Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 May to 08 Jun 2008
Sue Lawrence: (SliQTools) For many years I've been involved in developing software companies large and small and have always observed one common element to successful project - great communication between the developers themselves and between the team and the people writing the requirements. Alastair Cockburn's Agile Software Development book is the best software book I've read - it contains so many software truisms about the way projects really work and not the way people think they work.
Victor Roch: (IASTECH - Systems Automation)
Mike Cocozza: (Network Solutions LLC)
Antony Trupe: (
Nazir Bashir.
Claudio Del Tufo: (Braxton Consulting) Agile brings to the art of Software Development what the "Illuminismo" movement has brought to art in general: "Enlightenment"!
Christoph Miksovic: (IBM) I support the agile manifesto because I experienced great value in following these principles on (appropriate) project engagements.
Abasiama Idaresit: I studied the Agile approach to software development in my Final year with the University of London and am so impressed with this method. Its more effective and challenges traditional outdated approach to system development.
Pablo Barboza: (UESC)
Andy Wright: (Elevensoft)
Chris Mattmiller: (N & M Transfer)
Ferdi Klesch: (Charles Darwin University) A sensible and pragmatic approach.
Zhang Shaopeng: Our company is transforming to an Agile company. Many activities are ongoing now. I'm working on how to turn my team to be an agile team. I have joined "Agile & Iterative software development" training and "Certified Scrum master" training recently. I was convinced that Agile methods & values are truly something can help us to win in the market.
Prashant Shah: I support the agile manifesto as it is beneficial for the organization as well as the customer.
Scott Gardner: (inyago)
Darrell Laffoon: (Custom Direct)
Leah Blackburn.
Bruno Miranda: (Bopia) Be Agile.
Suhas G M: (Symphony Services)
Tero Ahonen: (NSD Consulting Ltd.)
Andy Birkett: The key to delivering software that works, meets clients needs and builds business confidence
Giuseppe Di Stefano: (Catalyst Innovation) I started using Agile in 2002. I want to witness that the Agile methodology is fun, empowers people and delivers impressive results. Watch out however, the colture of the company in which you are importing this methodology. If the company is afraid of change or if some senior managers use generating documentation and tons of metrics (the most part useless) as a job protection tool, despite the incredible results that you may obtain, you may endanger your career. If so, this is not the company for you anyway. Have fun, just make it happen, deliver!
Ion Radoslovescu: (BitDefender)
Ray Sullivan.
Douglas Campos: (Theros Consulting Desenv. de Software Ltda)
José Ignacio Sánchez-Barroso López: (Compañía Europea de Seguros, S.A.) It's the way to do software that I'm using from 1991.
Tom Boynton: (Back Bay Systems)
Judy Rhodes: (Rhodes-West Consulting LLC) Having worked in project delivery and QA for several years now I have come to the conclusion that the most critical factors in the consistent failure of projects is a lack of commitment to the project goals, leadership micro-management and failure to respond to changing requirements. Agile practices (while not a magic bullet) speak to these issues in powerfull ways and embrace practices that result in successfull project deliveries
Mustafa : (Marburg Universität, Germany ) Project complexities matter to compoundly curtail them effectively with such heuristic approaches like agile which let all stake holders.REAL-LIFE Projects are truly agile by nature.
Ricardo Kubo.
Gökhan Güleser: (Fors Bilişim Ltd.) Keep things simple, working ..
John Quinn: (IAG) Do the work, don't do work about the work.
Anita McKeithen.
Rickey Austin: (Innovative, Inc.)
Frankmartin Wiethüchter: after some years finally signing.
Madhukar Puri: I wish to be an active learn and to share..
Chris Gerrard: During the mid-1980s I had the great good fortune to work as a consultant for a software vendor with technology that enabled us to sidestep the large, complicated data processing shops of the day and work intimately with business people solving their problems. We were able to deliver maximum results quickly as a result of our ability to address real business needs immediately and directly, with rapid feedback, and all that it entails. Since then, the principles and practices of agile development have become refined and popularized, and the value of the agile approach has become obvious and inarguable.
Vikram Rajan: (Cognizant Technology Solutions) Agile is the most efficient method to develop quality software, ensure continuous improvement, build accountability, ensure customer satisfaction and have fun at the same time! The Agile manifesto has my complete support!
Christina Skaskiw.
Jill Burgchardt.
Luiz Henrique C. Corrêa: (Alea)
Jiri Tichy: (EY)
Luis Eduardo Bohrer: (
Wouter Goedvriend: (Seven Stars B.V.) I support the Agile Manifesto. During my last few years as a software developer and implementation coach of software factories in the Netherlands and Belgium I have seen to many things go wrong in non-agile projects. Today I'am working with Sander Hoogendoorns SMART agile software development method. I must say that agile software development is working realy well and after all a happy customer, development team and application maintenance team........ The way only way to go in my opinion!
Luca Bozzo: (
Jan-Erik Sebestyen: (Parmatur )
Joerg Vogedes: (EDS)
Debadeep Sen: (PricewaterhouseCoopers) I am currently working in an Agile project, and I have realized that Agile is the future of software development. Long live Agile!
Paul Kjer: (Fitness Rocket)
Gunnar Krug: (Lucatec GmbH)

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