Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 19 Nov to 03 Dec 2007
Anthony MahimaiDoss.
Babatomiwa Ojo: (Middlesex University) I am interested in qualitative and quantitative evaluation of Information Systems Development Methods. I am currently carrying out a research on the comparative evaluation of Soft Systems (SSM) and Extreme programming (XP).
Philippe Rétif: (Céto) Let's just do it !
Tomi Laaksonen: (Nokia) I have undersigned this mentally year or two ago but forget to undersign it really here. But now it is done.
Ketan Shrikhande: Working on Agile project for almost 2 years now. Need to fine tune the knowledge now.
Ali Parvini: (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM))
Francesco Cirillo: (XPLabs SRL) I run a company dedicated to XP and agile methods since the year 2000.
Michael Nuciforo: It's great to see like minded individuals taking action and promoting what I believe is a better method, a better way, a better choice.
Gregory Long.
Shashank Reddy: The test first/iterative approach is the only constant in a software development cycle. This coupled with frequent releases to test for stability/performance and complete user acceptance is the only way to produce high quality software repeatedly.
Kevin Ready: ( Software development by its nature WANTS to be agile. Even traditional waterfall model projects that I have been involved in often became agile by default because I pushed for software developers to get close to the customers and iterate frequently. This meant that the expensive documentation that was written up front was quickly invalidated and never used, but that the customers felt well-taken-care-of, and were very satisfied with the end product. The adage "you built what I asked for, but not what I wanted" is a thing of the past with Agile.
Hanna Samir.
Clint Fernandez: I have just encountered Agile thro a day long awareness program and was drawn in by the ideas expressed and
Yuriy Sushko: (Midnighters) The way to harness manifesto - by perceiving it totally consciously, doubt each line and each priciple to get real value of it. Unconscious perception can only do harm
Oscar Almgren.
Dimax: I would like to emphasize "come to value Y over X". It doesn't means we forget the X factor. Couple of consideration: (1.) I realize that "process and tools" are required to support "individuals and interactions". Facts: - Team Leader is required to report task tracking completion. - Individual need to have "simple effective" way to interact between them. That requires Simple and effective tools. Even agile company like thoughtworks create such tools. (2.) Fully agree. (3.) Fully agree. (4.) Responding to change over following plan. Im having a hard time following this when we have to agreed on something at front (total effort = man days = cost = $$$). Yes customer want change but with no cost addition. We cant create working software without changes and that means more little cost. Please enlighten me. (Fact: keep on improving).
Daniel Konishi.
Bram van Hoek: (Ordina Technical Automation)
William McKenzie: (Red River College) My group is just finishing a project. I was looking for other methods to be used in the future. Agile seems like a more intuitive and productive way of achieving well designed software.
Ville H.S. Ranta: (Trafore Oy) Thanks for making these practises better known and "validated" so customers who think Agile means "Quick and Dirty" can see the true benefits of this type of software development. Our belief in this type of processes has led to a practise we have been using since the "breaktrough" of pc:s in the late 80`s. Now as it has a name it feels good not to be alone!
Curt Hibbs: I don't know why my name keeps disapperaing from this list. I signed up in early 2002 and when I found my name missing in the summer of 2007, I signed up again. I just now checked (November 2007) and its missing again! Lets just hope the the "third time is the charm"!
Chris Sterling: (
anas eljamal: (SilaLink) Agility is the core of human wisdom
Nasir: (786 Innovation and technology)
Chris van der Walt: (lightway)
Jack Widman.
Grant Christie.
Richard Balzer: Common sense.
Sebastian Po: (Verizon Business) Dealing with software projects for the last 7 years, I found this is one of the best ways to go, anyway, still trying to find a real silver bullet :-)
Munish K Gupta.
Dan Crough: (Arscientia, Inc.)
Craig A Anderson.
Stephen Kempenaers.
Mirko Calvaresi: (Tomtom)
Puria Nafisi Azizi: (NetStudent)
Randy J. Fortier: (University of Windsor) Software engineering educators should investigate the agile approach. As post-secondary education includes more practical training, it is essential to adopt practical approaches to software development. Agile approaches are very practical and can produce high quality software, when done correctly. Unfortunately, traditional approaches are dominant in undergraduate curriculae, and new software developers may never learn how to be agile.
Max H. Gano: (Onvia Inc.) Our organization has adopted RAD broadly across the organization and embraces Agile Principles as the next logical step of maturity. My own domain is data architecture and technology deployment, which presents a special set of challenges that I look forward to maturing as a flexible and complimentary participation within the overall initiatives that embrace these principles.
David Rawlings.
Jom Jose: I acknowledge the Agile Manifesto.
Jörgen Ekstrand.
Charles Taormina: Agile Manifesto == TRUE;
Ken Davis: (Product Manager)
Chris Anderson: (
Jonathan Andrew Wolter: ( I support the Agile Manifesto!
Alex Sennor: (Custom Software Development SoftAge)
Bright Bimpong: I am researching software development engineering. So far I am most pleased with agile
John P. Hanley: Iterate by any means necessary.
Joao Pereira: (nIdeaSystems) delivering software that works by empowering the use of agile methods during product development.
Jantzen Owens: Agile For Life
Erez A. Korn: (Comverse)

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