Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 17 Sep to 04 Oct 2009
Vishal Sharma: (Paxcel Technologies Pvt Ltd) A wonderful articulation of the core fundamentals of rapid development of working software by teams of all sizes. The more I go through it, the more I wonder what must be keeping others away from this most commonsensical approach to software development.
Alex Leiva.
Kevin Cooke:
Javier Pitalua Cobos: (Vertigo Multimedia) I'm very agree with the manifesto, i will support it and will try to implement it at work.
Anezka Sebek: (Parsons The New School) Colleen Macklin's Prototyping Evaluation and Testing lab seems to be copied on your manifesto. In the MFA in Design and Technology we have developed the MFA DT Thesis Process in a MAKING first then testing with user/audiences then Evaluation of results to incrementally advance the project(s) to a new and sometimes unsuspected outcome.
Roger Durn: (Zip2Zap Communications Ltd) The principles of the Agile Manifesto is the only sound way to go in an ever changing environment; and the software industry and the whole of the computer industry is littered with dead and forgotten companies who failed to adapt.
Flavio Aurelio de Souza Lima: (nicbit | supernet) Um mundo novo a cada dia, a evolução unilateral, a evolução das pessoas a evolução das aplicações. Não andamos com carros de roda de madeira com peneus pirelli, tudo evoluiu, embora a criação primordial tenha atravessado séculos, aproveitamos as idéias mas revolucionamos os métodos.
Valerij Krauter: (Cirquent) The agile software development saves the IT world!
Nabeel Shahid: (The Shams Group, Inc. (TSG)) So far what I have read about Agile development methodologies; they are more realistic and result-oriented. Lesser detailed documentations and more Focus on WORK... to deliver product/solutions on time.
Chris de Wet: (INTENDA) Riding horses in the direction they are already going is a lot easier. The debate around the value of IT should have been over by now;- IT is BUSINESS and AGILE is VALUE.
Jeff Brooks: (Tellabs) Our pilot Scrum project started in June 2009 has been a resounding success. The relationship between the IT and Business teams has never been closer. We are likely to finish what was estimated to be a 9 month project in about 6 months.
Olarn Ungumnuayporn: (G-ABLE CO., LTD.) I strongly believes that agile is a natural and realistic way to develop software.
Karl Mowbray: (Edexcel)
Lauri Auronen.
Silvio Fernandes de Paula: (University of São Paulo)
Pierre Hervouet.
Vinicius Osiro: (TotalIP) I'm a Computer Science student, and after I finished subjects about software development process I could realize that Agile Methodologies have mush more interesting advantages in comparison to the others. I use Ruby on Rails at my job, all of our customers are glad with the application.
Josh Blair: (HydraForce, Inc.)
Alex Kell: (Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.)
Michael Hale: (CA) I am a project manager and Certified Scrum Master for our mainframe BU. My products are primarily legacy mainframe products covering a wide variety of applications. Our customer base is quite diverse as well. I am new to Agile but impressed with the disciplines and framework that it brings to the game.
Alberto Rodrigues da Silva, PhD, PMP: (IST, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal) Not being a panaceia for every project, Agile Manifesto give us a different perspective how we can think about and apply different project management's best practices.
Louis Ravenet: (Lorelei Films, LLC)
Piotr Leszczyński.
renaud gaudin: (geos informatique)
Eugene Yamnitsky: I agree with the Agile Manifesto and currently leading an Agile transformation in our company to allow us producing better products faster.
Celso Zanchetta Junior.
Sameer Vajre: I agree to the Agile manifesto.
Peter Hanschke: (Ateala Management Inc.) Developing and managing software products according to agile principles is the right way to create products that delight the market. "Business-Driven Product Management for an Agile World!"
Alline Oliveira: (UCSD)
Christopher Gervais: (Ergon Logic)
Richard Fedoriuk: (Rogers Digital Media Inc.) Trust yourself, deny the doubters. When your gut is telling you this is the right way, know that critics and detractors simply haven't made the effort to try and understand. This is not necessarily their fault, but it can be frustrating.
Grace Wang: I Support the Agile Manifesto, support Agile Values
Xiang Chen: (
Ruslan Kazakov.
Steven W. Tucker, MD: A physician may seem oddly out of place here. I stumbled onto this site after downloading scrum software on my Android phone. A quick perusal demonstrated the value and wisdom of this manifesto and its principles. Values that are not unique to software development but which are universal in its application to other management fields. In particular, medicine is more focused on care delivery, its systems and management than it is to the final consumer of its services, the patient. Principles like these could revolutionize medicine, finally converting it into a model service-delivery system while improving cost and reducing risk. Unfortunately, the current debate is focused on financing and electronic medical records. In isolation, these discussions will not get us the care we all deserve. Management by principles such as these with a shift in focus from systems to customer/patient are more likely to achieve these goals.
seema: (Sprylogic Technologies Ltd) We follow Agile development methodology for web based Application developments.
Dan Ackerson: ( Living the dream and making software development more fun and reliable!
Chris Matthews: (Processware) Because sometimes art imitating life is more effective.
Xavier Gost.
Sayeed Alam Choudhury: I support the Agile Manifesto for uncovering better ways of developing software.
Vlad Toader.
Phani Kumar Rangaraju: IT is Business, Agile is value.
Kevin Ostheimer, Dipl.-Ing. (FH): (
Jesper Ruben Hansen: (thy:data) I keep turning to the simplicity and the power of the agile manifesto whenever I feel to be drowning in "advanced" tools and project management methodology.
Doug Bergh.
Dominik Enkelmann: ( Agility does not mean not to have a process.
ARTUS Christophe: (freelance developer) Agile and XP are the futur for scientific programming
Mehmet Ekin Geçikligün: It is easily observed that us software developers have been underachieving in our craft, which depends more on ability, adaptation, creativity and collective intelligence than on indoctrination, systematization or supervision. Thus, we are more artificers than engineers, more artists than scientists. Agile Manifesto is a great step forward in understanding and mastering our proficiency as a craft.
A S Shiva Prakash.
Mark Kola.

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