Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 28 Jun to 12 Jul 2009
Marius de Beer.
Jorge Merino: (Nuvek) Nuvek has used the methodology for years, it has helped us to be more productive and flexible in favor of our customers.
Kurt Schwind: ( By far the best methodology for building a relationship between IT and the business.
Mykola Bova: (
Erez Ben Shoham: (Q.C.M (Israel) limited) Hallelujah
Bill Connell: (TCG)
Leonardo Drummond Abdala: It’s time to think different when it comes to software development. Why not think of self managed teams? Why not think of a real partnership between the client and the development team? After all, they have the same goal: the success of the project, right? Why not encourage individual talents to emerge and help the team? Let’s talk about team members not just “resources”. Let’s focus on the objectives (of the project), one step at a time, all together, constantly inspecting and adapting. It’s time to stop spending time and money on unused features just because they were wanted at the beginning of a project. Let the client learn and realize (and let’s help them!) what the new priority is and what is not so important anymore, after all, software is built to help solving issues and to be used by people. This is evolution.
Kenrick Chien: (Critical Phase, Inc)
Erik Buitenhuis: (Wisdom Ordina)
Paul Hopkins: (SAP AG) Certified Scrum Master
Jitender Tated: Fantastic Agile Software Development Manifesto.Method....for Software
Bubu Tripathy: (Siemens Information Systems Ltd.) In the current times, when most organizations are facing the challenge of retaining the customer-base they enjoyed for years, Agile Software Development is the paradigm-shift which would ensure it. By following the practices of customer "collaboration" and "working software" companies can hope to manage the beast - CHANGE !!!
Nitin Stephen Koshy: Agile works!
Alexandre G Ehrenberger: (AGE Desenvolvimento de Sistemas)
Sanjeev Gupta.
John C. Rivard: (JCR Design and Consulting)
Johannes Weiss.
Gregory Pilar: (N/A)
Bryan Wilber: (The Clean Air Campaign) I've been involved in projects that were run both ways. The few failed projects I've seen have been highly structured using old development models. The wildly successful projects have been done using agile methods.
Ursula Rutherford: (Saxon Software Solutions) I've been an advocate of agile for years, not only in the realm of software development. As I'm about to become certified as a ScrumMaster, I want to sign the Agile Manifesto to show my support for these principles.
Mike Gomez: Agile development = Happy clients
Parag Gadhia: (Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.) I have become very much inetrested in Agile and particularly in SCRUM. Currently writing the prcocess related to SCRUM for my organization and it's really a challenging yet inetresting task.
Andreas Wurzer: (ccServices GmbH)
Anurag Arora: (Overture Technologies)
Zachary Spencer: ( Agile Manifesto is oh so good.
Abdij Bhat: (MphasiS) I have seen the Agile SCRUM methodology work where other methodology have failed. I have seen the Iterative Development Model when applied properly work too. I have seen these models fail too when NOT applied properly. At the end, any process / methodology is only as good as the people following it.
Mark Challinor: (VelocIT Projects Limited)
Don Jenkins: I have been using Agile for ten years with great success.
Scott Knowles: (Greatpeople LLC)
Phil Mui.
Joao Morais: Agile allows a "win/win" scenario between business people and technical people.
Shalom Tessler.
Julie Hendry: (Cow Consulting) It just makes sense!
Daniel Gu: (eBay) Agile rocks! I believe it's the future.
Liu, Ning: I just began to use the agile dev in 4 members team and good luck to me!
Samuel GAILLARD: ( I discover today the "Agile Manifesto", and I realise that I develop PHP websites according to these 4 values, since several years. I'm very happy to find a text about these values and principles, translated in my native language (french). I hope someone translate it in the International Language (Esperanto).
Diego Santiago: (Projeto Internet) I'm really excited with all these people "getting in real" and sigining up! Now, seems, the true values (that really make big humans) are most important that the old (and, why not, wrong?) values! I agree fully.
David Davenport: (PEMCO Corporation)
Camilo2k: (Grupo BIT)
Beatriz: (TecGraf)
B.Mahendra Wicaksono, S.kom: ( I'm Indonesian programmer and i want to spread the agile manifesto in my country. for now i create a group in my facebook (Agile Alliance Indonesia) as a starting point, and later i will create a website about Agile Methodology in Indonesian language.
Nikolai Balba: (Libra OnDemand)
Junior Rafael: (WebTI Solutions )
Sean Utt: (Strateja, Inc.) Forecasting software requirements is like forecasting the weather. Both are accurate for about two weeks out, give or take two weeks.
Matthias Braunhofer: (
Todd Sprang: (NRECA)
Zbigniew Dworok.
Alixx Skevington MIAP MBCS CITP: I believe that Agile is the only process that can deliver the quality that business requires. It makes the busines think more about what it requires, more often. Allowing developers to deliver what they want when they want it.
Kamil Ariff: (TechIris Solutions) In these days of rapid changes and dynamism in the business scape, traditional approaches more often than not fail due their rigidity in methodologies and lack of rapid response to changes. Agile takes into account this dynamism and rapid changes in its core principles. It priortizes the emerging needs of the customer and rapid responses towards them, thereby making the methodology customer friendly. It works, It is customer friendly. Agile Rocks.

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