Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 06 May to 17 May 2008
Reid Parker: I was going to add my organisation, but I don't want people thinking they actually SUPPORT the manifesto. It's hard to move here without cutting yourself on paperwork.
Gregor Schneider: (Gen Re)
Abhinav Vaiod: ( Thanks to all the good people out there to make this happen by making un-conditional contributions to the Industry.
Nitin Sood: (Nagarro Software Private Limited) Agile definitely rocks for sponsors, customers , developers and middle managers like me :)
Henrik Emilsson: (Know IT AB)
Yuriy Vashchenko.
Hari Sethi: (Mindwaves Consulting)
Sthiti Deka: (Texas A&M University)
Dominik Radziszowski.
Marija Cubric.
Thiago Pradi: (
Linda Lee Hansken: Agile provides Coutinuous, efficient, interaction with viable immediate results
Demian: (Action) Great approach! I'm using Scrum methodologies even for my personal life.
Maitreyee Das.
Anders Ivarsson.
Jonathan Mccormic: ( Hello , i want to say big respect to u for nice products, i really know it's such good. It helps me in my businnes and development everyday.
Ari Tikka: ( I wholeheartedly agree. My 15 years experience in large SW organization supports the Agile Manifesto.
Phillip Oertel.
Emil Schnabel: (Nedbank) Those that are indifferend to the manifesto denies that man is not perfect.
Dietrich Fahrenholtz: (Fahrenholtz IT-Services) Agile software development is in my opinion an excellent opportunity to develop robust first-class software systems that best meet customer requirements.
Andrew Deal: (CelleCast Inc) We agree and have been following these principles for 12 years. We often get people in our organization, especially in our India office, that are trained in a process environment that demands less from the individual and produces less to the customer. At CGI Productions (our base company) we journal our work and emphasize transparent communication. We also work off of our core codebase that allows us to build off of a solid foundation so we can scale and change as the spec emerges.
Jarod Ferguson: (
Terry Grossman.
Art Scott: (Software Factories of America) Changing software development not only affects the developers but management as well. Agile is not just a "new phrase", but a life changing event that focuses on success rather than mitigating risk from bad practices. Agile moves us away from the present "hourly cost accounting" which has an 80% failure rate to a "unit, process and quality accounting" system which speaks for itself. Those who continue to view software development on an "hourly basis" will fall by the way side because the "right now view" of the spreadsheet doesn't take into account the future which is ever changing and growing at the speed of life with global markets all based on sales.
Sameer Wagh: (Cirrius Wireless Tech Pvt. Ltd)
Kevin Eddy: The Agile developement methodology has been a spectacular change of pace for my company.
Paul Archer: (iCompass technologies Inc) I have been using various forms of the agile methodology. I know it works and produces the results Business's require. It takes time for Stake holders to become comfortable with the process but they soon realize the benefits.
Bob Ruggio: (WEBGIO)
Megan Sumrell: (
Robert E. Hoch: (Vistronix, Inc.)
Sajid Rizvi.
Gabriel Rosales: Agile methodology is somewhat new in Latin America, but as an IT Project Manager in this region, I found it a really valuable tool, mostly because it aligns very well on how most people naturally like to do things, while still signaling a common path for the teams to achieve success.
Rick Wagner: (Acxiom) We are still in the infancy of learning how to correctly build software. I think the Agile movement is a great milestone in this effort. Thanks to all the visionaries who started this!
Christopher Sorensen: I agree with Mikkel Thormod - add trust versus control = enabling the potential of the developers towards discovering the best possible rather than delivering the best requested.
René Yap: We don't build software in isolation. Conditions change, and we have to adapt.
Evert Haaksma: (Cordys)
Tony Antonacci.
Wagner Roberto dos Santos: (NetFeijao (Blog)) I´m a Java Architect / Developer, Scrum Master Certified and i´m using Scrum and XP in my projects, and nowadays i can ´t live without it.. Thanks !!!
Isaac Friedman.
Thilak: (ThoughtGreen Technologies)
Ronald Peters: (Cendris)
Derek Winter: (Ergo Consulting Pty Ltd)
Subhashini Gururajan: (Cognizant Technology Solutions) I completely agree with the Manifesto. It is so much practical and down to earth thinking to the software development. The beauty of agile is the stress on collective ownership.
Eric J. Feminella: (Solutions Architect, Rich Internet Applications)
don shafer: (athens group) We are building major, mission critical software systems using Scrum. The software works. Our clients are happy. Get agile!
Bruce Graves: (Joprix LLC)

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