Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 18 Jan to 30 Jan 2009
Hans-Jürgen Stenger: I like the Agile values and principles as they support transformational learning and relationships, emphasize adaptiveness, and help us to rapidly turn insights into benefits. The Agile approach has successfully guided us through projects for distilling methodology and developing IT environments. My feeling is that it will help us to work more effectively in today's networked world characterized by emergence phenomena that are not predictable by nature. Thus - maybe a little late - many thanks for writing things down in such a concise and applicable way!
Jean-Pierre Oliva: (Makina Corpus)
Johan Håkans: In my heart and mind this feels the right way!
Sandeep Paul: (UST Global) Process that works!!!
Nelson Martinez.
Harm van den Dorpel: (
Olaf Casper: (Daedalic Entertainment GmbH ) Agile is the way to make better software.
Ivan Sole: (NemonSoft) I'm working with this philosophy. But we are delivering updates continously, some times per day. I belive it's the best way to offer high value to business workers.
Kevin Thex: (Kevin Thex) Adaptive agility over predictive bureaucracy!
Thomas Stein: (Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg)
Manpreet: (Canada Pharmacy)
Jay Pathak: (IBM India Pvt. Ltd.)
Jagdish Bhandarkar: (Infosys Technologies Ltd)
Arash: (pars novine farab rah)
Philipp Lengauer.
Brett Verlinden: A love for people, working software, collaboration and a way to handle the ever changing conditions. Everyone should live by the Agile values. I know I do.
Mark Ryan: (InfuSystem)
Zachary Murray: (Tangible, LLC.) I support the Agile Manifesto! I'm going to try to implement this at my company! :D
Matthias Orgler: (
François-Xavier Desmarais.
Karen N. Johnson: (Software Test Management, Inc.)
Gero Seifert: (Tata Consultancy Services) After four years of continously applying and improving agile practices in my everyday life as project manager, I conclude that the Agile Manifesto is not a clever idea of several brilliant consultants to set and exploit a highly profitable trend. In fact it is the first wholistic and truely adequate response to the shortcomings, which our industry has been struggling with for decades. It finally puts an end to all the absurd metaphors of SW creation as house building or running an assembly line. Hopefully, the Agile Manifesto will shape the culture of most of the successful SW companies in this 21st century.
Shelina Mulji: (BCAA) I used Agile - Scrum few years ago and really saw the success rate of the project. We truly delivered working functionality every two weeks, this whows the customer. Organizations spend too much money, time and resources trying to plan and prepare for change. Reality in software world is that it is always changing.
Srdjan Popovic: (Internet Systems Development and Consulting Services)
Roger Rohrbach: (
klas eriksson: I support the Agile Manifesto! (klas3000 at the hotmail)
Rob van Maris: (JTeam) Social aspects are key for success in every edeavour where people participate with different perspectives and background. The Agile Manifesto acknowledges that this applies most software development projects.
Mark Grand: There are many ways to develop software. Any way I have seen, no matter how large, that does not attempt to follow these principles produces a less certain and lower quality result.
Benny Lasiter.
Stefano Leli: I just realized that I had never signed the Agile manifesto. I totally support it.
James Mutuku Ndeti: (Agile Systems Limited) The Greatest Manifesto Ever in ICT
shiroginne: (home) I like this :)
Paweł Neubauer: (freelancer)
Nik: (forex club) Good idea.
Ian Spence.
Andy Allan: Through working with Agile principles I have learnt to work better with my colleagues, have a better colloborative approach, have learnt things that I never would have learnt with tradional approaches to development, have a better understanding of customer requirements, have had less misunderstandings, and have created software that does not keep me up at night wondering about the what ifs.
Adilson Antonio Barbosa: (Compuware) I Support the Agile Manisfesto!
Massoud Faghihi: (Allstate ) I have been involved with software development as developer, designer, and now as a manager for past 22 years. I am convinced that Agile is the only way to developed software effectively and efficiently. The more I read about Agile more I like it.
Sidar Ok: (Independent Consultant) Agile manifesto is a summary of year's learnt lessons, and supporting it is a choice of a normal mind in this decade.
Kedar Godkhindi: (Saggezza) I Support the Agile Manifesto.
Mike Schimmel: (Microsoft Corporation)
yasir: good
Conrad Beaulieu: ( Our organization has been moving to agile development to get the right solutions for our customers. I must say that this has resulted in customer oriented versus technology rich solutions. We have achieved stable software products that satisfy the customer needs rather than pushing out something they needed to be happy with. I am very happy using the agile approach since most of my career since 1979 has been riding the waterfall.
Bryan McLane: (Cyrstar Consulting Inc.)
Randy Twaddle: ( As an end user who has been extremely frustrated in the past with the programming process, this sounds like music to my ears. A humanistic approach to programming.
Ravinder Kumar.
Daniel Furutani: I'm becoming an agile developer... Thx
Praveen Nadgir: I believe in the agile ways of developing software. The manifesto truly identifies the values which contribute more to a effective software development.
Charlie Collins: (TotSP Software)

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