Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 11 Oct to 25 Oct 2007
Art Remnet: (Passageways)
Mark Van Holstyn: (Mutually Human Software)
Carl-Niclas Odenbring.
Vincent Poon: People over processes!
Denis Miller: (Agile Russia) Amazing! Simple approach to make the best product! I make it and teach people agile. I create courses "Refactoring", "Design Patterns", "PoEAA" (and don't stop), I wanna to make "TDD", "DDD" and so on. I make it to deep understand and to explore my knowledge. Аджал Акбар! :)
David Santoro.
Peter Theill.
Kwan Hon Luen.
Rama Bedarkar: I am an Agile deployer and believe in its capability.
Stephen J. Korinis.
Martin Edmondson: (WeAreNothing) Rock on agile!
Kalyan Jakka: (Carnegie Mellon) The key benefit of agile over other methodologies is its balanced focus to all three corners of software engineering triangle - people, process and technology. These principles for software development are so obvious that you don't "follow" agile but you "are" agile.
Luke Campbell.
Whitney Cali.
Jozef Svec: ( Agility is one of the tihing which I mostly encourage on human beeings, therefore I see this manifesto as thing I want to see not only in software development but also in every area of development (where can be applied;)).
Vlad Gurgov: (OBS Group Labs) I am running small sw and consulting firm in St.Petersburg, Russia. We now focused on Ruby on Rails development. Thanks to Agile Manifesto authors for methodology we use!
Nacho Seimanas: (LUDO Contenidos)
Barry Hills: (Adobe Systems) Agile is the natural evolution of software development as engineering, science and art
Peter Measures: (Conchango)
Brian James Nabusiu: (NABUSIU CORPORATION) Commenting on what, anyway? However, I am very pleased knowing that the agile way of developing software systems and applications is very great as everything that needs to be addressed is addressed.
christian sanchez.
christian sanchez.
Kelly Fricky: Absolutely.
Oleg Timofeyev: (Webcoresoft) Webcoresoft offers Java development and consulting. Agile methodologies help us develop quality software and deliver results that our clients expect.
Reinhard Weber: (webteam GmbH)
Divya Cherukuri: (Student,UIC)
Jerrod Long.
Apurv Kumaria.
Alexandra Fulea: Agile principles in this Manifesto seem to me the most natural concept evolution in software development. I think this Manifesto starts to dot the line from where software development becomes much more than code in many ways thus I am happy to sign it too. I hope this does not stop here.Great work!
José Carlos Gil Zambrana: (
David Fisher.
Anshul Juneja: Agile is all about common sense principles for software development that add value to the software. We are still way behind manufacturing in terms of Quality, but this is a good headstart.
Holger Protzek: (adesso AG)
Sharad Nair: Agile development is the manner in which next generation software is going to be developed. More and more clients are demanding to get software developed "The Agile Way".
Josh Stephenson: (ELC Technologies)
Theodore Nguyen-Cao: (kajeet)
Adrián Deccico: (
Tony Rebolledo.
Anders Olsson Sundelin: (Ericsson AB)
Kiran Arvind Rajput: (Avaya India)
Dr. Sanjay Tripathi: (Tech Mahindra Limited)
Francisco Trindade.
Charlie Slaven: (Max Solutions) This just makes sense. We need to do everything we can to deliver more value quicker, cheaper and better to our customers. They deserve it and need it to compete effectively in todays rapidly changing business environment.
Burceag Edward: (Active Voice, LLC) Agile principles come as natural for humans interacting to accomplish a mission with the implied effect of building trust and true value within a group by leveraging each other's knowledge and skills through ongoing direct collaboration. It values people strengths and is result oriented (functional and useful product as end result) which are key elements for staff motivation, end-user satisfaction and ultimately a successful entrepreneurship. A big thank you to the core people behind the Agile manifesto for the simple, yet powerful message to the business and engineering community.
Ram Sharma: (Impetus Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd.) I really liked Agile approach. When I get a chance to work for Project manager profile I will strongly use agile for development.
Ing. Johnny Vargas: (Software Engineering) Simplicity is one of the best GOODs of this model. I've used this model in short scale projects and its really good and i think its gonna work fine in a large scale one we will start.
Andrew Logan: Helps redress the misconception put about by some software practioners that quality software only results from focusing on processes and documentation. Instead it concentrates on results - delivering what the customer wants when they want it.
RameshBabu.V: (CrystalBallCorp)
Roberto Pizzignach: From now on, I will follow your manifesto as better as I can. Bye from Italy, Roberto
Kai Simons: (IT Freelancer) As a certified ScrumMaster I want to improve the satisfaction for all people involved in software projects by following the agile values.

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