Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 04 Oct to 07 Oct 2009
Konstantin Sashchuk: (UARank Technologies) Good stuff!
Ray Swenson: (Life Management Systems, Inc.) I've heard a lot about Agile Software Development Philosophy, but did not understand it fully until I read this Manifesto today, Tuesday, 9/29/2009. I've been developing systems since the early 80s. The Manifesto will from now on be embedded in carrying out any future development efforts throughout my career.
bachan anand: (Mercury Insurance) I believe Agile can make a difference in IT any organization through collaboration and open communication
Sopakiriba Moses Lawson: (United Bank for Africa Plc) As a software developer/Business Analyst the agile methodology is very practical in meeting todays highly dynamic business needs. I support it's approach to software solution development and delivery in its entirety and strongly recommends its adoption
vadim kilshteyn: (Intellect Service Consulting)
Hari Sethi: (Mindwaves Consulting)
Karen Stackhouse: (
Clive Evans.
Vishal Mirchandani.
Sean Patterson: (Yavapai County Government)
Vincent Lesauvage: I do support the Agile Manifesto!!!
Raghu Hudli.
Shoni Blue: I'm a strong believer in having quality software being delivered to market in a timely manner. I will promote the Agile Methodology wherever I develop/lead.
Ray: (NBPLIT) Let the knowledge flow
Paul McGlashan: (Air New Zealand)
Ken Tanaka.
Murray Robinson: (Telstra) The more I read and the more I do the more I find that I support these principles.
Julián García Sánchez: (Severinstudio) I always suspected what you said
Alexander Kriegisch: ( - Agile Project Management) Better late than never - I should have signed this long ago, because I have made my living from Scrum for years and have always been a proponent of the principles and values stated by the Agile Manifesto. I believe that any agile practice not based on principles and values is just a hollow shell or some kind of sports exercise.
Peeter Madrus: Developmental processes are part of the landscape of the company one works for. In that landscape one finds the paths that work best in taking you where you need to go, sometimes having to hack a path through the underbrush to do so :-) I can now see clearly that those paths I’ve created have been leading me here. I have actually been using a lot of these principles already because they work so well.
Paulo Ricardo Alves de Sales: (CVC Turismo ltda) I work with agile principles since 2005 and hope never separete myself of these principles. I believe in agile manifest in our iterations and mainly working software. And what will the future with more obvious as this.
Alexandru Budin: (Impressive Media) I think this is a great idea and also the Agile methodology is AWESOME. More people should learn of it.
André Silva: (
Erno de Weerd: Less clutter is more focus.
Claudiu Preda: (Soft Cookies) From my experience I found that this is the most civilized way of doing custom software development.
william Tong.
Daniel Fernandes.
Vlad Andreev.
Georges Saad: (Focus Intelligence Inc.) Agile is an evolution, not a revolution. Embrace change.
Adilson Luiz Carvalho: (Greycoast) This manifesto contains all what I do believe in software development.
Ted M. Young: (Guidewire Software)
Andrew Green: !!!
Janne Huttunen: (Finnish Net Solutions Ltd) I want to support Agile Manifesto and do everything possible make these principles known in our company.
Alexandre Rodrigues: (ANACOM)
Robert Lukens.
Matthew G. Barcomb: The manifesto and the principles provide shrewd insight into the nature of software development. Be wary of the slippery slope between purity and pragmatism. Continuously think, reflect, learn, and improve on the agile philosophy. Live the one life you have. Always have fun :)
Matt Dillon: (
Randy Lewandowski: Thank you for the great work!
Florian Bosselmann: ( May the iteration be with you!
Laurent Meurisse: (Freelance) I Support the Agile Manifesto!
Toni Rae.
Prasad Kadwaikar: I believe in this real life approach.
Nicola Fiorillo.
Carsten Laaber: (Zoot Enterprises)
Barry Fisher: (Real Life Design) Agile methods allow me to follow a natural flow when developing software forever evolving with new project knowledge and requirements. Thank you for enlightening us with these invaluable tools.
Hazem Ibrahim: (MOE - Kuwait)
Anwer Matter: (Sakhr Software) As far as we are using the agile methodologies, we will success
Amy Downs.
Phillip Williams: (Bafmin, LLC)
Freddy Mercado: I have watched developers fail time and again to deliver a solid and secure product to customers. It is becoming vitally important that these principles make it to the masses. I myself an IT security professional see so much time wasted when things are not thought out. Lastly every developer should place security at the front as it will save so much later.

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