Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 25 Jan to 06 Feb 2010
Abdul Mayeed Chowdhury: I agree with the manifesto. In our company we are now trying hard to implement the Agile philosophy.
Thomas Mitchell: (Thumbtack)
Sandra Bowen, Boulder, CO: Seriously good.
Debbie Coultis: (People, Animals, Nature, Inc)
Kenneth M. Jones: (Digital Design Consulting) I wholly endorse the principles of the Agile Manifesto and try to actively employ them with our customers. I believe that an approach that places priority on the needs of the customer and ultimate end user, is flexible and responsive to changes is bound to find the solution that has the most valuable for all the stakeholders. Why would anyone waste precious life and energy doing it any other way...
tibor cuturilo: (tekstilpromet dd)
M. Dedi Rudianto.
Tony Basile : In all but the most extreme cases, I don't belive there exists a credible arguement against the principles stated in the Agile Manifesto. They define the most mature approach to software development to date.
Ravi Kumar Gonuguntla: (Intelligroup) We are following the same Agile Methodology of accepting change requirements. But until I read the Manifest I was not sure about this good process
Joseph Vedam.
Mel Riser: (ASRC Aerospace/NASA) We now need collaborative tools, integrated with communication tools, websites and social media, so the interactions between stakeholders, developers and customers becomes seamless.
Curtis Watson: The Agile Manifesto values will benefit any project!
Ananda: (polk)
Giacomo Bressa: (Politecnico di Milano)
Mingjin Zhang: I'm in a company for over 10 years and see it grows from a few developers to over 50 developers. Agile development is practiced nonconsciously. More and more heavyweight methodology is excersized while development team grows. We see the productivity slowdown evidently with team grows. Now we are going to consciously get back to the Agile development track.
Petr Hurtík: (MEC) Life is about improving yourself
Valerie Morris.
David Witney: Agile is putting into words what most of us already know to be true - it provides a philosophy around which a business can grow its culture to better provide valuable solutions to its clients
Richardo Reyes.
Pratap Gowd : (Karishma Software Limited ) I am working in a product company involved in building IT solutions for the healthcare industry. The problem we face with this industry is that the end users do not know what to expect from the software. It becomes our responsibility to sit with the end users and build a software which meets their needs. These needs keep coming up till we go for the production run. Having the SRS as the mother of all documents, and developing the software based on this does not work out. The SRS is very volatile in this domain. If we start following all the standard processes which are always supported by documentation, we will not be able to meet the deadlines at all, and usually overshoot the delivery dates by a mile. Agile methodology, where we make the developers sit with the users has worked for us. Documentation should not become a bureaucratic exercise and common sense should prevail. The problem with ISO, CMM and all the other standards is that they are constraining, irrespective of how well they are designed and do not allow interactions between individuals and face-to-face conversations. Without knowing it, we were actually working using the Agile methodology. We were always ashamed that we were working without any processes set in place. But now, seeing that others also are working and that it is correct puts that extra zing into out commitment.
Antonio David Fernandez: (atSistemas) After using Scrum for the last two years, I've experienced the benefits of the agile metodologies.
John Clifford: (Construx Software, Inc.)
Michael Huett: All of the four main tenets of the Agile Manifesto really hit home for me--valuing people over process, building working software rather than extensive documentation, collaborating with customers and above all else, responding to inevitable change. It just plain makes sense. The bottom line is this--it's a better way to build software, and it's a better way to do business.
Fred Magnotta: (Accero) I continue to bring Agile principals into the organizations I work with, pushing for better development practices and increased quality to the customer. Using the Agile Manefesto as a development centerpiece has enabled us to create a better development lifecycle and placed an emphasis on delivering customer value within my organization.
George Simpson.
Rashmin Amin: (Bank of America)
Francisco Matelli: (F5 Sites) I loved it, i want to know everything about Agile!
Karsten Funder: (Pallas Informatik)
Pawel Lijewski.
khaled el-sayed ali: (MOHE)
JinBIn: (Alibaba)
Herman Van Looveren: (Arcabase bvba)
Zbigniew Zemla: (Shore Labs) I have been using Agile principles in my work for many years. Impressed by it's efficiency, I wouldn't look back to any other way of developing software.
Michael Speer: The only way to fly
Bruno Toshio Sugano.
Dynesy YUAN: (Alcatel-Lucent) Be Agile! Let Agile flowing in our blood!
alain caron.
Marcio Werner.
Abel Musa.
Douwe Pieter van den Bos: ( The 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto changes my vision on Software Development. Creativity and Pragmatism are, as I see it, important factors in success in Software Development Projects. The 12 principles help the team to focus and learn in order to deliver.
Katie Stanton: (General Mills)
Loïc DIAS DA SILVA: (Orange - France Télécom)
Chris Hall: We have used Agile for over two years and have found that we are more productive; our code is more reliable (23 defects from 250,000 lines of code - we pair, use JUnit, Continuous Integration and automated testing); our projects meet customer needs and never get pulled. It needs a change of mindset to keep best practice an instinctive thing but when you get there the rewards are worth it!
Jose Raya: (Agilogy)
Vinil Menon: ( Every developer's training is incomplete until he's exposed to the principles of the agile manifesto and his workmanship inadequate unless he embodies and applies those principles. His dedication to his craft behooves him to assimilate, practice and apply the principles to build better software and create value.
Mike Emry: (
Joe Collura: Go Team!
Hemant Bachhawat: (Eperium Business Solutions) These values gives an organisation the strength and power to fight with the compitition.
Elangovan Angannan: (Alcatel Lucent) Agile Manifesto Principles are simple and sensible. I have started following those principles each moment that I spend on software development.
Bernhard Keller: (Soneris Realtime GmbH) The Agile Manifesto declares what I already have felt for many years, but never dared to say loudly, avoiding to become disqualified by those respectable fellows.

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