.)
Rob Eisenberg: (Blue Spire Consulting, Inc.)
Tai Ton That: (TONTEK INC) I concurred. Agile = Open Source = Free for All
Osvaldo Aufiero: (Aufiero Informática)
Anurag Sharma: Agile way of software development and testing...This is the future of software
don mihelich: (cms, inc.)
Michael Nyika: (Self)
Craig Stevens.
deji osiyemi: (Icemint limited) I support the agile manifesto.
Jagadeesh HS: (Caritor Inc) I am working as an Associate Architect for Caritor India Pvt. Ltd. I am more interested in agile methodologies.
Merijn Vogel: Trusting developers and their expertise proves to be a key factor for success. Giving a pragmatic programmer freedom liberates their natural enthusiasm and optimism, which makes them very productive!
Anita Chandrasekaran: (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Jody Baty: (Digital Learning Inc.) Agile programming techniques have rekindled my love of programming.
Henryk Paszt: (INNO.COM)
Lila Scali.
The Simpatic Team: (Simpatic Software) Why spend thousands of dollars on creating an architecture for something that even the customer doesn't totally understand? If you start going that path, you need BIG BUCKS to support the development process. On the opposite hand, Agile allows you to gradually invest and work on a project regardless of how many times the client changes their mind or adds/removes requirements. I know I survived several changes like that only because I was Agile.
CARLOS BARRETO FEITOZA FILHO: All the points presented here are the perfect way to develop. I always used them!
Uriel Liu: (WPLC)
Karthik B. S: I am new to this. I have implemented a project with my team based on FDD. I'm looking forward to learning more.....
Praneet Vazhayil.
David le Quesne.
Giruka Madhusudhan Rao: Excellent engnieering methodology
Jim Scardelis: (Microsoft Corporation)
Peter Sevier.
Shaji Kurian: (Enventure Technologies) Last one year we have been indulged in the development of one of our most success project for our prestigious client at Japan and are very proud to say that we followed this new concept of Agile Software Development.
Bharat Sharma: (Monsoon Consulting) Agile methodology is best suited for our client base (Small to medium segment businesess without having great IT skills/ Resources)
Sudeep Mallik: (Goldman Sachs) Agile methodology is the way we should be moving forward in this agile world of software dev.
Fortino Garza: (Fortino Garza&Associates) It is totally true that projects change even from the right beginning. A more flexible perspective is needed.
Sameer Khanuja.
Jan Sobota: (hermez org)
Niki Van Cleemput: ( I like this !!
ravi tadwalkar: I have been using Agile software development methodology at work using hands-on mentoring approach for product developers & biz analysts. For the functional (biz) analysts, CRC cards sessions to identify classes in the domain and then writing formal use cases after some initial use case modeling for the domain. For product developers, use of UML activity diagrams for product workflow based web UI navigation and UML sequence diagrams were some of the agile process challenges that I undertook successfully.
Ronald McNamara: (GlaxoSmithKline)
Chris Spagnuolo: (The Sanborn Mapping Company)
Rick Cummings.

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