Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 30 Jan to 16 Feb 2009
Sanjay Sharma: (Sierra Systems) I support any effort which is trying to create better software artifacts in the world.
Khaja Minhajuddin: ( I <3 Agile!
Satish Varma: (Ajilon Australia)
James Brechtel: ( I believe we have to correct the priorities of the software development industry. The Agile Manifesto explains in clear an concise terms a better way of achieving the common goal that we have with our customers: to build better software.
Bhavan Shah: Agile manifesto is intended to ceate better quality productivity in software industry and add value to customer's business.
Harry Harrold: Yes please - we're an agency, and this is win for us and win for our customers when they let us use Agile methologies.
Joseph Wauson.
Sam Reynolds: (Jewelry Television) I love SCRUM as a practice and have mixed in parts of XP where it works for us. I am pleased to be a signatory of this manifesto.
Xiaoshu Zhao: (Visto)
Barney Austen: (BMB Technologies) Agile and its principles are key to ensuring the on-going success of our customer projects. We embrace its simplicity of approach and adopt every aspect of the manifesto.
Carlos Gil: Interesting as it seems
Pedro Carriço.
André Paradis: It has been a long run to finally get here (considering the tons of documentation on the subject) but I'm finally home!
Max Keeler: (The Motley Fool)
Alexis Mora: (Fiserv)
Andrey Signatovich.
Judy Thomas: (Pragmatic Synergy)
Isaac Feliu: (Vertical Social Networks)
Esteban Garcia: (M2E Solutions)
BJ Neilsen: (rand9 Technologies)
Matteo: (Vendere foto) Nice
Chris Robbie: (
Arup Maity: (BlastAsia Inc.) We are a software company specializing working with other software companies all over the world to support them with their need for R&D, Product Development and migration. I personally as par-time professor of Project Management at Asian Institute of Management over the last several years have been always researching on better ways to manage project to lower risk and ensure satisfaction to all parties. Since the last quarter of 2007 I got introduced to SCRUM and slowly started piloting it in some of our projects at BlastAsia, encouraged by the success we have adapted SCRUM 100% for all our projects since the mid of 2008. We not only have implemented SCRUM internally but since we work with other software companies all over the world, we have been instrumental in encouraging them to use it, starting with their project with us; this has proven to be quite a success. We want to learn and share more on this as an organization and me personally as a practitioner and teacher.
Yuji Kiriki: (Seven4n) Complete what really matters. Concentrate efforts in what really matters.
Rachad Honein: (Webbyrails)
Paolo Falcone: (SOFTING CONSULTING SRL) I discovered the agile programming having practised for years without knowing that corresponded to the principles of the manifesto. I find myself in any statement of the principles of the manifest and can assure you that "works"!
Tuna Özkasap: ( Agile development incredibly accelerates the work done in companies, communication and interaction is favored in this approach, and it goes hand in hand with development process. Development process was depreciated before, but with this approach it is appreciated as it should be.
Alexandr Dudchenko: (
Sandeep Shetty: (
Anthony Burns.
Vijay Joshi: (
Rune T. Sorensen: (
Mattias Tronje: ( I will learn and live by it
Nicolas Krzyzanowski: (
Manoj Barara: Without knowing about the manifesto and principles of Agile software development, I used it to deliver a project in 3 weeks which the traditional models were forecasting at 3-4 months. While the waterfall model was still doing the requirements analysis, the project had been delivered by this Agile team. Later on, searching over the net, I found that I had used quite a lot of principles of Agile and worked towards the project completion.
Luca Cappelletti: ( As a Free Software developer I've the extreme programming and agile practices embedded into my blood. I can say that it's the only way to manage and develop complexity. Bottom Up and/or Top Down are relics of a death past...
Matthew T. Roberts: Agile Development using Scrum has led to so many successful, happy and productive teams. Please go to your local Agile meeting!
Young Jung: I also enjoy your moto and surely will be the member of Agile Developer!!!
Bhargav Desai: (Indusa) Working for Open Source brings us faceless challenges!!! Agile Method helps deliver solution to such challenges. I support the Agile Manifesto!!
Chris Barran.
Christoph Spiegel: Beeing agile is so much better than beeing stiff ;)
John Hebley: (hebley & Associates)
Lou Mandic: (Authority Software) I have used this process to deliver on the concept of a rapid deployment BI solution. This was accomplished with a blend of on shore and off shore resources. The results were spectacular.
Adebayo Bamitale: (Adebayobamitale) Individuals and interactions are crucial, working software are necessary, customers are kings, changes are inevitable.
pinki chaudhary.
Bert Vanpeteghem.
Markhot Attila: (Siemens PSE HU)
Aleksey Palazhchenko: (
Ibrahim Salloum: (Tatweer Software)

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