Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Dec to 03 Jan 2008
Murali Varadarajan.
Marcin Naglik: (The Way Out) Make the world simpler.
Piyush Mattoo.
John McAdams: (State of Oregon, DHS-OIS-AMS) We started using Agile development methodologies in late 2005 transitioning from a full waterfall process. As a team lead, I love it! My developers love it. However, management is still (in late 2007) trying to grasp the full meaning of agile and how it fits in with a government agency. We will get there!
Nikola Markovic: (
Shah Rizwan: Hi, I support the agile manifesto. Also, I am keen to know the processes and procedures those are in support to agile software development. I am assuming, i will get an opportunity to connect with the mentors who can guide me per their avaialbility basis.
Johnny Ezzell: (Plugera) I remember life before agile development. Oh boy, were those the bad ole days.
Brijesh Kumar: (Digital Media Initiatives) Digital Media Initiatives (DMI) India is a software development team with distinct focus on leveraging leading-edge technologies to the domain of education and e-publishing. DMI follows and support the Agile Manifesto in all its spirits.
Jens Wolters: (typo3 solutions)
Carlos "Fofo" Ordonez: (ITESO) As a Software engineering teacher and a certified developer, I Support the Agile Manifesto
Thomas Woehlke: ( I earned Experience in agile Systems- and Software-Engineering by two Years Product-Development in Automotive with mobile Internet as well as two Years Product-Development and Datacenter-Operations as Application-Service Provider with technological Focus on SOA/EAI.
Jakob Schmidt Sørensen: (Capgemini Denmark) Every little bit of Agile thinking is a step in the right direction.
Christophe Guillon: (ST Microelectronics) After 10 years of software development in the industry of semiconductors, I now undestand that it is a mandatory vision for success in the the worldwide competition we are facing. I regret that it is generally interpreted as a vision for software only, and I give me the objective of changing this restrictive view in my company.
Alexander Ketelaar: (ZMG)
Yuriy Taras: (SoftServe)
Jeremy McLain.
Guilherme Machado Cirne: (
Chester Rusinek: Bravo! My success in life has come primarily from following exactly the same business practices and personal-to-person inter-relationships as Thoughtworks.
Sean Crawford: (Whole Perspective, Inc.) As a Web developer and project manager, I greatly appreciate this initiative. Let's keep it spreading.
Norman Paterson: (Intelable) Agile Programming / Extreeme Programming is a black art, personally, I found the secret to it is obtained from vast experience. Having worked on hundreds of large corporate projects, I agree fully to this Manifesto, as I have found it's principles are exactly what I have seen in successful projects (btw, sucessful projects are not the norm in this industry).
Jürgen Strobel: ( Using Scrum and XP methods with great success.
kiransingh GHOORBIN.
Mahir B. Asut: (EkoPC) Totally agreed...
Marantelos Panagiotis: The natural way of Software Development.
Randy Herring: ( If followed, the principles in this manifesto will lead to software that better meets the needs of customers. If those needs are not met, the software is unnecessary.
Hanns Schmidt-Theißen: (Inapsys Consulting GmbH) Looking for good principles and practices to do my work more realistic, I once again argued with agile methods and ideas and after 15 years of practical work and experiences I have to say: from my point of view that’s the only way doing software development human, honest, efficient and realistic.
Jon R Warren: (Knowa)
Ashraful Amin: (BJIT INC)
Geoffrey Rayback.
Lucas Hungaro: ( Enough of documents and roles. We need functional software made by satisfied developers.
Janmejai Prakash: (Celstream Technologies Ltd) Agile is the only way ahead for good s/w development.
Gustavo Fonseca: (Poder Digital) For a changing world, we need to be flexible, effective & agile.
Jan Pieter Sonnemans: I've been working for years in Agile projects (DSDM in my case) and I convinced this is the way to do our jobs. I try to use as many Agile techniques as possible and with success.
Devarshi: (BusinessEdge)
Sriram V.
Armann Ardaini: (FRB)
Vikram Madan: I've found it to be the most realistic approach to delivering products that meet the users' needs. I fully endorse the Agile Manifesto!
Bill Coulam: Thought I signed in '02. Oh well, BTLN. Kudos to the team (and fellow Utahns) that got the ball rolling. Agile makes software development enjoyable. We are so grateful for this paradigm shift in how design and construction is approached.
Sachin Sheth: Seeing it written in concise words here what you have already come to embrace through years of experience and practice, is further reassuring of the values gained along the way. Fully agree with the manifesto!
Burç Sade: One should not underestimate all these principles. These lead the way to better software products that make our lives easier.
Hariharasudhan Thiruppathi: It is high time that progress in a project is measured by working software and not by meeting milestones. At the end of the day, it all comes down to working software. No one can claim a software is good based on conformance to processes.
José Martin Blanco: I've applied Agile principles to my day a day job during the last 3 years and they have allowed me to perform better as a PM and as a team player. I've delivered value to the business not only on time and on budget, but I have also brought a new vision that have allowed them to achieve goals that were not initially conceived or planned.
Marc Pierson: (PeaceHealth) The principles of Scrum are much needed to manage development of services in healthcare. I am dedicating myself to that extension or adaptation of Scrum. I thank everyone in the software development industry, particularly Ken Schwaber, for the clarity of your thinking and work.
Brendan Ng: (Merlington Consulting Group Pte Ltd (incorporated in Republic of Singapore)) I fully support Agile Game Designing methodologies.
Steve Gorecki: (State Farm Insurance) Project Manager interested in Agile development practicies, process, experiences, lessons learned, etc...
Joakim Stai.
Oslen Soto: (Witty) Working for be a better development professional.
Pragyan Shrivas: (Ness Technologies) In this fast-track world of software development, Agile suits the best for taking the changing priorities into account.
Arturo Lizcano: (TesAmerica Andina LTDA-)

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