Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 13 Nov to 26 Nov 2009
Tess Rupprecht.
Martin Pieterse: (Ellipsys Technologies) Ellipsys embraces constant improvement of the software development process to ensure that both IT practitioners and IT consumers view software development as a professional discipline.
MARIO BECERRIL GLEZ.: (INEGI) La realidad exige un cambio en la forma en que se debe desarrollar el sotware y los métodos ágiles son la solución.
Dieter Bender: ( Enjoyment of work is a prerequisite for success
Emmanuel Sambo.
Aamar Hussain: Power to the people, i am a fan of the values you have set-out, although i am fairly young in the industry i have passion for quality IS, software development, and power to people developing the stuff but this brings even more responsibilities to the people developing software.
Randy San Nicolas: (Launchpad Group, LLC) Agile Software Development truly represents what happens in real life. Why fight it?
Patrick Feucht: (KUPONA media) I totally agree. We already work that way for 5 years
Om Naidu: (Omega Corp of America) We very strongly advocate and implement agile software development methodology to all our clients in their application development efforts.
Axel Klarmann: (zwonull media) Watching the principles of the agile manifesto weave a new understanding, not only of software development, but also on service engineering, gave me a great perspective for thoughts concerning my working style and customer involvement and is a good companion in analysing/researching agile service enterprises.
Erik Arnold: (PATH)
Tracy Sedgwick.
Pawel Slusarz: (
Felipe Rubim: There are better ways and this is one of them!
Ashley Moran: (PatchSpace Ltd)
R.S.Vasan: (Tata Consultancy Services) I do.
Lucas Fernando Amorim: (Pointer Networks SA)
Marie-Eve Racicot.
Frederico Palma: (
Louis Klein: As a PM, BA, and wearer of many hats in both IT and "the business", I see great value in Agile development methods. To be utterly pragmatic, it works!
Mauricio Longo: (itTrends) There can be no question that when working with knowledgeable and talented people, Agile practices will yield much better results than a mechanical emphasis on documentation and processes. I have had the opportunity to work in both scenarios, after having started my software development life in an intrinsically Agile environment. To anyone who has had such experience, there can be no doubt.
Tom McCracken: (LevelTen Interactive)
Marc-André Bumann: (expert group ag) I have never worked in a project that was not challenged by changing requirements. But unfortunately the waterfall model which is mainly based on the assumption, that change does not happen is still used in many places. The agile method helps companies to set up lean development processes and is much more flexible than the classic waterfall model. Though the agile method implies different challenges, but it forces the team to focus on producing working deliverables that solve the customers problems. This method helps to unveil shortcomings as early as possible.
Olabode James: (CITL) I believe in the concept of the agile framework and software methodology, and so it should be the industry standard for software development method.
Bruno Prado: I was using pure Waterfall for 15 years ..... Thank's God I woke up from that bad dream and embraced Agile. "Make it Simple" !!!
Ronald Landheer-Cieslak: (Vlinder Software) A balance between the left-hand and right-hand values in the manifesto would do a world of good to the software engineering industry.
Rod Claar: (Effective Agile Development) People interacting to create working software by collaborating and responding to change.
Gary Frost: (Darshama Technology Ltd)
Herman Suijs.
Helder Leal da Costa: (Uniso - Universidade de Sorocaba) Full quality without wastes is the goal. As in TOC (Goldratt), TPN (Deming) & TPS (Ohno).
Francesco Reitano: (Pirosoft) I am starting the Agile Development for Software, web applications with PHP and Actionscript and i am loving. I am convinced that Agile is the best way to develop software. Be Agile!
Matias Burni: (Intel) I think that if Agile is applied correctly, can give big benefits for the team.
Michael M. Werner: (MW Management Consulting)
Russell Donnelly: I can't say much more other than to support the basic concepts and proponents laid out here. As to the details well that is to be seen.
Ivan Kedrin: Great principles for more effective software development
Dave Qorashi: (
Ehab Morgan.
Yin Deshuai: I like Agile.
Kale McNaney.
Jodie Heflin: (Lucrum) In my 16 years in IT, the only projects that I have seen end with success are those that have high customer involvement and allow for the software to evolve with customer needs. I work primarily on BI projects, which demand an Agile methodology.
Prenesh Behadar: (TDS)
Ola Sandbu: (Tieto Norway)
Bogdan Negru: (NigSys)
Sergio Rafael Gianazza.
Manuel Kueblboeck: (Quality Software Development with Ease)
Mohammad Badri: (Software Academy) Very thanks to the authors. I think widespread use of agile manifesto will revolutionize our society to an agile ecosystem.
Benjamin: (PortalProgramas) A new approach for this new era is required
Bernardo Corrales Araya: Me encanta esta metodologia de trabajo, mucho más agil y efectiva para realizar casi cualquier tipo de proyecto. He intentado evangelizarla lo más posible entre mis compañeros y amigos, y a la mayoria le ha gustado y la ha incorporado a sus formas de trabajo.

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