Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 07 Mar to 15 Mar 2009
Leonard Chin.
Richard Wiecki: We make software to help people. We do it in such a way as to grow as individuals and teams.
Mikko Korpela.
Arivuchelvan Rajavelu: I am in to the IT for past 15 years doing development and mostly on the testing space. I have worked on various methodologies (Waterfall, V , RUP,...). For past few years I have been involved in the projects following agile methodology. Initially it was challenge and now after various small projects success factors people have started agreeing with the agile. I am proud to say that I am an agile evangelist. Ari
Jungpyo Lee: (obigo) I support the agial manifesto!
Pitta Joseph Sudhakar: I think most of the sucessful projects practically follow this otherwise the Customer may not use/accept/benefit from the solution
Keith Walter: (Ad Finitem)
Murat ERENTURK: (Nortel Netas)
Piotr Szymański: (Jotasoft)
Johnny Kam.
Corné Verbruggen: (G-majeur)
Faizal Abdoelrahman: (Interfixus)
Joachim Luitz: (LUITZ.COM)
John McGarvey: (Wachovia, a Wells Fargo company)
Nik: (Floors) When I read the manifesto, I got really happy because we share the same vision.
Benjamin Parker.
Esko Luontola: (
Dave White.
Ashish Kumar Singh: Agile manifesto helps a lot in customer engagement and come up with solutions which is beneficial to both client and vendor both.
Maudrit Martinez: (
James Netherton: (
Eduardo N. Fortes: (UTN Argentina)
Corey Ford: (UnityWorks Media)
Mario Pérez Madueño: I met agile principles and metodologies in Object Oriented Software Engineering subject of the studies of Computer Engineering at the UOC (Open University of Catalonia in english languaje). I'm currently introducing these metodologies at work, we are 5 developers working in Java with NetBeans, Collab, CVS and bugzilla. We have had great success by the moment. I actually support the Agile Manifesto!
Nicos Kourounakis, MASc, PMP, MBA: (OPM-CG Consulting Group) I’ve seen how the flexibility of agile project & portfolio management frameworks make them more suitable for multi-project environments and SMEs than traditional PM frameworks. Agile approaches allows project teams to better deal with uncertainty, and help senior managers implement portfolio adjustments more quickly and more frequently.
W.Meints: (Info Support)
Luca Morieri: (Ciaopeople)
Caleb Gebhardt.
Niek Schmoller: (TSi Solutions)
Ashish Thomas: I practice, I believe, I support.
Joseph Gee.
Luis Xavier Baena Mourão.
Igor Stoyanov: (
Detlef Engelbrecht.
Tiago Fernandez: (
Anthony Donnelly.
Phil Booth: (webBackplane)
Emerson Lopes.
Greg Galaski: Helped to develop, test, and train Agile software for Kyocera Wireless Corporation.
Chris Baker: (CMB Computers) I have been programming for a very long time now and realized very early on that requirements at the early stages of a project almost never equal the requirements at the end of the project. Having a method that embraces change is extremely important for any business process, especially programming.
Adam Lider: (Release Thoughts) The value we should keep in mind and follow.
Lanell Perry: I believe that the Agile framework truly optimizes the best practices of multiple disciplines to ensure that business objectives are met. With an MBA and a certifications in 6Sigma, Agile CSM, and PMP Project Management I have always used the most effective approach for the specific challenge I am given. For me, Agile represents a street-wise practical approach and an organizational and software development methodology that embraces change management and the reality of today's rapidly changing, global, distributed environment. By keeping our eye on the goal, focusing on results, and supporting the collaborative process of the people who know what they are doing, we can leap over boundaries and scale tall buildings and avoid getting stuck in the muck of being slaves to the overhead of methodology, documentation, and command and control oriented processes.
Jesse A. Jimenez: (Agave Lab) The year was 2002. I was a team leader at a big financial firm in NYC. I thought it was ridiculous how our team spent most of its time fixing code, documenting and not enough time building new software. I searching for solutions, everything I came across with just seemed like one more truck-load of ceremony and processes that would bog down things. That is until that summer Victor Truong, one of our engineers, told me about Agile methodology and Extreme Programming. Thanks, Victor!
robbert hubner: (Management@work)
Dirk Kuch.
Binukumar Purushothaman: (Vodafone) Agile is fantastic if used for right project...!!
Maarten Dekkkers: After working in an 'agile' environment roughly a year I became to value it's statement more and more! (Don't be a agileist, be agile!)
Robin Walker.
Adrian Longley.
Tony Butler: I have encountered many methodologies over the years for software development - this is by far the most sensible and, more importantly, the one that works!

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