Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 21 Jun to 28 Jun 2009
Dx: (Palmera Consulting)
Patrick Huesler: (huesler informatik)
Scott Lacey.
Tom Reynolds: ( Working in an agile way can be difficult for some people to grasp, but once understood and adopted there can be no going back. The agile manifesto embodies the spirit of collaboration and communication and that human beings working together in an adaptive way will produce the best results. Adopting an agile mindset is the beginning of a journey, one where you will never stop learning and one that will never end.
Rafael Avila: (PMO4Hire)
Keith Alvarico: (Atlevcah, LLC)
Pieter van Boxtel: (Ordina)
Thiago Rocha Silva: (SERPRO) Because our main goal is software, not processes.
Tony Christensen: (Independent) For over a decade I lead the same team of developers across 4 organizations. The team was considered one of the best in the world due to their responsiveness and ability to exceed expectations. The methods used by the team I have since recognized as those embodied in the Agile Manifesto. I whole heartedly endorse the Manifesto and the Agile movement and consider it not only "best practice" but question the value in the alternatives.
Shanmugam: (NextEdge Software) to know more.
Sanjay Kumar: (User Experience Design ) I have worked in many projects based on SDLC, recentely i worked on Agile based project.I saw the huge difference and the positives in Agile framework. The team was electrified and the clinet was happy. One very good aspect of Agile which i think is that the clinet is able to see working delevirables which will be refined at a later point of time.
Agi Putra Kharisma: (Agilinius)
Craig Lowe.
Peter Sage: (Test and Data Services)
Rafael Nascimento: I use the Agile approach and I still can't see a better way to deliver valuable software with enough documentation to support it without stressing my customers.
Grzegorz Dziemidowicz.
Michael Chambers: (Casdyl Consultancy) Agile has proven a very useful approach for many of our clients, they have become inspired!
Reza U. Haq.
Robert Bąk.
Sivasundaram Umapathy: (Sella Synergy India Limited) The things I love are Trust over control, Embracing change rather than complaining about it and Value delivery over process compliance.
Terence Philip Argue: (Youngsoft Inc)
Abhishek Misra: Agile looks like a good technique to be able to respond to constantly changing priorities and opportunities. Would like to know more about how exactly we can use this. Kudos! for thinking differently anyways :-)
Grzegorz Dziemidowicz.
Deniz Seebacher: (Roninja 2.0) This is the best way to develop software as well as other projects like new media marketing without loosing to much energy and information through endless indirect communication on the way.
Oliver Boeff: ( That's how it should be ...
Sanjay: Agile is the best methodology to work.
mec: (
Andrei Lorico: (Top-Networx Solutions Inc.)
Denis Rocha de Carvalho: (IFMG) I will use the Scrum in my discipline and i belive in scrum + cmmi! Will be a revolution, the begin of the new time of development. Thank you!
Chris: (Cultivate web design Melbourne)
Laurent Petitguyot.
Daniel Dengler: (
Justin Novosad: (Autodesk) To all the agile evangelists out there, thank you for showing us the light! <Rant> I pity the fools who unconditionally favor predictability over adaptability. I know there are still many of you out there. Stop telling us that Agile is poor planning in disguise. That is simply not true. In many respects, agile *is* the plan! Time to market and bleeding-edgedness are paths to competitiveness. Hence, agility is key. To blindly miss-out just for the sake of being more predictable may lead you to defeat. As a consolation, at least you already know how much your defeat is going to cost :-) </Rant>
Rebecca Moore: (Technology Integration Experts)
Nancy Curtis: (The Wise Enterprise)
K. Ramesh Babu: (
Ritesh Dugar: (Globallogic) I have been mentoring teams for Agile and have been successful in bringing out the best in teams through following Agile principles
Istvan Erdos: (C-Plus Technology)
Ben Salvage: (Defence Housing Australia) This manifesto helps keep me to the principles of why we tried the 'different' approach to software development.
Hervé ELTER.
Vikram S: I wish agile methodologies are adopted across the software development world.
James Riis: (My Journey into Agile) In my search for a better way to deliver software solutions, I found Agile. I have many years of experience leading teams using various traditional software development methodologies and none really worked. Each methodology assumed that you knew all the requirements upfront -- we ignored uncertainty. We argued over changes and called it Scope creep. The problem always was our customers didn't know what they wanted and the development team didn't understand the business. At least that's what each side said -- some what adversararily. In the end no one was really happy about the outcome. Now, using an Agile approach, I lead my development teams and business partners through and informed process. We discuss features, the cost to build these features, and now can make informed decisions about when to implement what. We can now trade-off features for time-to-market, and have a plan to get the features into the next release cycle. This is not the old, "That will be in version 2" which we all know will never happen.
Maurizio Papini: ( It takes more courage to apply common sense and ones' own intuitions than following somebody else articulated ways to complicate work and life.
Ted Obenour: (Lakeside Business Coaching) I have been working with excellerated Applications Development (XAD) since the mid 90's and lead one of the first US Government sanctioned non waterfall projects at for re-engineering the NASA Hubble Space Telescope. It's great to see this type of thinking becoming mainstream, but since it represents a management cultural shift as well, it will continue to take more time because management still wants a cheap silver bullet. Hang in there. The journey is half of battle.
Paulo Fernandes: This is really good.
Atul Pandey: (IQS Inc)
Kepera Amun: Thank you for your attention to the Agile Manifesto and please, for the good of the customers and the software industry, support the guiding principals of agile development in your organization.
Daniel Cespedes: (Motorola Argentina)
Eric Chio.

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