Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Jul to 29 Jul 2007
Lindy B. Davis: (IBM GS - AS (Gov and Ed)) Clearly, iterative deliveries with multiple opportunities to change scope and function during a development effort is the key. Finding ways to enable Agile development within larger procurements (especially in Public Sector where single procurements are most often reliant on large, deliverable-based contract vehicles) can be both effective in reducing cost and risk for the supplier (us) and for the taxpayer (us!). This is more than a technical issue - but will require contracting and legal efforts as well.
Jim Paterson: (IBM Tivoli Software) Thanks for formalizing this common sense approach.
Steven C Keller: (TNA Consulting Group)
Patrick Horgan: (DBP Consulting) At last! Common sense.
vimal: i support the agile manifesto
Görkem PAÇACI: (
jianguosong: (University of petroleum China) I like this method. I hope get more help .
Eric Mignot: ( Agile methods, the best way to have fun at work, to merge hobby and job.
Ermogenes Palacio: (CEETEPS/UNESP) I'm a teacher of computing in Brazil and I try to spread that technic in my classes. In Brazil, we support!
Jeffrey Palermo: (Palermo Consulting) I started out and was in fact educated in sequential waterfall processes. In industry I found this less than desirable. Through reading and other forms of knowledge-gathering, I came upon the Agile Manifesto and found the principles I agree with. Now, as an independent consultant, I am an Agile Coach. As a teacher of these principles, I have learned more about them than when I was studying. I can absolutely say I have found more success with the principles than without them.
Mark Spritzler: (JavaRanch)
angus bruce: I dont develop software, but I do manage projects - this manifesto and it's principles are exactly what I and my colleagues believe should happen in all projects, not just software development.
Gustavo Bonalde: I agree with all this stuff.
Brett Martin.
Waldek Maleska: (Motorola) It's my personal oppinion - very formal process is definitely creating much more overhead and Agile helps in focusing on THE important. I support Agile entirely.
Reuben Jacob: (Acrodelon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
Bob Owen: (Egg)
Steve Johnson: (Pragmatic Marketing) I've been a supporter of the Agile Manifesto for years but never got around to signing up. I work with product managers on their role as part of a team of individuals who build products that people want to buy.
Saravanan Sellathurai: (Alfresco) I am in great favor of agile software development strategies. The manifesto and principles of Agile development are pretty straightforward, which most of the developers will follow in the future.
Benedito Carneiro.
Anthony Heath: (uSwitch)
Marko Gargenta: (Marakana) I've been doing the XP stuff for years, have contributed to and have been teaching Agile for a while. I love it! Thanks for organizing it! Marko
Levent Koc: Agile Software Development works. I support the manifesto and the effort.
Eric Ziegler.
Sandeep Kothale: (KPIT Cummins Infosystem Ltd.)
John M Thompson: (
Sudhir Krishnan.
Lucian Naie: (Softitude Ltd) Definitely is a way to do the software development job. I love it!
stephen maxey: this methodology does truly work.
James Reed: (CIBER, Inc.)
Peter Corkett: (ACS)
Scott Darrow: (ValueCommerce) VP Software Development
Rohan Bangera: A very challenging and productive SDLC
Thierry Mayeur: (Software Group Strategy and Technology)
Andi Anderson.
Torrance Miller: (Campus Management Corporation) what a truly amazing concept this is!
sergio velasquez.
Jonas Jepson: (Just now representing myself) My experience says that this manifesto is extremely applicable in its right environment, and when developing software the environment is often right. I would wish the manifesto to be slightly longer. There are more things I would sign to. Like: Customer and consumer value over almost anything else. Willingness to succed over fear to fail. The Customer collaboration over contract negotiation is a tricky statement because everyone needs to be able to pay the rent by the end of the month. And why is it customer collaboration over contract negotiation rather than something else like minding your own business or sticking to the contract or goldplating.
Stephen Smith: The Agile Manifesto is a clear expression of how the software development industry can better adapt to change and better deliver business value. In my years as a software developer I have learned the hard way that change cannot be avoided, delayed, or ignored - and that agile development practices Just Make Sense.
Nilesh Saratkar: (Informatics Data Warehouse) Success of Agile sprint is depending up on how organization culture prioritizes any given tasks.
Nitin Gupta: (MMMEC) Simply superb...
chandan kumar: (expedien) Impressed with Agile technology
Barre Dijkstra: (Xebia IT Architects) Agile is the natural evolution of focus on quality and value. The principles carry a value that does not only apply to software development but to any kind of development. The focus on the principles do not pose an utopia though, but has significantly, in practice, improved software development as a whole.
Jed Maczuba: (IBM)
Gray Gifford: (Authorize.Net)
John K Johansen: Agile: shorter time-to-value.
Ken Pelletier: (NiKA Software)
Abhishek Agrawal: (APNATEK) Agility gave me a new perspective of "what's possible". Its not just a new possibility but a new REALM of possibilities. We were able to accompolish a project in 45 days, what the "next best bidder" asked 2 years for - that's agility!
Andrey Shchekin.

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