Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 29 Aug to 12 Sep 2007
Randy Dichoso: Agile makes business sense Agility is a business requirement. Customers want fast response to their needs and businesses need a way to meet these needs.
Srinivas Tangirala: (Intense Technologies Limited) I am thrilled and excited that being a PM of about 50+ developers the methodologies that I adopted six years back (we were 3 at that time), the way of working etc., totally fall in line with Agile Manifesto and its principles. I heard about agile software development (2 years ago) but did not know what it really meant. Now I understand it and embrace it whole heartedly and I would like to do something on my part to promote and bring awareness of this revolutionary way of development. End of the day, the travails and excitement we as a team go through and many a time celebrate our success - the means of achievement matters to me the most! Cheers Srinivas Tangirala
Roger Fugett: (CareerBuilder) Infused with our company values, practicing lean development principles has become the CareerBuilder development philosophy which focuses on providing customer value through learnings.
Basavaraj M: New to Agile process.
Tony Ponton.
Iain Dooley: (Working Software)
Ben Warriner: (Zebra SoftGroup!) Good Idea!
Néstor Fabián Narváez: (ING Chile) I would like to find something more agile than cmmi and more flexable and faster for the customer.
Scott Delcore: (Interclypse, Inc)
Cleyton Nunes de Oliveira: (Prefeitura de Manaus)
Esteban Ceniceros.
Veena Rao: (IGS Energy) The agile manifesto supports team building by default. It is a given, in the process and that is why I like it! I also like the fact that developers get to do what they like to do, without spending too much time in documentation. -Veena
Joshua Schairbaum: ( Thank you for writing the Manifesto! It has increased my enjoyment and productivity in my daily life in enumerable ways.
Kathleen Meyer: (J Perzel & Associates) thank you
Thomas Bast: (Insightful Tech Solutions LLC)
Viren Alvekar: Agile is only thing that can make Customer and Software Developer, both happy.
jaideep: (G4S IT Services India Pvt Ltd)
Vincent Besanceney: (RUBYCUBE)
Scott Duncan: Thought I had done this years ago, but couldn't find my name listed. Recently had someone tell me a cloient of theirs thought the Manifesto was "content free" since anybody would be in favor of what it said. Of course, being "in favor of" something is a long way from doing something about it.
Scott Barr: (Division by Zero Pty Ltd) A group of Software Developers is a very powerful tool. Developing software using Agile methodologies maximizes productivity and frees your team to make use of their creative side.
Fabio Mattei: (Nopress) Forse è strano trovare il commento in italiano di un programmatore ma credo che il limite dei popoli anglsassoni sia il loro linguaggio. Non potranno mai apprezzare la bellezza di una lingua come la mia. Ad ogni modo sono un programmatore agile da un bel pezzo, da quando sono entrato nel fantastico mondo di Ruby on Rails. Mi ha sconvolto la vita Ringrazio tutti i programmatori della comunità, grazie a loro il mio lavoro è migliorato tantissimo!
Mike Lowery: (BBC)
Jeff DUrso.
Bill Sharar II: (ASG - Allen Systems Group, Inc.) I've been doing software development for over twenty years. Agile development has greatly improved the process of creating and delvering software. I fully support the Agile Manifesto.
Sandeep Dinesh.
Miroslav Benešovský: (NESS Czech) excelent idea. Some people (fundamental methodoligist)hide their inability to devise anything by insisting on methodology advices. But some principles are not only dependant on developers and require acceptance by customers, managers etc. What with that?
Todd Berry.
Ayokunle Odusanya: (Mtech Communications Ltd.L) The best thing that can ever happen to software development in recent times.
John Coughlin: I have followed, wherever possible, the principles outlined in the manifesto. I was doing this before anyone ever heard of agile programming. My stylle has gotten me in trouble and I had a reputation in some places, but I always found that the software itself had a call to me that could not be answered by established process. I always produced software that made the customer take notice, but, strangely enough, the good opinion of the customer cannot always save you, under the traditional process of software development.
Tim Stewart: (Captaris, Inc.)
Danilo Bardusco: (
Scott A. Johnson: (Radiant Business Technologies) Thinking agile is easier that being agile. But I strive for the goal!
Jeff Black: (Gestalt, LLC)
Ben Love.
G Nayak: (eSources Wholesale Dropshippers Directory) Excellent for interacting with the full chain effortlessly
Stacy Kanan: ( In the last year, I asked a close renown colleague to "educate me on Agile". The response was that I didn't know what I was asking because I had been "doing it for years". What I learned was that I had, in fact, been doing it because I had utilized what I had researched as a graduate student (long before the advent of anything more than a waterfall SDLC)--adapt to fit the project (type of project, resources on the project, etc). And, projects have demanded that people, communication, working software, a happy customer, and managed change be put first in order for a project to be successful. I only hope that Agile will grow in use more rapidly!
Attila Csipak.
Giruka Madhusudhan Rao: I am proud to be a Certified Scrum Master. Scrum works , but to extract 100% benefits of scrum get trained and practice without twisting scrum rules. This is my personal experience since last three years
Rajiv Mathew: (ThoughtWorks) I think agile development is the smartest way to develop software. Waterfall is on the way out. Just give it a decade ...
Wanderlei C. A. Souza.
Tony Camacho: (Bank Of America)
Joel Natividad: Embrace Change!
Rajesh Patkar: (Rajesh Patkar Insitute Of Software Engineering)
Behrooz Golshan: (Silice Rayan)
Daniel Zetterman.
Hardik Mehta: (Almighty Software Pvt. Ltd.)
Kenneth Wagner: Just another developer grinning from ear-to-ear over such an alluring, succinct and delightful way to continue trying to make not only our world but ourselves better and better. It really is so much simpler and fun. Like sitting around the fire a Friday evening 11,283 years ago hashing out: moose hunt? Salmon fishing? Or a potlatch with the coastals? And let's make it the best yet. Delighted. Count me in.
prabhudatta mishra: (Wipro Technology)
Sander Smit: (Calco-IT)
Tariq Abu Dayyeh: (Esense Software Solutions)

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