Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 16 Nov to 26 Nov 2008
Patrick Smith: These are the principles I have preached just not in such a well-defined manner. Thanks for putting in the effort to create this list of principles.
Jennifer: (XJTU)
Jeremy Beck: (Scio) Agile is clearly a better way to frequently communicate the progress of a software development project. We use it for SaaS application development projects with US based clients from our nearshore product development center in Morelia Mexico and it has been tremendously successful.
Jason Hoover: (Xpedient Technologies) This is a good start, and we'll get better.
Laurent Gauthier: (Mirasol Op'nWorks) Java open source expertise and Agile practitionners and mentors.
Pramod Mudgal: I am agile.
Carlos Mondragon: (Scio)
Stephen Wolfe: (6 MDSS/SGSI) Finally a software design methodology that makes sense and is resilent because there isn't just one way of doing it. The most important feature to me is the 2 - 4 week deliverable with the customer showing progress to the customer and being able to get 'little' course corrections is design/approach instead of huge re-writes.
Matt Palmer: (Palmedia Ltd) It should be noted that agile development is not inconsistent with security - it should in fact, if done properly, lead to enhanced security.
Alan Hensel: In the past, I resisted signing the Agile Manifesto, because I felt it was just common sense. Why sign common sense? But I've come around to realize how true it is that common sense is not that common. Also, I have now worked on at least 4 teams in the last 7 years that got Agile mostly right, and they were all very successful and joys to work on. I would like more success and joy in the future, please.
David Yancey: ( I agree to the Agile Manifesto.
Adam Betz.
Dan Händevik: (Meridium) Head of development @ Meridium
Josh Kinch: (Campaign For Change)
Kagiso: (Khotso IT Solutions)
Cindy Lategan.
Jerry Richards.
Vivek Pandey: I believe if software development teams were to truly BELIEVE in the 12 principles outlines in the AGILE manifesto there is very little that can go wrong.
Ravi Tadepalli: (Runaware) Good job articulating where to focus our energies when developing software. There are many forms of Agile Development but they all preach the same: "Be Open to Change" "Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate test of the quality for any product"
Jason Chong Lee: (Virginia Tech) I am working on ways to integrate usability into agile organizations. The Agile Manifesto has been an important guide as I've considered different tradeoffs in combining the two areas.
James Nicholls: So pleasing to come across people valuing people and pragmatic delivery over process and policy.
William Cage: This is the most successful approach I have used. I started using this approach in the 80's to build the first calling card system for MCI and Sprint. You never know all of the requirements until you start building the application.
Bill Shadish: (Fundamental Objects) A very early adopter, Fundamental Objects has used Agile programming methodologies in many handheld development projects.
John Townsend: (NuGrowth Technologies)
Joel Pech: (IBM)
Dean Clark: Write on.
VenkateswaranP: (GE Healthcare)
Anton Kan: (Itransition Software Development Company) They really help me in my work as a Project Leader in a software development company.
Manuel Ferreira Santos: I am in the begin of the Agile Manifesto. I already read a lot of white pappers and i am trying go more deep in this area. Thank you guys
Martin Colley.
Som: (Wipro) Java Architect.
Alicia Heraz: (UDM) Manifesto é Pefecto ;)
Guillaume Leborgne: (MCNext) I hope that those values will spread !
Nikolaos Raptis: (Nokia Siemens Networks) Let's Agile!
Sean McColgan: (Forward Slash Web Design )
Dhanjeet Jadeja: (Tradefair)
Michael O'Brien: I "discovered" the concepts of agile early in my career when ERP implementations were often "technical successes but operational failures". But by allowing my project team leaders the freedom and flexibility to work closely with stakeholders throughout the engagement without the restrictions of rigid project plans they had the ability to develop solutions that truly met the customers' needs. Of course, this approach requires oversight to manage the budget and timeline but is clearly worth the effort. By substituting "Working solutions" for "Working software", the agile approach has proven to be effective in any number of critical initiatives.
Jason Forth: (Jason R. Forth Interactive)
Richard Couture: (BeauWare Inc.)
Couturier Romain: (Exakis)
Muhammad Azwa: Agile is to be flexible. The manifesto is the manifestation of mission statement to each Agile practitioner.
Paul Cook: I'm a part time post grad student and a full time programme manager. As part of my MSc I recently undertook an Agile module at Oxford Uni (Software Engineering) with Angela Martin as course lecturer. Enjoyed the course and see some parallel with Agile and how I used to work back in the late 70's Agile is different to what I do these days, however I believe that with Agile there is perhaps a smarter way of operating Paul
Lucas Oleiro: (Revolusoft) The 4 principles overwhelm any metodology used in any kind or size of project regarding bring value to the customer/solution being developed.
Johan Aludden.
giordano scalzo.
Murali Varadarajan: (Wachovia) Having introduced Agile in the organization and creating the community of practice we are now looking at Agile portfolio management in the IT world. Agility becomes a must in this market where unpredictability and change rule. The cost of change is way too high and a agile process is the only sane way to gain stability and accountability.
José Tafla.
Carl Wang: (Motorola) Let Agile improve everyone's life!
Ivan Storck: (Sustainable Websites LLC)
Sumanth Muthyala.

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