Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 28 Jun to 12 Jul 2007
Raymond Barlow: Having worked in both Agile and Waterfall style projects, I have seen and experienced the great results that Agile provides for both the customers and the providers. Agile works!
Murat Yalvac: I support the agile alliance manifesto for all
Tassos Noulas: (University College London) I don't know much about programming, but I know that those people are right, because Agile methodology is not only a programming methodology, but it is a natural, logical approach derived by human mind in order to solve problems that their complexity is so big, that the mind cannot cope with it without favoring simplicity and attention to detail.
William Botti: (THQ / Relic Entertainment) THQ is the 3rd largest video game publisher and we are using Agile method in a some of our studios, like Relic Entertainment. We are struggling a bit to fit Agile and Scrum Methods into console game development. Interestingly, none of the founding fathers of Agile Manifesto have a games background. I'm interested tweaking the Agile Method for game development by working together with other seasoned game industry professionals.
Sanjay Kumar Pandey: (HCL Technoligies) It has been the great need of re-accessing the software engineering process and its underlined management style.I feel that Agile methodology proves to be an strong alternatives in today's context, where all inferfaces(customer, IT, developers,business users and technology leaders) needs to be balanced out effectively and efficiently to make a successfull project.It talks more about people and their related responsibilities rather than technology.I would say people are the real players to make a success or failure.Technology is just a facilitator or secondary.
Kunal Mehra: 'Change is the only constant during a project life cycle', So its an attempt to register such changes early.And deliver the product keeping your time lines constant. Prioritising work is another key issues covered in Agile.
Sachin: (Perotsystems)
Daniel Elliott: ( Striving to be better at what we do ... The manifesto is clearly a common sense approach to software development. To Uncle Bob et al ... I thank you. Kindness, Dan
James Dorsey Flinsch: (BenchmarkQA) Now let's figure out an equivalent for 'requirements traceability' in order to meet regulatory agency audit mandates!
Chris Rhostedt: (Regence BCBSO)
Sidnei Leitao.
Hugo Loza: (JHL Soft.)
A.Gh.Bahar: Dear Colleagues. I think after a period of hesitations, many experts in software field, in practice, have come to these conclusions that you have announced them in your manifesto. I have talked to Mr. Mellor (one of the signatories), about the "heaviness" of some current methodologies and tools in the past. I think most of us, when using any methodology for most of our projects, had to note to our customers, that we have used a "customized" version of the methodology. Now you have gathered all the "pure" of the so-called "best practices in practice!" in software development under a roof as Agile Software Development. Do not forget that when any patient is a new case for a doctor, he/she does not ask his/her patients to do a broad and pre-written list of medical tests. So is with developing software for our customers. I agree with you and I will be very happy if I can to do any thing in this way. A.Gh.Bahar.
Rick Hubbard: (Serena Software, Inc.) Working to enhance the Agile-ness of requirements engineering and welcome hearing from like-minded practitioners.
Chinni: (Danaher) When we start doing RIGHT things there aren't anything LEFT - Chinni
Marco Roy: I just started my Software Engineering studies, and I believe this manifesto represents extremely well how software development should be oriented; I'm proud to support it.
Keith Bines: Its all just common sense...
Sascha Kiefer: Even if it's sometimes hard to convince people in big organizations I'm willing to keep trying. Because I think it's an excellent way for todays successful projects.
Randy Schnier: (AIM / WebSphere App Server) I believe this in my heart and soul and have for years. I very much want SWG and AIM to accept and embrace these concepts and put them into practice.
Eldo Chacko: (Infinite Talents)
Antonio Kobashikawa-Carrasco: ( I think this is good. Thank you.
Divyesh Nair: (PointCross) We have been a true exponent of the Agile method of software development while building our products and solutions. We have been able to delight our customers with the speed at which we deliver the software and the success can be attributed to the methodolgy that we follow. Agile works very well!
Praveen: (Netreatings) rgjsjfsriopf
Erik Zetterström: (Dotway AB)
John Boyer.
Anand Prakash: (Wipro limited) Agile provides the customer centricity and people engagement and excellence
Juan Pablo Picasso: (Andina Software SRL) Andina Software totally supports de Agile Manifesto! We develop using a customization of Scrum + XP. Several members of Andina Software are also teaching different subjects at the National University of Technology (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Buenos Aires - Argentina), and including agile methodologies as a core subject in their classes.
Steve Smith: (Tarrant County) After thirty years of contemplation, experience, and trial. My conclusions are that an agilr approach to projects is the only way to accomplish large scale requirements delivery,
Jivan manhas: (Advaliant)
Luna Rajbhandari: (Northwestern University)
Marcos: (Softexpert)
Charles Merioles: (thirdByte Corporation)
Sundaramurthy Raju: (Ness Technologies, Bangalore) Keep going is awesome :)
Aniket: (TechMahindra) Agile is more discipline than process.Agile is in my blood. Dare to adopt agile principles at your organisation.
Darlene Yudell: (Organization of Customer Service Oriented Individuals)
Mark ONeal: (Tarrant County, Texas) Reminds me of Deming... "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."
Cristiano Pires: (Politec) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Chandrakant Rathod: QC Engineer
Craig Maloney: ( I've used the other way far too long. It frankly doesn't work. We need to take a stand and make things right again.
Ben Rady: (Object Mentor)
Josh Devins.
Darrell Kim: (KS)
David Gizowski: (Relate Systems) As team lead, I promise to follow the intent of the manifesto when possible.
Héctor Suárez.
Olivier Aurand: Some development teams within our company are overwhelmed with a scarry backlog. Our team has taken a much more Agile path to application development, and stakeholders worldwide approach us with more and more work, as they know they can count on us to deliver quality software... and quickly!
Eelco Gravendeel: (Xebia) Agile: Everything you already knew but were afraid to say out loud!
David Harper: (Symbian)
Charles John Jackson: (Web Confection Limited)
Beth Jelich-Griffin.
Abdel-Karim Mardini: (OpenCraft)

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