Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 06 Nov to 13 Nov 2009
KUMAR GAURAV: ( TCS) I agree with the manifesto declared and support it.
Keith Badgley: This mind set takes hard work, but delivers results in even the most complicated projects.
José Eduardo Deboni: (Voxxel )
Alireza Heshmati-Razavi: (FORENSIC TECHNOLOGY WAI INC.)
Mahesh Nair: Agile approach keeps the software development activity go faster and the technical team will be more motivated to make incremental releases with reduced bugs. There will be better traceability for the issue resolution. We have been doing this approach for our SDLC and PDLC in our R & D Centre for the past two years
Faiyaz Engineer: I want to break away from the head ache of the waterfall and feel free. I want to work the Agile way
Steven R Keefer.
George Iliopoulos: (Labrakis Press SA)
Ricardo Augusto: (Outbox^Ativism)
Trevor Naidoo.
Vinay Krishna: ( Agile practices are more realistic and more like applying common sense rather than following theoratical rules.
Jason Little: (
Igor Veloso Custódio.
Jared Crutchfield: I came across Agile Manifesto and realised that I've been programming that way all along. It just makes sense.
Brian Castro: (Learning E Power) In our service oriented trade, lean development encouraged us to rapidly produce that which is perceived of highest value for our customers at a given time.
Lenny Delligatti: (Lockheed Martin IS&GS) Thank you for the work you all have done to bring this together. Agile perhaps comes closest to the "silver bullet" that Dr. Brooks alluded to in 1987.
Allan Danos: (98Labs, Inc.)
Magne D. Nordvang: (EDB)
David Quinn-Jacobs: (Authentrics, Inc.)
Martin Fabichak: (Insolita Studios)
Priscilla Berry: (Bayberry Inc.)
Arthur Jason Galarza: (Veritas Agan) I Support the Agile manifesto
Anil Maruvada: (Juniper networks) only way to go for delivering Fast,Reliable and inexpensive software to customer
Yvonne Glatz: Hello, I've heard today from the Agile Manifesto in my IT lesson at university and I'm really impressed by it. That's why I want to support the Agile Manifesto. Regards, Yvonne
Frank Lorenz.
Hakan Ekvall: This is the only way to durable success
Sivakumar Chinniah: Project Management and Automotive Embedded development professional - Currently practicing Agile...
Mario Tristan: (Independent Consultant)
Mustafa Zein: I've been adopting those values (more or less) before even discovering about Agile, and you can imagine how I felt when I saw them that clear!
Bernhard Woditschka.
jean-Luc Grellier: ( Agile method is the best way for project successful
Anu Ramanathan: I agree with the manifesto, fully support it and intend to make use of it.
Dusan Kocurek: (ScrumDesk) Development of products applying agile principles brings high level of positive emotions not just inside the team, but into relations with customers and partners. Customer now see what we believe in. Agile principles allowed are to be proud of our work and to prove our capabilities.
Craig Dowie: (BBC Future Media & Technology)
Seth Bird.
Nikhil Vallishayee: (ThoughtWorks Inc.)
Gary "Gneuz": (GneuzProductions) Here @ GneuzProductions, We are Revolutionizing How the Web is Done. We Support the Agile Manifesto! 4ever Rockn' Ya Mutha's Web, Gneuz
Luca Marrocco.
S.SenthilKumar: (Huawei) Agile has and is helping us to deliver value to our customers!!
Just Berkhout.
Mike Mahon: (Zia Consulting, Inc) We have been advising our enterprise clients on the benefits of using Agile Development as a preferred methodology for 7 years. Our methodology centers on a close collaborative approach to maximizing value for our customers. Constant client communication is necessary to ensure that each development iteration addresses features with the highest business value, even if those features were unknown at the launch of the project.
Nitesh Kotian: Today we need to deliver software that has to be delivered on time, fulfils all of the clients expectations by providing him value added functionality as well as is robust and scalable. I find that Agile is one of the most promising methodologies to support all the above goals for software development. It makes developing any software a more organized and streamlined activity which is constantly refined. I whole heartedly support this manifesto.
Pedro Belasco : (Estudio Cromatica) Those principle Are helping our company to achieve 90% of our goals since we started to follow them. Pretty much thank you guys.
Renato Calabro: ( Agile it!
Muhamamd Kashif: (COMSATS Lahore) Agile an extremely dynamic and productive set of techniques improving not only the software to customer relations but also sources satisfaction and motivation.
Cory Crocker: (WebKey) Over years we have developed a successful set of development principles through our client projects. Discovering the manifesto that aligns with what we have implemented was like coming home. It makes sense, it works, and it builds community.
Michael Zelbel: (Zelbel Fineart Photography) After 10+ years software development for bluechips I can finally say that the Agile Manifesto absolutely nails it.
Aschwin van der Woude.
Madhan: (MSAT) Change is constant...Lets accept it
Ahmed Ashraf Mohammed: Really inspiring and motivated approach that will enhance the skill and professionality of each one of us in the team. Customer satisfaction is our top goal

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