Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Aug to 26 Aug 2009
Eric Lopes Cardozo: (Empulsys) These simple but powerful principles describe what makes software developed work and not unimportant, fun and interesting to do, isn't it? Whatever methodology you want to use, I recommend to align with the agile manifesto.
Mark T. Kennedy.
Gus Summers: (Agile Supply Chain Strategies)
David Hájek: I work as a SAP consultant for a huge company (thousands of employees). In past few months, I started comparing my working experience to articles of Martin Fowler. Detachement from customers, developers as a resource, waterfall model pitfalls... It's all present here. I'm beginning to understand (I hope) what agile is all about - making software that just works. People work with software. So it's all about people and adapting to them. To do that, one needs to be experienced software enginer, but also an experienced social engineer. The red tape approach doesn't work here. It shows in our company. The question now is - do I have courage to do try and make a change? Well... I'd like to thank everyone participating to the agile movement for their bright ideas and will to do go the right way, not the easiest. Thanks.
Faizulla Shaik: (S7 Software) I am the promoter of Agile practices within my organization and currently in the process of learning more on the Agile practices and tools for effective Agile development.
Kamran Golriz: (Silk Road Productions)
Daniel Webb: (Contractor) I have been working with Agile at Standard Life in Edinburgh for the last 6 months. I truly believe in Agile and would be happy to discuss how it has worked for me and the organisation I am working in.
Rommel Lapade: I Support the Agile Manifesto!
saba: I Believe the 4 priciple but according to me the first one should INITIATE THE CHANGE and BE A INTIATOR
Lang Tran.
Sven Schmidt: (Spirit/21) As a trainee student in an early semester it's very interesting to see how softwareengenering has proved to this agil development theory. It will totally affect me in my career as a software developer in future.
Rob Reckless.
Poul Foged Nielsen.
Iain Calvert: (Two Seasons)
Ashfaq Ahamed: Agile methodologies are transparent methodologies which keep the all the stakeholders in same page. The centre of focus is customer's priority and then the activities are carried out to deliver these with high visibility.
Hemshanker Raval: (IIT Bombay) I completely agree with Agile manifesto.. These concepts are useful not only in software development, but are also useful in day to day personal life...
silversurfer7 GmbH: (silversurfer7 GmbH)
Pramod Pallath Vasudevan: (SyneITY)
Mark Platosh: Have been utilizing XP and SCRUM for a hybrid agile approach for the last 5+ years. We deploy this model in distributed product development teams, and have had phenomenal results.
Roy Rangarirai Chabata.
Vishal Saxena: (7 Technologies) I am an strong believer and promoter of Agile practices within my organization, I am certified scrum master and fortunate enough to get my training from Jeff Sutherland, currently I am practicing Agile at Irdeto and learning more every day on the Agile practices and tools for effective Agile development.
Michael Long: (
Shahan Khan: (GPA Software, Inc.) Without Agile Devlopment, our products would never get released!
Jan: (UAM) Yes I am Agile
Brian Welch: Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily... In a world, where the only constant is change... and in a software development world, where the only constant is rapid and often dramatic change, in my view, Agility is the ONLY way to successful software development. Well done team... well done!!!
Vladimir Horbovanu: (
Lorenzo Moretti: ( I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Paulo Augusto Borges Soares: (Blog) It's fantastic, and agile :)
Scott Hathaway: (Bell Helicopter) Yes! Valuing customers, working closely with them, and releasing often is the way to go!
Joe Wright: ( I still think there's a lot to learn in this space. I'm starting to hear high up voices in my organization talk about Agile and I do hope that this will allow better interaction with customers.
Julie Rastelli.
MÁRCIO BALESTRO: (TONIOLO, BUSNELLO S.A.) i Would like to learn more about scrum. The PMBOK has its strengths. But the burogracia is very large. The concepts of Scrum are what I always believed.
John Geaneotes: (SITA CORP) I have worked with various methodologies over my career and this one is by far the most pragmatic.
Peter Enberg: Agile is the way to go
Bryce Mickler: (
Ben Przystanski: Simply: thank you. I've toiled under previous methodologies for way too long. Agile is a breath of fresh air.
Judy Huang: (Team Abacus, Inc.) I am a PeopleSoft practitioner. After long time struggle with the SDLC, I found Agile. It makes complete sense!
Lee Clark.
Chen Liang.
julien ruiz.
Rene Reyes: (Genesys - The World's #1 Contact Center Software) Life is Agile!
Vikas Sharma: (BITS Pilani- MSSS) Agile is to software development what democracy is (or should be)to the political scenario. Software of the User(s), by the User(s), for the User(s). You can substitute User for Customer, People, or any word of your liking. I think this is a major breakthrough and a welcome paradigm shift and I suggest that it is time now for Governments of the World to adopt this philosophy to run their respective Governments. A Government that works rather than create tons of paperwork. One that puts the people first and procedure later. One that dispenses justice rather than create monsters by following old algorithms of laws written in historical times. Kudos to this philosophy and I recommend expansion of it beyond just software development. Vikas Sharma
Jonas Källman: (Creuna )
Daniel Nie.: Agile Development sounds great!
yury pakhomenko: (
Mauro Gabrielli.
Eric Malamisura.
Kris Reid: (Kremsoft) I am a software developer at Kremsoft and we have developed many projects. I can tell you now the Agile ones are easier to work on, quicker and have always had a better result. Long Live Agile!
Carlos Castillo Vargas: (Fiserv)
Weslei Marinho: (

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