Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Jun to 28 Jun 2007
Anoop Kurungadam: (Kennovation Software Services Pvt. Ltd.)
priyaranjan sinha: (Amdale Software Tehnologies) Sounds good. The challenge is to keep it going -I know.
rishu: (exl)
Guilherme Chapiewski: (
Mike Yearworth: ( Use of agile methods in research and development.
Alejandro A..
Florent Chanavat (France): ( As a developper and usability specialist, I've always tried to merge simplicity and end-user satisfaction. I guess Agility is for me.
Analía Valentina Felice: ( One of the most valuable parts of software development is, for me, the customer's satisfaction. I find in agile practices the best way to achieve it. Also I find agile practices very useful in non-software projects, and I successfully applied them.
Jim Milbery: (Chicago Growth Partners)
Abhishek Pandey: Just found this page. It is really interesting and offer more control over software development and maintaining huge softwares.
Jonathan Stoppani: (
umangi shah.
Zuhair Naqvi: (Acuserv Business Processes Pvt. Ltd.) Reducing the communication gap between all nodes of project lifecycle produces more robust results in considerably lesser time. I, as a project manager prefer agile methods over fat and retardes processes. just like I prefer PHP over Java.
Halil Bahadir: (Bildem) Agility is a new door for me, closing the waterfall, opening the iterative development..
John Wittkamper.
Sravan Piriya: (Sapient) This style of software development is definitely going to help the Software market. I feel, it's Adaptivity and People-orientation are the keypoints that deliver value to Clients as well as Organizations, with higher quality. Apart from this, i think more maturity and acceptence is needed among the developers as well as leaders for Successful delivery of a project using "Agile".
Rick Myles: (Eastman Kodak Company)
Jaydeep Mehta: I am new to Agile method, but it is very appealing to me. I beleive companies around the world should adopt this new methodology and contribute continuously for the betterment.
sishen: (
Jon Moody: (Science Warehouse Ltd) Being a small ISV we have to focus on the business case of everything that we do. Being agile is the only option for us to ensure that we are delivering the right thing in the most timely and efficient way. If you want to see the goods rather than a gant chart, it's just common sense.
Rich Martin: (BlueXilica Business Solutions)
Roman Sladeczek: ( Agile Development Manifesto is the best way to move forward! And it has somewhat human. Great Philosophy!
Joel Molyneaux: (Technology Management Associates)
Joerg Veit: (LOGO consult AG) Industry publications indicate that a large percentage of implementations fail to meet their objectives. Upon further analysis, the main drivers for failure are identified in three categories: 1. unrealistic goal setting 2. insufficient integration of users during definition process 3. waterfall implementation method. Agile methodology helps us to avoid such failure. Joerg Veit CEO LOGO consult AG
Wilbur J. Pereira: (
tarun chandani.
Sunil Ippagunta: (KeyID)
aneesh anand: (Arackal Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd) I started with agile technology through Ruby on Rails and found it interesting and motivating. It tells everything about how a team can work effectively over a project, whether it is about to make a game, or to make a space program!
Robert Nemecek: (ANF DATA, Siemens IT Solution and Services)
Leonardo Fernandes: (Usina Ciruripe) Parabéns pelo trabalho e divulgação dessa nova forma de criar um software. O Brasil todo agradece. Atc. Leonardo Fernandes Engenheiro de Software
Antoine Letourneux: Great things can be achieved using this principles. I did it, several times, in very different industries.
rajnish chauhan: This is good initial learning of agile development and help me to understand basic
Peter Kalbus: (Harman/Becker Automotive Systems) Great. Having this in mind, things get much easier and smarter in the daily work.
Rehan Munir: (DataFocal Pakistan) The greatest advantage of agile I see is the working features in short span of time which is a tangible solution for customer and develops a sense of achievement among development team.
Luis Fontes.
Brian Tan Seng: (Yellowasp Corporation) Applying agile development principles have helped us implement better software and improve our output. It brings to focus the most essential components of software development: the developers, the customers, the product and the reality for the need of changes.
Basit Tanveer: ( The Agile Development is at the top of client and developers need. The two core stakeholders of any software project.
Manoel Pimentel Medeiros: (Heptagon - Tecnologia da Informação) I use agile in my work, and this concepts better the results for my projects.
Les Smith: (KnowDotNet) Production should take presedence over process.
Alexandre Ferreira Novello: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan. This changed my life as developer and project manager
Peter Gillard-Moss: ( People make projects work, not paperwork. Baby, don't fear the User.
Abhishek Kaushik: ( I beleive that Agile is the art of making software work for common people (end customers)and strongly support the common sense it provides to deliver sucessful software implementations.
Dmytro Bozhyk: (Flex-Mind)
Harry Nitiutomo: (Research Foundation) Agile and Lean is the only way to be productive and creative in Software Development.
Aishwarya Nair R.
Gert van de Krol: (Ordina) Agility is a way of life. As a practitioner in both DSDM and Prince 2, I see differences but I see more complementary aspects. Using Prince 2, tailored in an Agile manner, will help decision makers to stay on track. Using Agile for product development will make sure to get the best out of everybody and make the things the business needs.
Filippo Bostrenghi: (BiesseSoft) The Agile Manifesto must be the first think every day for people that do software.
Tanusree Halder: (Interra Information Technologies) This is good initial learning of agile development and help me to understand basic.
Anil K Sharma: (Everest Solutions) This is how we have always done our projects.
Joe Sambuco: (IKON Office Solutions) Finally, coming out of the craze of Analysis Paralysis...

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