Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 06 Feb to 17 Feb 2010
Shireesh Anjal: Agile is the way to go!
José Guilherme Honorato Arantes: ( we are now trying to implement the Agile philosophy and we are accomplish the customer collaboration in this implementation.
Enrique Matta: I have worked in many shops as a Quality Assurance Engineer, and by far the best way to develop is following a true agile model. In my new company I am a strong advocate of these points, since the end result is more stable software that meet the ever changing requirements of this industry.
Jonathan Shuval.
larry khirallah: (self) simply, it works
Alexandru Emil Luou.
Joacir Gonçalves dos Santos: (SSTecnologia)
Shan Konduru (Ravi Bhushan Konduru): (AppLabs Inc, USA) I continue to bring Agile principals into the organizations & customers I work with. I am sure these Agile principals would help all the Agile Practitioners, to reduce the Product Cycle Time, reduce Time To Market, improve your Teams Productivity, achieve Product Excellence and eventually surpass all the competitors of the Business you are in. All the best. Shan Konduru
Nader Ibrahim: This principles mentioned are the ones I've come to on my own in 12 years of software development. Face to face interactions directly with motivated business people with an honest attempt to meet their needs is far superior to "CYA" methodologies which seek to mitigate liability.
Helen Sandwick.
Sari Haj Hussein: (
Giovanni Navarrete: ( I think that the current business environment can only be engage through this approach. The big challenge resides in the way that you can deliver the solution and establish the correct process and control that ensure the project success, all this the same time.
Akos Mocsanyi.
Waseem Akram: (Meteonic Innovation Pvt Ltd.)
Ferhat Kahruman: (System Developer) Agile and Scrum is a very powerfull process working with. Bussiness benefits, high quality, fast deliverys. That's the way I want to work!
Alberto Icaza: (Personal) Hoping everyone understand this is not just a plan for work, is the real work.
Jonathan Garrison: I agree with the principles stated in the Agile Software Development Manifesto.
Giampiero Iacomini: (IBM Security Services) whethever methodology joins to discipline and creative aspects of production process there you find new value!
Massimiliano Bertinetti: (SWAP) I'm a salesman for 15 years. Before programming was only a passion. I start to program as a work after reading the Agile Manifesto.... Max-B
Pascal Vandenabeele: I endorse the principles of the agile alliance manifesto and try to actively employ the Agile Methodologies every day with my customers.
Philippe Fleuridas.
Francesco Rizzi: (
Laura Corvalan: (NetLabs )
olivier appere: (ECE ZodiacAerospace)
Ram Shankar: Agile is the way to go ahead
Cristian Domsa: I didn't knew about Agile Manifesto until now, but i was feeling it right from the beginning. To a better world, with respect!
Guy Cookson: (Azullo Limited) At Azullo (based in Lancaster, UK) we believe Agile is the most effective way to deliver great software and web development and design services.
Tomo Popovic.
Joe Peichel: (4Ward, Inc.) I agree with and support the principles of the Agile Manifesto, and have found through experience that focusing on people (individuals and interactions), product (working software), teamwork (customer collaboration), and responsiveness offer the highest probability of success in any endeavor.
Mike Gill: (iNuvolo) iNuvolo completely supports and endorses all things Agile & believe that change is the only constant.
Garry Alan Preble: (Premier Governance, LLC) Self Organizing Teams, Individuals and their Interactions, Engagement with the Vision, Empowering Individuals with the methods and tools to anticipate and lead Change.
Francois D.J. Carpentier-Racine: (Ubertus, inc.) I agree. Thank you for sharing this beautiful methodology. ( BV)
Tom: (Small Solar Panels) I always use Agile when dealing with software creation. Great program and definitely helps with the process.
Ami Ranjan: (Mindfire Solutions) Although I am new to Agile Methodology, but I know its the best approach for software development..
Sjonnie Eggink: (Tennet TSO)
Krzysztof Nadolski: (Asseco Poland)
Abhishek Choudhary: With almost one half and a decade of software and systems development, I can only look back and gasp at how positively different my contributions to the industry could have been only if I had more effort spent on interacting with individuals rather than tools, focussed on software functionality rather than the look and feel of documents, collaborated with customers rather than try to get a better deal, and been able to be more flexible in my plans rather than adhere to plans only because they had been signed off. While the conservative processes have their merits, agile methodologies far outweigh them.
Aleksander Brancewicz: I've been successfully leading J2EE development initiatives for several years so far. Impact is moved from in detail defined process to people collaboration thus building teams, people enrollment and creating learning organization are crucial. Additionally best agile teams are those organized around features (full flow coverage) instead of technical components. Companies with well organized processes around components and formal technical leadership may not benefit from change to Agile. As a result their current structure may work best for them and should not be distorted.
Andrew Pham: (independent consultant) Agile does bring a lot of value to IT development by making the process simpler and team more focused on value and software delivery!
Knut Husdal: (add novatech) The agile methodology has become a key element in our development projects.
Andreas Spyrides.
Yonathan Levy: (Motorola)
Ho-yeon, Lee: I agree with this manifesto definitely.
Ahmet DURAN: Common sense always wins... "Agile" reminds me a song from The Doors: "take it easy baby, take it as it comes."
Luis Ferreira: I found out that I’ve being pursuing these 12 these principals all my professional life without being able to pronounce them with the adequate clarity expose in this manifesto.
Roderick Lee.
Marc Story: (Pinnacol Assurance) Serving as a Product Manager as well as a Project Mangager following Agile principles helps deliver the most value in the shortest timeframe and eliminate uneeded, low-value work. It also makes software development about benefits from fucntionality instead of documentation.
Strafford Walton.

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