Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Oct to 10 Nov 2007
justin opitz: (
Ville H.S. Ranta: (Seuraava Oy) We have been happy to find this manifesto as it so well describes how we have worked for almost 19 years!
Bijay Jayaswal: (Agilenty Consulting Group)
Marco Brizi: (Independent Software Analyst and Professional Developer) I hope the Agile Development process will be adopted by all members in my team so we can benefit about its guidelines improving our competences and skills!
Andrew Jong: (Test consultant in the Netherlands) I'd like to support this manner of development, testing, thinking. I think if we implement these practices in our software projects we can create a good environment to work in, and thus provide high quality software for our costumers.
Shriraj Nagarhalli: (Wipro Technologies) The principles are fundamental and core to any successful software engineering project exercise, involving resources and customers. They will always work consistently.
Robert Garnero: (WebSphere) I believe that this is a key enabler for us to be able to establish increased consumability across the WebSphere portfolio.
Peter Dawson: (Z)
Ron Ramsey: (AKMS)
Thom W Gray: (CS STARS)
Sam: (Alliance Document Solutions Ltd.) I support the manifesto
Patricia Pitzer: (State of Louisiana ) I have been involved software development for three years using Agile Software Development approach. It works!! even in very large organizations.
Janusz Tylek: (Telaxus LLC)
Alexandre Mensi: (Maven Technologies Inc.)
Kim Lahti: (RedLynx Ltd) Agile is a winner particularly when developing games utilizing new technologies and game mechanics.
HÃ¥kan Sjunnestrand: (UC)
James Mao: (iona) simple is beautify, and most important thing is get your job done, please don't add anything you don't need it
Stephen: (Imaging for Windows) Agile development produces the best software.
Lakshmeenarayana G G: (ArisGlobal Software Pvt Limited)
Clifford D'Souza (CSM): I am convinced of the immense benefits of following a common sense approach such as Agile for software development. Accepted that we can't use agile for all projects, but I'm quite happy to be able to use it for the projects I'm working on, as well as reading about others also doing well using Agile on their projects. It's a fact that agile methodologies adoption is on the rise!
Milica Tomic Jovanovic: (Hive Studios d.o.o.)
Ariel Fernando Diaz Bermejo: I think this metodologies are perfect for development software!
Evan Closson: ( Agility promotes less stress.
Roberto Ruffinengo: (weiji comunicazione)
Matthew Cascio: (The Internet Supply Company, Inc.) agile means change is status quo
J Patrick Davenport: In these dark times filled with dogmatic stupidity and a credo of "That's the way we've always don't here", we signing members will defend and expand the kingdom of reason and quality.
Prazer, Mark: I have been living the manifesto for years. I think I am overdue in making it official.
Wayne Peters: (CanNear Services Inc.) Delivering quality code through simplicity!
Kai Takanen.
Edmund Fliski.
Vikas Goel: (Infogain Solution Pvt. Ltd.) Hi, Agile Software Development methodology support for Change Request from users and environment makes it best suitable for most of the industry . Regards, Vikas Goel
Matt Lyons: (Lyons Communications) If the client is satisfied then I'm satisfied.
Alexey Filimonov: (DataArt)
Tobias Anderberg.
Samson Ho: (Strong Software Limited) A great summary of how software should be always developed!
Mark Arnold.
William John G. Balderama: (Contractor) Code on!
Malcolm Gorman.
Mike Lewis.
Andrea Dezzi: (VASmine SpA)
Stefan Simroth: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools!
Simon Baier: (Giddyup Business Development Partners)
Lord Sylvester Omope: (CyberForce Solutions Ltd)
Adam Griffiths.
Glenn Fuller: (Motorola) We have successfully guided a small group within this business into the Agile/Scrum methodology with outstanding results. This change also required us to dismantle the existing organization structure which will be a significant impediment to moving this methodology across the business. People just don't comprehend the scope of moving to an Agile software development state, it's more than just putting a Scrum template on TFS. But, if you make the change, the business will never be the same. Glenn
Mark: ( I support the Agile Manifesto.
Dhanwada Padmanabham: Just getting a hang of Agile & would love to implement the methodology in my projects..
Jan Johansson: (Government) I support the Manifesto with my heart and mind and will endeavor to let it's methods flow through all of my organization, even though the path looks long, dark and dangerous. Thank you to my peers for keeping the light burning so brightly!
Randy Hauser: (Crystal Dynamics)

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