Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 30 Oct to 06 Nov 2009
Ashraf Galal.
Maarit Laanti.
Paulo Pavel.
Luben Naumov: (PMCS)
Jason Pierce: (2Toad)
Harper Lazo.
Michael Yip: Have been a big believer and supporter for over 13 years and a firm believer and evangelist of Agile and Scrum
Charles Wang: Agile development is particularly useful and efficient in small scale projects. It could help us get rid of the unnecessary documents and the fussy process, which waste a huge part of the development time in making updates because of the frequently changed requirements. I will help others who has similar projects turn to this natural tool whenever possible.
Ayman Ghosn: (Lebanese American Universty) One of the most recent and logical/common sense way to develop software is Agile. I thank Mr. Munjid Musallem (a Software Engineer by practice) for his encouragement to dig deeper in this field.
Raymond Roestenburg.
Ivan Jovanovic: ( My sign under every word of it :)
Robert McGeachy: (Kintyre Consulting Inc) The manifesto reflects the way creative people want to work and what makes teams perform, and challenges the oppressive blanket of policies and procedures that infect traditionally ineffective software development.
Enrico Milani: (Audemat Worldcast Systems) As Test and Automation Manager, I recognize the importance of the Agile process. In Broadcast industry, requirements changes rapidly and short timescales are strategic to place a valuable product on the market. The reliability and quality of the software delivered to the customers are the key points and Agile process gives us the right principles to focus on our targets in the right way.
Jalal M.Alshaibani: I have used the waterfall for years but it always drove me to the middle of the no-where, i really admire the values of Agile Manifesto because they are more humane and customer-focused and from now and on i will adopt the Agile not just in Software Development but in every thing i do.
Chintan Ganatra: I was researching on Agile project management practices and realized how useful it is, especially in this age of massive softwares and multitudes of projects being handled by a company. I, hereby, stand with the people behind this wonderful manifesto and those who have brought it to the level it is right now.
Ronald S. Tumulak: (PC Experts) People over processes: everyone in software development should be reminded that it's people who drive the success of a project, not a blind adherence to processes, documentations, or plans. True Agility can only be achieved if the participants respect each other, acknowledge that constant changes will occur, and work together for the common goal. I sign my name to join this worthy crusade and affirm my belief in the tenets of the Agile Manifesto, and to signify that I will join in the efforts to spread the good news of Agile.
Martin Wickman: Never forget that all agile methods are based on these values and principles. It is the foundation which keeps us from drifting back to the bad old days.
Cem GULER: I support the Agile Manifesto for the future of the Software Development.
Paul Rigby: (Awgar Stone Ltd.) Keep it simple. Do it right. Client benefits are paramount.
Animikh Sen: welcome change
Nuno Lourenço: (freelancer) As an engineer, I support the Agile Manifesto and believe it sums up the basic notions a technician should retain and bear in mind when developing a product.
Ramon Leon: (XM SA ESP (Colombia)) Even as having known for years that something about agile existed. I just got into it a couple of days ago and I am devouring all the info on the web about it. Before that, I felt like and outcast, always thinking that something was profoundly wrong about me or about the "normal" way of developing software. It could be applied to other engineering areas where some kind of "soft" would be involved. This have been a revelation.
Tom Reilly: ( Let's employ technology and process in service to humanity - never the reverse.
Brent Hale: (Fishbowl Inventory) We have been moving to the Agile methodology over the past 8 months. It has supercharged our teams. We are more energized and focused than before. It has also been much more rewarding; both personally as well as professionally.
Tiago Fetter dos Santos: (Terra Networks do Brasil S/A) We´re using Agile since March 2009, and we are getting a lot of better results on our projects. We learn how to pay more attention to the changes and to the needs of our business and we learn how to answer to this, instead of follow a plan, that, when we was doing management on the "waterfall way", so many times made we loose the time-to-market for some products. In our business (web, media and online advertising), we have to change all the time to get more market-share, and Agile, with the presence of the 12 Principles, with some frameworks like Scrum, and with the Lean Thinking, are helping us a lot!
N GowriSankar: (Global Automation)
Marco Silva: With the actual economy and the changes we are seeing in all industries, Agile is the only way to archive a successful goal.
Pat Patterson: ( Agile is as agile does
Weber Martins Marques: (MWM) Nice job! Its a great challenge to develop software in a very satisfatory way. You are giving us some direction. Thanks!
Menno v.d. Werff: (WAME) I've done research about the differences between Agile SDM's and how to create an true agile process. With current high-speed development you really can't survive without Agile.
Amit Kapur: (Infosys ) Agile is basic human nature. Requirements change, people perform beyond their duty and customers need to be happy. Way to go for every industry to incoporate these principles!
Kingston Hui.
John Pavley: After decades of leading software development projects the principles behind Agile continue to yield tremendous returns. These principles are not guidelines or quick-fix techniques. They are observations of the natural processes involved in software development. Accepting the Agile principles as immutable facts is the first step to releasing game-changing products.
Elmer Garcia Masayda: (Systems Analyst/Programmer) Agile philosophy ensures that we can deliver application software that is working and reliable, in a reasonable amount of time and in a more effective manner.
David Doctor: ( Be agile my friend!
VENUGOPAL: (Polaris Software Labs) Agile is the new Mantra for reduced software development work and increased quality of software through continous improvement. We can make the software world an agile world through interactions and making Agile more Agile.
Ali Ghafari: (Islami Azad University Qazvin Branch) After ten years in teaching software engineering course, when i became familar with Extreme Programming, i found out reality of these approach and today after applying them , i belive it.
Paulo Prestes: I support the Agile Manifesto, because I believe that a person is more important than a process or tools.
Tamas Pragai Ph.D.: (LSI)
Mark Freund: (Entatek Pty Ltd)
Mathijs Faase: (Liandon) This represents everything I believe in in project management. Agile is new to our organisation, but so far every member of my team is enthusiastic about it - I'm confident we're headed the right way!
Henrique de Miranda Gontijo: The most important change in software development in last years! You're in the right way.
Alice Ellis PMP: The Agile way of working focuses on what is important in a competitive world. What's important is to deliver a working solution faster than the competition, that works better than the competition and is easy to change. Agile can and has made this possible for extremely complex problems.
Susana Pratas: (ITds, Lda)
Ali Khawaja: (Morphilibrium Ltd) Agile does to conventional companies what sight of him in a mirror does to a man who is lost in the wilderness. It gives them a chance of introspection – exposing their faults and shortcoming and revealing their strengths, just as the mirror does for him
R.Raju: Hi, I would like to support Agile Manifesto and would like to learn more about it. Thank you Warmly R.Raju
Bertie Fraser: (Imagineered Systems Solutions Inc.) The best theories elaborate life's simplest and most powerful truths.
Gilberto Strapazon: (Lojas Renner - Voiza TI) We work to the future of the human being. We are human and so our work must be used by humans too. We must valuate our efforts.
Bino Manjasseril: (Ford Motor Company)
Ben Davis: (ComPsyc) Natural Selection for software

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