Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 07 Jun to 16 Jun 2009
Paul Doerwald: (Liquid Media) One day we'll stop calling it "Agile Development" and we'll just start calling it "Development". There are few projects where agile isn't the best option.
Michael Ouslander: (Michael Ouslander Consulting)
Margarette E. Yamaguti: (MAPS SA)
Stian Clementsen: (The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)) As a business student with considerable interesting in information technology and IT projects, I have conducted my master thesis on Agile Software Development and have found it to be a valuable approach to efficient software development, and I am indeed in support of it. However, I want to add that for IT projects in general, one easily get too caught up on focusing on the technical aspects of the system development. Thus I would like to suggest that Agile Software Development recognize the need for a PSO perspective in IT project, understanding that there is a need to consider people and organization development as well when a new system is to be developed in an organization.
Pete Yandell: (
Tony Grout: (IBM) It is through the tightly focused creative thought and actions of adequately equipped people that greatness occurs
Andrew R. Tople: (Omnitech, Inc.)
Subhash Chandra: (IBM) I want to be a part of Agile Manifesto .I want to contribute many ideas for its next version and improvement
Pablo Gonzalez Linares.
Nick Athanassiadis: (Q Ventures LLC)
Joe Binnion: (Atheon Ltd) Working in an agile way we are breaking down barriers in Business Intelligence. True progress!
B. Rangarajan: (Agile Financial Technologies) Not just common by name, but common by values.
Tom Van Acker: (OR-AS) Na tien jaar ervaring in software ontwikkeling is er slechts één overtuiging die stand houdt; agile development is de enige methodologie, of beter nog, de enige houding, die leidt tot kwaliteitsvolle, klantgerichte, onderhoudbare software. I'm a believer !
Redwene Haddou.
Rick Monika: (MasterCard International)
Anthony Moore.
Bertrand Gaillez: (MC3SI) The simple path is always the way to achieve great results
Bob Lewis: (Booz Allen Hamilton) I have heard the term used but had never researched what it meant. I am home recovering from back surgery and began thinking about how I might improve my software development for my client. I am still learning about this approach but I agree with the principles presented in the Agile Manifesto and have followed some of them in the past. I will continue to expand my understanding of Agile development. Thanks for the help.
Agola Kisira Odero: Agile is the best way to develop software that I have come across so far
Jeremy Osborn.
Reinhard Gloerfeld: Summing up 20 years of software development, I found, that the manifesto is exactly that what leads to the success of most of our projects.
Kinnie Capilitan: (MSD) Great to develop software the AGILE way. This helps ensure that IT professionals deliver value to the organisation.
Juan Banda: (Jalasoft) I've using Agile for development, testing and automation projects for several years now and I can only say that it works. In the past I tried OMT, UML and RUP but the success that I got in those projects can't compare to what I'm getting using Agile. In my experience the best that I'm getting from Agile it's that this put people over processes and processes over tools; it's simply more effective and fun this way.
Nikita Makarov: (Auirga, Inc.) That's right!!!
Meric B. Mara: (8layer Technologies, Inc)
Kim N. Adelhardt.
David Canteros.
Anant Bhardwaj: (Cathysoft) Agile Manifesto is not a set of principles or a set of processes which one essentially needs to follow to achieve agility. Agile Manifesto brings value in the team, not a cumbersome process, it talks about process aligning to the team, not team aligning to process; in this way it brings value in the team, it makes individual more responsible and team more agile.
Sean Keighron.
Ramaswamy Venkatraman,PMP : Hello, I am a PMP,ITIL certified project manager working towards implementing Agile in our organization with the help of senior leaders. I am truly impressed with the Agile methodologies and would be part of the great revolution.
Jeff O'Bryan.
Fabrice AIMETTI: (
Brady Wied.
Repin Vitaly: (Eldev software programming services) Agile programming experience allows me to be broad-minded and creative in the implementation of software development projects.
Jesper Nielsen: (Jn Games)
Denny Leung: (JunoIT) Great principles and its definitely a mindset I wish to promote for.
Francis Wong: (FlexSystem Group) We are one of the largest local software developer in Hong Kong. I believed that Agile methodology reduce development cost and offer great users' experience.
marcel s: (Midwest ISO)
Kishore Kumar Luthra: (Schneider Electric) I have been using agile practices since I started my career (10 years ago ) without knowing about formal Agile methodologies, until I came to know about it 2 years ago. So far, I don't have even one experience where Agile principles and practices failed. After I studied Agile methodologies, principles and practices formally (mostly through internet), I introduced & explained the same to my colleagues and have been able to get the acceptance and encouragement from many of them. We are now following Agile methodologies and practices in many projects and the results have been really encouraging. Agile in my view answers the question "What is the simplest (not to be confused as "easiest") and thus the best way to manage and execute an empirical development process" and this question is mostly not addressed by other approaches mainly in software development.
Kleber Moretto: Agile - The best way of developing software.
Gerardo Horvilleur.
Frank Bernhardt: (Robert Bosch GmbH) I love to do Scrum which is based on the Agile Manifesto!
Alejandra Sevilla: (
Jean Tinguely Awais: ( Agile is life. Life is the set of human beings and the relation beetween them. is trying to preserve the life.
Novopashin Anton.
Bertrand Dour: (IDW Projects LTD)
Christiane Anderson: (Foster's Group)
Jerome Marr: ( Agile is not a method. It is a philosophy that can take many paths. It is app development enlightenment.
Peter Carlson.
Alessandro Alinone: (Lightstreamer) Some good robust pragmatism applied to software engineering.

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