Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 Aug to 28 Aug 2007
David Rubin: (Softstar Research, Inc.)
Jing Zhang: Love it
Forrest Webster: (Motorola_SLCTEST) My grandpa always told me, "the flexibility of your adaptability is the measure of your intelligence". Go Agile-be intelligent!!
Brad Beson: (The Trane Company)
Dina Light.
Karla Fallas Aguilar.
Mikkel Thormod: (Headfitted) I have been leading software developers in the past 9 years. I have tried XP and Scrum with great success (especially with Scrum). I see the manifesto as a "mindset" for software development, or any kind of development. But I miss something about "trust over control". You gain so much by trusting people instead of controlling and monitoring them...
Ahmad Sarjono: (Indo, Inc.) Way Out of development process bottleneck :D
Tyrone Sun.
Martin Luna: (
Ignacio Galmarino.
Tarek Koudsi: (special systems)
David O'Hara: (
Andrew McClure: (Bald Girl Enterprises Ltd)
Kendall Davis.
Shrikant Chaphekar: I am involved in evaluating/facilitating agile compliance for my organisation
david schneider.
Axel Schulze: I like it!
Satish Kumar : (Wipro Technologies) I sincerely appreciate your work / contribution to the software indusdry and the IT community. We are behind you. The noteworthy point is that there is no commercial interest behind this agile manifesto and it has been created for the benefit of the IT industry and community.
Nicholas Cross: ( Ltd)
Basti Grembowietz.
Bruno Miquet: (kronos)
Yana Morford: (Patch Link)
Jenny Bunns: (Employment Screening Software) As an employment screening software manager, i support the manifesto
Madhusudan Narahari: (Aspect Software) We used Scrum methodlogy and I have to admit that it's been a great experience. Deliviring quality software which is latest and greatest. The following are the things which I want to highlight. 1)Changes are always welcome. 2)Customer involvement,People interactions. 3)Learn as you go.
Clive Boulton: (SVIC) My experience Agile works. ISO does not work. My team built a multi-year track record of publishing quarterly new ERP software releases including new innovation and customer bug fixes. Pprior to Agile and my worst experince we fully implemented ISO 9002. Old school mgmt loves ISO because they love complete control. Within a year nothing shipped. Go Agile.
Deepa: As a process consultant, I feel this is the best way to adapt to the constant called change.
Natraj Kaushik: Read the manifesto a year and a half ago. Have been practicing the principles since and my whole software development experience (and to a large extent life experience) has become so much better!
Sreekanth Tadipatri: (Sabre Holdings)
srinivasa rao: (HCL Technologies) Have heard a lot about this and trying to become part of it.
Oleg Andreev: (
Guy Mahieu: (Clarent BVBA)
Devendra Bhatte: (
John M. Slaby: (Raytheon) The more you see the results of agile practices in action, the more self-evident its value becomes.
Christopher P. Kile: (PFPC, Inc.) This manifesto and my experience in successful start-up projects match each other completely. This manifesto and my experience with failed projects match each other not at all. The lesson seems clear.
Michael French.
Erik Danielsen: (Immersive)
Arvind: (Home) Nothing to comment about it. Speaks well.
Ian Lackey: (DigitalSnap Inc) I own a small business and have begun changing our development processes to follow the Agile values and practices. After learning of the Agile movement, I see no other way to develop software that adds so much value to the end result. Agile truly is a revolution in thought and action.
Sivasubramanian: (Covansys) Agile seems to be the only realistic approach towards software development. While i haven't worked on an agile environment, the more i read about it, i get more answers for the questions i have in a waterfall based project executions. Agile is more suitable for web based projects where time-to-web should be really short. Thanks for putting up this forum
Mauro Enrique Luna Avelar: (CFE Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant at Veracruz, MX) We are trying to enforce our IT. I understand that a quality in IT requires quality in processes, quality in people, quality in development, thats why I agree completely on this manifesto, because we are searching for the newest strategy for doing a Software Engineering of quality, better IT products/services with quality in better time supported on better tools.
Joel Worrall.
Dipak Pagrut: (Tech Mahindra Limited) Presently I am involved in Agile process and observed positive returns. I agile it very easy to manage requirement of changing environments ... I have published paper on agile concept at UK..
Stephen Jansen: (Freelance Consultant) This is all about keeping your eye on the ball, where ever it may bounce.
Jayaraman Trikkur: (Satyam) I am working as a Project Manager for more than 12 years and I strongly believe the what is mentioned in the Agile Manifesto.
Rodrigo Urubatan Ferreira Jardim: (Tech Office IT) This manifesto changed the way I think about and actually do software development.
Tracey Faniel.
Viliam Búr: ( I like it. Sometimes it makes the difference between product completed or never completed.

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