Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 21 May to 07 Jun 2009
Marcello Azambuja: (
Vitaliy Fursov: I respect agile principles and I love the results. I live in a farmland, and I see many nice old barns that rises above new developments. People built them following same principles as agile community does. The majority of these barns were built by same people (neighbors), all of them are custom structures, reflecting individual needs, developed at several iterations, and always have room for improvements. These barns are 150-200 years old, but still strong, and functional.
Leandro Ramos de Oliveira: (OnCast)
Olivia Segovia: I support the Agile Manifesto before this exist, I said that because in general all the principles behind the Manifesto were always present in my work. I do a master degree in Quality Assurance at the end of the 1980, just some people was interesting in the subject in that time, now is a topic who all the companies are very motivating. I was a teacher at the university too and the majority of this principles was explain by myself to my students, I hope some of them remembers now what we discuss together, one’s of the most important were : “The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” “Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential.” I congratulate all of you for the idea to work together and finally put in paper the best ideas, experiences and knowledge you have. I expect this Manifesto will be show to all the students of Software Engineering.
ciaran ryan: (mcr consulting)
Lorenz Bärmann: (BAERMANN|KM) I'm following the principles of Agile Software Development Manifesto and confirm the better result in quality of software and quality in customer relationship. A BIG Thank You to you all.
Johannes Norneby: ( I'm from the computer games industry, and even though we tend to pride ourselves as developers of "cooler software", I have found that the principles covered by the Agile Manifesto are as true as ever within my field. You can't stop the change! /johno
Allen Ollendorf: (
Lance M. Payne.
Eric Tomlinson: (GameStop, Inc.)
Dave Wright: (QVC Solutions Pty Ltd) We are helping build Agile standards and success for organisations in Australia and New Zealand.
thunder: (all option) i think agile is the most important method in the software history.
Julián Masero Suárez: (Investigación y Programas S.A.) One year with Agile Development, best results and best quality in software products. The clients are wondering with our work. Bye CMMI, forever.
Thomas Schüppel: (nokia)
Roger Acuna: (SEO Consultant) As an SEO Expert I agree with the Agile Manifesto.
Pedro Assumpção: (Modena Design Studio) I am starting the Agile Development for web applications and I am loving.
Ankit Mehra: (SafeNet Inc.)
Rob Stuart: As a software developer and implementer maintaining a focus on the outcomes of the work being performed is critical to customer satisfaction. It is vital that expectations are managed throughout the development activity and Agile provides that focus.
louison: (China)
Rik Dryfoos: (My Blog) The Agile Movement has brought a measure of sanity to my career as one who manages people engaged in Software Development.
Sumeet Sakalle: (WireLess Telecom)
Hari Sethi: (Mindwaves Consulting)
JJ K: (Pluginlab) I am increasingly finding that Agile process ways of working can be useful outside of software development as well.
Carsten Lenz: (CSC)
André Clodong: (EcoMundo)
Andy Cafiero: (Kaiser Permanente) Currently working on Agile roll out at Kaiser
Robert Powell: (T-Mobile) Any skill requires practice. The best practice is repetition. Iterations are repetition. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate.
Bob Evans: (carolinux) I've spent a lifetime in IT. I finally see a methodology that I adhere to...
Matias Iacono.
Valko Yotov: (Infosys Technologies Ltd.) My favorite are: DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself: Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unamiguous, authoritative representation within a system. Program close to the problem domain. Design and code in your user's language. Use a project glossary. Create and mainain a single source for all the specific terms and vocabulary for a project. Design with contracts: Use contracts to document and verify that the code does no more and no less than it claims to do. Use assertions to validate your assumptions and contracts. Crash early and crash often - the broken assertions enable to crash early and point to the root cause. Automate - continuous integration via automated end to end integration testing. Prefer composition to inheritance: Tight coupling is undesirable and should be avoided where possible. Break dependencies by abstraction - mock all interfaces.
Vasanth Desai.
Frederico Martins Porto: I'm from Cabo Frio, a city from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The agile principles are changing my mind. I'm learning more and more how to build software in a better way!
Bob Firestone: (National Home Business Academy)
Eric Zechman.
Abdel ELOMARI: (Decizia) As a consultants, we applied agile data warehousing in a big BI/DW project here in morocco. At the begining the customer was a bit "scared", but when deployed the first release after 6 weeks (including Hard/Soft install and config) the users was very satisfied... We continued using this approach for the whole project and that was just successfull... Thanks to anyone that helped and still helps to promote and organise this approach.
Praveen George: (Crimson Computing Solutions LLC) We pledge our allegiance to the values that agile development espouse!
Vijay Ganti: (Mamigo ) Having worked with the waterfall model for several years, Agile for last 3 years has been a great change from a Product Management perspective. Product Managers always look for working software as that is the only way to see if the customers needs are being met. Traditional development model don't provide anything useful in the hands of the Product Manager for months and even years and in a fast changing world software runs the risk of being incorrect and irrelevant. As an entrepreneur Agile principles were natural to us and have yielded results. While Agile doesnt make a bad business good it does help get better and correct products out.
Maurice Carey: (Apollo Group) Success shifted me toward practicing these principles but the failures I've witnessed without them have cemented them as practices that cannot and will not be ignored.
Sergio de Souza Aguiar Carvalho: (Embraer) I am coordinating the introduction of Scrum at Embraer IT department. We are very excited to initiate our first Sprints ...
Michaux Kelley: ( Having worked in Agile for the past year, I confirm and support the statements made in the manifesto. Not only is Agile pragmatic, but it has also been effective in yielding high-quality software and fomenting teamwork in my organization as well as those with whom I've been fortunate to collaborate. I extend my endless appreciation to all engineers endeavoring to promote Agile throughout the industry.
Shaun Rowe: (Skittle Software)
Grant Joung: Have used Agile practices for software development since 2001 with great success!!
lukas schroeder.
Luis Medel: (
Anil Shinde: (HSBC) I have worked on different projects involving various software models. Agile methodology is the best and really impressed with the scrum call and customer collaboration. I worked as scrum coordinator and it's really challenging.
Nicolas Dextraze: (PCMS Conseil) The best way to develop software.
Sunil Mandhan: (GE) I like the ways things have become much simpler with Agile Development and communication in teams and with customer has become more and more entertaining.

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