Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 05 Jan to 17 Jan 2008
Pankaj Mishra: (MDSynergy ) It often seems impossible for individuals to be at thier best amidst of the unwanted processes bestowed on Humanity by big bodies like CMMI and ISO. As such the only savior for the brave are the Agile methods. In my view, Agile techniques focus on work and product optimization rather than useless loquacity about processes.
Jean-Francois Jagodzinski: (Blog perso) France - Grenoble
Michael J. Brandsma: (Electronic Arts)
Bernd Steindorff: (TFH Berlin)
Bryan Wilcutt, BsCS, MsMS, PMP: Non-agile methodologies do have their place in the world, as does ADA, however their scope have become increasingly afixed to governmental projects. It is easy to predict that non-agile methods will be as common as ADA is within the next 10 years. Engineering sits between Art and Science. Agile methodologies help bring out the artist in the engineer, while satisfying the rigidness of industry.
Shree Mulay: (Radiance) Well, I'm new to this, but this is clearly the best approach to actually successfully building anything worthwhile in the software industry. This is clear to me. But, there seems to be a steep learning curve if you're trying to pick up all of this on your own in terms of setting up automation systems, unit testing practices, and a control versioning system. Nonetheless, I am motivated to doing things the right way in the first place - Any other way would be stupid.
Simeon Minshew: ( Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno.
Lalit Mittal: I am working under Agile Software Development from last 3 years. I found it interesting for the start but now i can see the drawbacks as well. It requires competent staff to start with and may not suitable for larger projects. Moreover, Lack of structure and necessary documentation criticize it. But on other hand, I support its manifesto because of value it provides to the developed product.
Laurene Wells: (Heaven's Blessings Tiny Zoo) I was talking to a friend of mine about some development and documentation issues we've been facing on my volunteer game development team, and he shared the link to the Agile Manifesto with me. As I was reading this, a little voice inside me started to explode with joy "YES! Someone with authority who understands!" I am so happy to see that there is valid evidence for a better way! All this documentation some of my team members are wanting is smothering the life out of the project. I want to get back to actually making games, not writing docs. THANK YOU! --Laurene Wells-- Producer of Visions and Chariots
Andreas Schild: (BFW)
Jeffrey Hare: (Adaptive Marine Solutions, LLC)
John Goodwin.
Heimo Hänninen: (Fortex) the key is communication - at all levels, between any party
Jayan Mathew: (Degree Controls Inc.) Supports its earlier prototyping and consequent risk evaluation.
Jack Crews: Having finally found an organization that expects agile rather than rejects I have been able to practice Agile/XP. It has been a pleasure to see the principals and values working in practice not just theory.
Rishikesh Singh.
Joao Paulo B. M. dos Santos: (Universidade de Itaúna) Is almost redundant support this document, due to common sense! And at same time is impossiple to be left out this list of fellow supporters.
Zvia Faro: Developed software the old way for many years , in dynamic software companies, including startups.These days I am heading a true agile project,starting from scratch it is amazing how much more efficient it is. Right people, with open mind are extremely important. Learned that not every one can work in this environment, do not compromise, hire the right developers and not the "paper pushers" and complainers.
Praveen Kumar: (XT Solutions LLC)
Jamie Lynn Cooke: Have been involved in Agile projects since 2003, and am consistently impressed by the high quality, productivity and customer satisfaction that Agile methods deliver. Really listening to the customer; adapting to real-world changes; entrusting and empowering the team - these are refreshing (and truly necessary) changes in the industry.
Jeremy Crocker.
Catalin Manoliu: (Audilog Groupe Ericsson)
Pieter van der Westhuizen: (Coalition Software)
Junaid Qazi: (BXP) I'm a Believer!
Michael Walker: (MEW Consulting) I'm a firm believer of the Agile Manifesto.
Daniel Duris: (Pizza SEO) I am surely in support of agile development of software, specially as this applies to the time of web applications.
Milton Vincenttis: (Citigroup)
Eduard Bondarenko: (
Saurabh Jain: (IBM) Useless and time consuming processes and documents should be done away with. A basic minimum and necessary set of processes/documents should be adhered to for software development.
Sanjay Yermalkar: (JDM Systems Consultants)
Amreesh Phokeer: (ESIAL IT Engineering School) I only starting my career in software engineering and I am really keen to use Agile in the s/w development processes.
Ayman: I do support the Agile Software Development manifesto!
Graeme Thurtle: (Suncorp)
Santiago Lazo: (Mechs Robotics) AGile Development is a paradigm inspired by the Gods
Dhanya Kumar KV: (Valtech India) Why I Like Agile Methodologies: 1. SCRUM : Avoids micromanagement. Team members build trust and respect by doing what they said in SCRUM. It improves team bonding and helps to work collectively towards Iteration SUCCESS. 2. Retrospective: Always welcomes ideas for betterment, by identifying what went wrong in the iteration and what needs to be improved in the next iterations. 3. Artifacts : Iteration and Product backlog are so simple that any one can easily maintain it. Shows correct progress through the GRAPH/CHART. 4. Responding to change : Adding new features after completing the product. Great threat for side effects. With small iteration, new features can be easily plugged and requires less time for testing the application. People : People makes the difference not the process. If every individuals works with high passion to deliver good quality, then any process will gives a SUCCESS and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
Abhishek Jain: Agile is the way to go in today's world where software development is become more adaptive and not so much as wait and watch-and-do-it-in-sequence.
Oscar Centeno: ( I find it more interesting, rewarding and fun to develop software when you apply agile principles. Greetings from Costa Rica!
Shrikant Sevalkar: I support the agile manifesto, since it does not claim perfection as an end goal, which by the way is a theoretical construct, is prescriptive by nature and tends to subdue human creativity, intellectual freedom and growth. Instead I subscribe to agile principles which offers freedom and infinite value to commerce by utilizing human organizations that are self sustained by intellectual challenge and collaborative growth in understanding.
Roman Daken: (Free Chess Software)
Subramanya G Bhatt: Simple is Better
Ranjith Thai Valappil.
Paiboon Mongkonsuebwong: Wish to learn and help team for good idea in development method for support customer
Hazem Salem: (IconicMinds)
Mark Lundquist: (
François Wurmus.
Ann Warner.
Stacey Hopkins: (C3 Solutions, Inc.)
Colin Berry: (Dynastream Ltd) Agile development is raising lots of important questions about the way we approach projects and development. In a similar fashion to all good systems, by virtue of their discipline. I am interested in all projects of an agile nature.
Richard Lewan: (Unified Analysis Deliverables, Inc.)
Marty Laye: (IBM)

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