Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Mar to 22 Mar 2009
Asbjørn Mikkelsen.
David Patton: (
Julien Mazloum: (OutSofting) I am proudly signing this Agile Manifesto. I agree this is the way software should be developed. The path is still long until we finally create a real profession for software developers but this was an important milestone on the way forward.
Lorenzo Bortolotto: (Noris Software) this is the right way to develop and improve our software!
Greg Chatham: It's made sense in three organizations where I've helped roll it out. I like making my Customers happy and I've been able to do that much more often since I started down this path 9 years ago.
jeroen crabbe: (EDS/HP ) great
Manish Mittal: (Avaya Inc) I totally agree because this is totally meant for the benefit of customer, who finally needs the product. The Change is requirement is easy to handle. Also, Only motivated and responsible people can be accountable and make it work , so thats very important but as well make everybody understand that it may / may not always be the case :(
Osvaldo Opazo Berrios: (Infocomin) Our small company is located in Chile and we recently launched in the agile development process, Thanks
Thierry Gabriel CROS: (TCO) Founder of XP-France in 2000.
Stephen Lee.
Jeffrey Ridout: ( Software and (web)applications are becoming more and more intuitive, they feel more natural. Why not make the engineering process them the same way, agile?
Andreas Lianos: (-)
Javier Rojas Blum.
Jerry Rajamoney: I am using the Agile Scrum framework for my projects for the past 4+ years. I have gained many advantages by using the Agile Scrum. The satisfaction level of my clients have gone high after my team stated using Agile Scrum. I am a big fan of Agile and I am proud to be part of this. Jerry
Herman Sibarani: (TestDesign) Excellent Agile manifesto !! I completely agree
Lucas Hernani Giovenardi Toniazzo.
Derek Lane: (Gunslinger Software & Consulting, Inc.)
Lorenzo Cavina.
Jayanthi CV.
Gustavo Tadao Okida: It is really amazing how this method works well when we have business and IT together. It not only a model of work but style of work and, although it is not ever appliable, it should be considered independent of company IT methodology.
Daniel Shi: ( Management is about both science and art. And it' not only about methodology but also about attitude. I hope my team and me would be more agile!
Kou, Zhiqiang: This is great idea. I totally agree and support it.
Rob Bowley: (
Christian Albert: Agility respects the Reality and not to Utopia of some Plans. But the agile way may be the only way to achive those utopic goals ;).
Michael James: I find the Agile approach to software development to be original and refreshing.
Alex Moore.
Henriette Fossum.
Thomas A Oehser: (Toms NET) Rock on.
Tom Gaughan, PMP.
Ilker Cetinkaya: ( It took me years to truly adapt agile principles. I've been following the agile movement since 3 years now and hereby state, that being agile is one of the key factors to software engineering success. Whilst agile thinking and doing is obligatory, it only is a fraction of the whole to professional software engineering.
Dave Cowens: (SQA Zone) Agility like quality is a state of mind!
Alec Versfeld .
Gerard Braad.
Eric Arantes.
Mahesh Subramanian: (Serena Software)
Luciano Costa: (Monttez) I've been working with lean, scrum and xp since 2004. I got several high quality software projects made in time since I decide to follow these principles. Thank you a lot!
Thomas Foydel: (SightLines Consulting) We perform NetSuite customizations using the agile method
Vic Divecha: ( Agile development: but prefer it over all the old ways. Good time are here.
Johnny Wey: (
Carl Scott: (University of Houston) Teaching and Researching about Agile Project Management
Eriksen Costa Paixão: (
Miguel Rosario: Delivery of good, clean, and well designed software is the key to providing the competitive edge. Over-designed apps usually die in the face of rapidly deployed agile apps. Under-designed apps are the bane of software maintenance and are spared death at times dependant on how well their ally Mr. Refactoring can assist; usually though, he is the one ordering the execution of the same. Middle ground must be sought.
Guenter Zachmann: After more than 30 years experience in software development I recognize the principles behind Lean, Agile and Scrum as the methods that ever have been used intuitively in development of successful software products. Success usually leads to career opportunities, growth of organization and divergence of expertise and decision-making authority, and then processes are required to close the gap between hierarchies, collaborating sub-orgs, authority and expertise. There is a high seduction to implement an increasing number of processes to satisfy the demands of hierarchies, individuals in leading positions end even processes previously existing. In the progressed state misrouted processes cause a kind of self-strangulation, which leads to loss of motivation on the expert levels, loss of creativity and innovation, failure of competitive products and finally loss of success. I'm full of hope that the spirit of Lean and Agile will be able to crack the vicious circle of self-strangulation by misrouted processes and to bring back sanity and reason to development of software products in bigger organizations.
Ashish Joglekar: (Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.) Our team has been benefited immensely by following Agile over traditional method of Software Development. I have never seen our customers so delighted to see team’s progress before.
Peter de Water: (Rabobank Nederland)
Rafael Sabbagh Armony: ( Currently using Scrum and studying its use by Brazilian IT teams. Studying other agile methodologies.
Diderick Oerlemans.
Lief Zimmerman: ( It just plain works.
Sameeri Pavan Kumar Marryboyina: (Telogical Systems, LLC) Telogical goes Agile! I go Agile. Agility is bringing me close to great tools, practices & thoughts. I am a week old & learning.
John Aristizabal: Very intresting I'll keep track on it

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