Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 23 Apr to 06 May 2008
Paul Pannu: (UC Davis Medical Center)
Raj S.: (HMG)
Nuno Guerreiro: The best approach to high focused teams. NG
Renato Willi: (SEA Tecnologia)
Maciej Radochonski.
Lawrence Lilley: (Thoughts in Motion Ltd)
Tiago Andrade e Silva: (Fullsix Portugal)
Eric Palmer: (University of Richmond) You have to love high performing teams and Agile!
Valter Bruno Konrad Neto: GOD... please... listen these people! Things have to work!
Andrew Philip N. Moris: (ACEcom Systems, Inc.) I am happy and thankful that there is improvement on the way we develop software. As fast as technology changes.
Raul Pulido: (Digital Imaging and Consulting) I complete agree with the Agile Manifesto. Is the best way to develop strong applications on time,on budget , have fun and provide the best support to any business. Great integration of customers, Management and I.T. Everyone is happy.
Justin R. Pessa: (
Philipp Knobel: (go pragmatic gmbh)
Eastar Lee: (Mobile Game Developer Network)
Gregory Joseph Caturay: (Dystance Corporation)
Romans Malinovskis: (Agile Technologies) Our team has been using development techniques for over 4 years now. We heard about eXtreme programming, but only recently we learned about Agile Manifesto. It stunned us. It was exactly the same path we were taking. We formed an Irish company and called it "Agile Technologies". For all of you out there I want to send this message - Agile is not just an emerald dream of software developer. Those techniques work in real world and result is amazing.
Adriano Nassi: I do believe in this policy. I agree with the Agile Manifesto.
Octavio Magalhães.
Rafael Ribas Aguiló: (Agile Consultoria) Why people tend to create complicated solutions? At the end they discover that the solution itself is a new bigger problem. I don´t have time to redo any work that I had done before. Mostly of times it doesn´t give me the ROI. So, next please!
Ramona KIlby: I absolutely support change, collaboration, interaction and People over processes and set in stone plans. Value your Team and their ideas! The Software will be well documented and of high quality delivered within timelines you would have never considered before!
Mauricio Roa Figueroa: (CSC South America) As a manager in charge of setting ways to do better software, I found that the agile methodologies come in help to avoid lots of useless documentation, and to focus in tangible results.
Ken Nordquist: (
Mary Hausladen: (SolutionsIQ)
Mario (Walid) Hmeidani: (DataFlow Business Solutions) Very refreshing. I think we should make this manifesto as part ot the software development contract and have the client inline with the 'spirit' of the engagement. Great Work
Venkata Bhupatiraju.
Lee Tucker: (Kodak.) been doing agile in release engineering and deployment. it rocks.
Cliff Morehead: (ThoughtWorks)
Girish T.: (Varista Software Pvt. Ltd.)
Luiz Fernando Pinto: (Institute of Computing/Unicamp - Brazil)
Heiko Luetze.
Etienne Ardant: (Wireless Generation)
Rafael Fraga Walter.
Tara Yates: (Racing and Wagering Western Australia) I have been working in the IT industry for near on 14 years, 7 of these as a Test Manager. I have used lots of methodologies, but by far, Agile is without doubt (as far as I am concerned), the most exciting, most thought provoking. Thank you.
Griffin Jones.
Irek M.Abdrakhmanov: (ICL)
Stefan Gahr: (HAW Hamburg)
Mohamed Kahlain: (
Javier Ruz: (asin)
Tuomas Järvensivu: (Nokia) It would be ridiculous NOT to support the Agile Manifesto :).
Mushini Surya Narayana Murty: (Patni Computer Systems) This Manifesto is really much needed one for the present day fixed bid IT Projects
Greg Annen: (Blue Opal Design, Inc.)
John Cybulski, Jr.: (TBSI, INC.)
Akhil Kumar: (Mamigo) After doing agile for last 4 years, I loose breath if I dont see tests with source code or see folks programming for days without integration, or see digrams/comments to describe source code and the fear of refactoring : "we cant touch this, its been working". Agile is the way and the only way!
Genrich Ivaska: It is a pleasure to support the statements which express common sense in software engineering.
Chad Reichhold: Newly entering the Agile Environment I welcome and am energized by the Manifesto!
Jan Pieter Herweijer: (Cosmos Company)
J R Nogueira Santos: Cause the hability to divide and set focus on small pieces at a time, and can change this focus as needed, is the secret to continuosly survive.
Tuhin Bera: (Primentor Consultancy and Services) I,an application developr strictly support the agile development for rapid deployment and for good study.
Douglas Schulek-Miller: (The Experience Corporation)
Susan Schumm: Startup companies have had to practice Agile software development practices out of necessity in order to release quality products, on time, on budget. It is good to see the industry labeling these techniques and concepts and putting them to broad use, improving quality of content, time to market, customer satisfaction.

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