Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 29 Jul to 15 Aug 2009
Deena Chadwick: (Organic Inc.) Exceptional, award winning user experiences only happens when a team understands that the end goal is not a design deck or a technical doc. The goal is always working software, designed and architected exceptionally through team work and continuous optimization.
Sudheer Ram: (MindTree Ltd) I am actively engaged in software development practises using the Agile development principles. More than a methodology , Agile imbibes a core decipline with keeping customer and people resources at the epicenter and building layers of quality and consistancy around that.
James E. Hester: It is good when something that is becoming more and more necessary is also becoming more and more possible.
Ali, Shahrbanoo: (PayaTadbir)
Keith Paskett: (KLP Systems)
Luiz T. A. Cavalheiro: God Bless the Agile Development.
Jürgen Messing: (Lindenbook Software) If you'd have to choose from the following, for what or whom do you work, what would pick: Money - Fulfillment - Career - Customer - Acovation? Whoever decided to go for Customer should apply the Agile Manifesto today, all others will follow sooner or later, anyway.
Peter Stephens: (Diligent Software) After having been absent from the industry for a number of years I have jumped into the deep end of Agile Software Development. To me, agile is a better way to craft software than the methods I have employed in the past. I look forward to learning and mastering Agile in its many flavors.
Pablo Benitez Barreto: (
Jonas Dagefoerde: (Daimler AG) Some of these ideas, principles and methods had been part of my way in developing software, e.g. many customer tests and feedbacks during development. But this has always been an intuitive approach. The Agile Manifesto is a complete new philosophy on how to approach software development. I am sure that it will change the high failure rates of software projects.
Gerson García: ( I am a Mexican Software Developer and I am learning to apply the Agile Manifesto and its the principles for better software development.
Jerry D'Antonio: (WVIZ/PBS & 90.3 WCPN ideastream)
Charles Lynskey: (Software Expressions, Inc) When I started my own software development firm in 1986, little did I know that my own personal approach to software development had a name. While I could not have predicted the Agile Manifesto, nor articulated it, I can look back at the software developed by my company (1986-1993)with pride. More importantly, I can now recall the many satisfied customers from a new perspective.
Raza Zaidi: Agile OR NOTHING!
Rudy Setyo Purnomo: (erudeye) I'm didn't have a formal education of software engineer, but what i've done is built a software, based on skill, experience and instinct. Because of that, by instinct i feel it must be some methodology that "agile" before know that there is a good methodology called Agile.
Marcelo Murad: (Living Consultoria)
Jeffrey Barron: (APC)
Sumit Kumar: Agile manifesto minimizes the real world issues, which most of the projects face. On one hand it doesn't guarantee success but on other hand it let know of failure and expose reasons behind those much ahead in project life.
Daniel Sanchez: ( Agile software development is a healthy way of bringing about a product of the highest quality for each individual need.
Julian Meadow: (SilverStripe)
John David Perkins: Thank you.
Eric Hankinson.
Stefano Borini: (Independent Researcher)
Hugo Lopes Tavares: The agile manifesto is the source of principles to a better software development. Amazing.
Michael Robbins: My life summarized...
Vasil Taneski: (
ANJUM ALI KHAN: (SIB) keep it up
Jens Nerche.
Bill Adelson: (Envision Solar International, Inc.) Agile Project Management is analogous to Lean Construction Delivery methods or Integrated Project Deliver in construction. Glad to find the cross-over among industries, seemingly unrelated. Very interested in following Agile.
Dale J. Limburg.
Caue Guerra: (Caelum)
Matt Darby: (
Sunil Prakash: (oracle)
Marcos Labad: (Acilia Internet) These are general guidelines on how software for clients (internal or external) should be developed, based on honesty rather than distrust.
Keith Adeney: Disciplined Agility - that's what I try to enable in the teams I work with.
Kris Macdonald: (EMC) I thought I had signed this years ago but don't find myself listed. I believe this is the foundation of the future of software development and I totally support it.
Rajiv Mathew: (Innoventlabs) Add me to the Agile movement
Craig Kelker: (Moondog Digital) I must say that I am glad that I don't know any other way. As a consultant delivering expensive projects, a client expects "deliver or die". Letting smart people freely tackle difficult tasks will outperform any binder of procedures. Agile = Consulting Projects
Christoph Seufert: (TechTalk GmbH)
Mark Gambino.
Sergio Lima: (IMAGEM) Very smart this manifesto. I accepted!
Sajja Ravi Teja: Good for the projects where requirements change frequently. Resources have the chance to share/implement their own ideas instead of blindly following the others.
Antonino Ferrando: (Sinectica IT) Great Manifesto! Focusing on Individuals, having highly motivated and happy developers improves all the aspects of software develpment.
Trey Brown.
Jianbing Chen.
Gabriel Falcão G. de Moura: ( Agile is becoming even more, more than a way to develop software. It's a whole lifestyle, and people who embrace it, are going to have a new paradigm which drives to success. I have been experienced agile at work, but also in personal open source projects with awesome results. Agile FTW :)
Gregory T Haugan PhD, PMP: (GLH, Incorporated) I am adding this methodology-philosophy to my tool kit for planning and managing projects. In addition I am updating my Project Management Fundamentals book to incorporate agile PM concepts and the principles of the Manifesto.
Stephen Oakman: (The Agile Workshop)
Mael Rieussec: (AXON-ID)
Sergio Lima: (DCL)

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