Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 15 Oct to 30 Oct 2009
Stevie Menye M'Ella: This manifesto changed everything in the industry.
Leandro Del Teso: (Unnaki) I truly believe that Agile is the way to go because it summarizes the more important thing in all software development processes: that software is made by people.
Erwin Bauwens: (One Day Solutions)
Tim Brizard: My organization is in the process of adopting the agile approach to software development and being a developer for many years it has been a refreshing change. Being on a team that is adopting agile, it is clear to me that it takes time to really get good at using agile (whether it is the Scrum method or XP method), but it is also clear that it is more rewarding than traditional software development approaches. I am excited to see my organization succeed with agile and I think it will make us better in the long run.
Jim Furey: People should always be more important than a machine or a process. I am a business analyst and have always focused on the business rather than the tools. I love to help people solve problems. If I find tools that connect me to the business more effectively, I use those. If I find a tool that isn't working, I find out how we can either improve it or replace it.
Roger A Dahlman.
Barney Kirk: (National Mik Records)
Tom Lessing: (Agile Partners Inc) Agile development is the intersection of clearly understanding how users want to seamlessly use IT as a tool to help them do their job everyday; the retention/improvement of best practices/tacit knowledge of doing the job - wrapped around a set of people that can craft an IT experience without the user thinking that they are using IT. You may want to look at LinkedIn for more groups regarding Agile development
PER0N Goulven: (DOON Technologies)
Alireza Haghighatkhah: (Nivdata) The World is Constantly Changing and Adoption is most vital factor of agile methodologies in business area.
Zvonimir Bebek.
Cairo Lincoln de Morais Noleto: (Jus Navigandi) Great! I love it!
Stephan B. Kasperczyk: (Beratung X) There is only one thing in this world we can be sure of: Nothing is sure! Not onöy software development but all mangement concepts shpuld follwow the aAgile Manifesto
EYUP CAN DUNDAR: (Prestij Software)
Robert Cessaro, Ph.D.: (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) I've been using agile principals for years without realizing that there was a movement supporting what seemed obvious to me, while I believed I was the odd man out. It's a joy to discover that good sense is breaking through the old ways.
Pierre Fauvel: ( Agile is great. A kind of "software engineering 2.0"
Michel Oliveira: Technology Coordinator at Urban Summer Digital Creative.
GregoryDean: This is a really beautiful approach to software and concepts in general. I've tried to explain mathematical elegance to friends and family, and this is a nice place to point them to.
Peter Myakoshin: (FusionOne)
Michel Cezon: (INRIA) The world is changing more and more rapidly and agility is becoming a key mandatory asset and a main competitive advantage. Agility in software management and development brings back life into the software development business by putting the customer back into focus, enpowering the developers and raising the human relationships to the right level. Thanks, Michel
Jim Rosenblum: (StatCom, LLC) Using Agile to revolutionize hospital operations while trying to offer engineers a better life
Mateus Damasceno Correa.
Eike Reinel: (TNG Technology Consulting GmbH)
Joshua Smith: (iOnline Pty Ltd) I've been a little slow to realise the critical importance of adopting the Agile Manifesto principles, but they're a true key towards unlocking mutually beneficial relationships between developers and clients.
Joey Nones.
Franz Allan Valencia See.
Nico Jansen: (NiRo IT Consultants B.V.)
Natalja Nikitina: (KTH (Royal Institute of Technology))
Dariusz Marciniak.
Anna Strindberg: (H&A Strindberg hb) Agile Manifesto is THE most important happening in Software and Organizational Development
Pravas Ray: (IAP Company ltd, Japan)
Nigel O. D'Souza: (N2D Business Solutions Inc.)
Fred Haigh: (Haigh Group) I support the values listed in this manafesto. There must be caution however that one value should not be pursued to the total exclusion of the other. For example, responding to change must be incorporated into the some sort of plan that the team can agree to and follow for getting the work done. To do otherwise would result in chaos. Being overly rigid with respect to the plan is undesireable just as is jumping at every change, no matter how ill concieved or from what source. This is a game for intelligent adults, not children.
Susanne Reppin: (XING AG)
Simon Gladwell: (Lloyd's Register - Fairplay)
Jerry Petway: (DSC)
Chris Chan: (HP) There is so much waste in the IT industry and we need to fix this. I believe that the Agile Manifesto underpins how we should approach software development. Agile is here to stay.
Jakob Martens.
Nick Dunlavey: (Information Architects)
Violet Weed: (UST Global)
Rodrigo Machado: (OnCast Technologies)
Per Swanström.
Shalini: (Ohile Technologies)
Maggie McHugh-Parrish.
Boris Kneisel: (TQseven Innovation)
David Broscious.
Ben Tekaya.
Martijn de Vrieze: (
Tony Curcio: (
M. David Peterson: (3rd&Urban)

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