Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 03 Dec to 14 Dec 2007
MohsinHijazee: (ZeroPoint.IT) Agreed!
Russell Macdonald: (The Macdonald Craven Partnership Limited)
Guruprasad H.D.: (AOL)
Don & Katy Ulrich: (Agilecollective) Ever since we heard Ken Schwaber speak at XP West Michigan how we view our interaction and process with clients has changed. We cotinue to be challanged and grow forward. THX Ken
Jason Phillips: (Nationwide Insurance)
Jaroslav Prochazka: (TietoEnator) It really helps us in distributed environment (mainly focus on communication, ongoing cooperation of the whole team). Better delivered software because of often feedback is also very beneficial!
jim andrews: (borland)
Rana Das: (TCS) Its a good process
Dave Morgan: (Morgan Maurer Pty Ltd)
Adam Ulery.
David Bainbridge.
Rochak Chauhan: (DMW Techologies Pvt Ltd) We truly support this manifesto. Agile development has to be the backbone of Web 2 or for that matter Web 3. In my opinion, waterfall model and other conventional software processes and models more or less apply to handful of projects. Our Best Wishes, Rochak Chauhan.
Arun Kumar: (JDK Technologies, Inc)
Yvon Leclerc: I’ve applied agile to new and legacy products, mature, start-up, product, or research-based organizations. The methodology ensures we follow the best practices we have developed the last 20 years. It has provided to the software industry, a new generation of professionals.
Rui Barreira.
Nigel Pepper: (BT) My experience of software development to date has brought me to realise the true merits of Agile development. What the Cluetrain Manifesto is doing to marketing, so Agile is doing to Software development.
Mohammad Khair Mohammadia: (Progress Soft Incorporated) Heavy and Traditional Processes obstruct the project of meeting with its most important goals, or it gets distorted. and sometimes incomplete or hardly integrated. having experienced both methodologies, i believe agile is much more direct and benefitial to the project and most importantly, the customer.
Davide Zordan.
Matthias Rummel.
Satish K Sharma: Quality concerns have been of paramount importance since the beginning of software development. One of the best parts in agile development is in managing and dealing with the user and system requirements by the self-managed team members individually. I have no doubt that continuous attention to excellence by one and all the team members can result in the production of software with enhanced quality and with in the stipulated budget and schedule in the present era with increased code size and complexity. With ever increasing dependability of software, the need to promote sustainable development and to produce reliable software is all time high.
Murthy: I have worked on a few projects which followed a custom tailored agile methodology. Quite interested in the benefits and growth of this new process of software engineering.
Abbner Torres: This is wonderful. I need to learn more and start to apply this manifesto as well as Agile Software development. Congratulations. Sincerely Abbner Torres
Bhagavad Dronadula: It motivates me as i see a working copy of design. Makes me read more about better designs in early stages of the project.
shaul mano: (symantec)
Scott Dillman.
Gregg Lipson: (Number Six Software) As I Decision Information Technologist, with a career spent focusing on web based collaborative, data driven applications, mostly under the Waterfall methodology for large Federal Government organizations, I have seen first hand why it simply does not work. There is a reason over 75% of IT applications fail to hit targets and over 30% never get rolled out. Attempting to apply a CMMI style oppressive system of comprehensive documentation, structure, and rigid conformity, adopted from manufacturing theory, also does not work for software development. The answer as I have experienced, lies in real collaboration. To me, this is the key. Not a buzz word about it or aligning business and IT, but genuine close collaboration, face-to-face and real-time, with the stakeholders/customers as well as the software engineering team, from end-to-end. It lies in using an iterative/incremental, working software centric process that embraces and responds to change rather than fearing it. In a nutshell, what works is an agile methodology.
Damien Guard: (Envy Technologies Ltd.)
Tom Meola: (Beyondsoft)
José Augusto Schneider.
Susan Abbott: (Abbott Research & Consulting) I'm not a software developer, but I've led some large scale change projects and honored the philosophy behind the principles. (Sadly, many organization's project management philosophies lean heavily towards the stuff on the right.) Agile principles make a lot of sense in the world of customer experience design (my passion) and are essential for good results in qualitative research projects (how I make my living). Wishing you well from the world of strategic marketing and customer experience. Susan Abbott
Geert Barandat: ( Agile software developing keeps us on track and allows us to return frequent updates of our software that correspond with our customers requests.
Kenneth R. Kolchier: We who bring thought-forms and digital-philosophies down to material-manifestation, must ever remember its poignancy is in its completeness... 'dreamers' in every age can think-things all day long.... yet 'great men' bring thoughts into realization... only when actually realized do the thoughts attain, retroactively, meaning...
Jonathan Maier: (Optaros)
Mariano Barrios.
Hermeet Bali: I am a strong supporter of Agile Software Development approach. I think Agile is the only right way of developing software(s).I have been working in the Agile development environment for the last 14 months and I really enjoy doing so.Try it,believe me folks, you will love it.
JB Cheng: It makes sense.
Stig Efsen: (Trifork A/S) Great work - I've seen the light
Joseph Johaneman: (
Roberto Carrasco: (Microsystem)
Erkay: This is what we need. Thanks...
Tim Cimbura: ( Technology)
Sebastian Sickelmann.
Pasi Kantelinen: (Laatukonsultointi P. Kantelinen Oy)
Michael Larocque: (Prolumina Communications Inc.)
Cassio Macedo.
Fabrizio Frosali: (Impulso Srl) Face-to-face communication and customer collaboration is the key to successful software projects.
Manuguerra Eric: (Ebiznext) I appreciate very much your work, the manifesto and its "spirit". Best regards, Eric Manuguerra
Craig Ramini.
vamsee movva.

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