Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 10 Apr to 22 Apr 2010
Sampath Ramareddy: I support the Agile manifesto.
Pete Oliveira.
Jeremy Lawrence.
Sebastian Sanitz: (it-agile GmbH)
Lauri Heiskanen.
Tim Janzen.
Gustavo Soliz.
Aamir Allaqaband: (Software Engineering Department, Rochester Institute of Technology) I endorse the agile manifesto.
Youssef RAHAL: (Murex Services)
Wolfgang Rössler: (Siemens AG)
Anupam Bakshi: (Agnisys, Inc.) We are taking principles of Agile Software Development and extending them to Agile for Hardware Verification.
Sylvia Grant: As a project manager I have used Prince2, PMBoK, DSDM as well as AGILE - and find that AGILE offers a framework that is realistic, productive, flexible, customer driven, and service oriented rather than the more rigid and prescriptive processes of some methodologies. I have successfully used AGILE in both infrastructure and construction projects up to $66M, with a project team of 167 persons - a project that was estimated to take two years was delivered in 10 months!
Victor Salles: (Dhexa)
Haroon Williams: (Misys - Solutions for Banking) Organisations at the bleeding edge of technological and/or functional awareness require technology that can adapt in tandem. Agile (as a principle) facilitates collaborative teams and naturally encourages shared ownership and delivery of a solution.
Jose Delgado: (Domino Internet S.L.) By this act, I, Jose Delgado, endorse the Agile Manifesto.
Ben Berriz: Human beings matter. Without human beings there's no need for technology. Let us never undermine the value of our work by forgetting the reason we do it. I appreciate greatly what this manifesto represents.
Susan Davis: (Susan Davis Consulting)
Oddvar Eikli.
Nguyen Quang Trung: (BAN) I am using Agile and XP for everyday activities and it worths more then any word that I can say.
Ronnie van 't Westeinde: The agile manifesto summarizes good software development guidelines, and give an excellent view of how software development can not only be efficient but also effective. It is not even limited to software development as far as I'm concerned.
Dave Malhotra.
David Johnson: (ADCONET)
Iuri Pereira Lopes.
Adam: Development teams are all too often happy to struggle through projects while technical debt increases and deadlines remain out of reach. Agile is long overdue.
Justin Winthers: (NRECA)
Bogdan Costea: ( My definition of agile: on time, on scope, on budget while having a happy customer. Mix that with passion, pragmatism and some lean practices, add family and friends and you get a wonderful life.
Naveed Chaudhry: (Florida Tech) Having worked in an environment that is pathetically not AGILE, I support FULLY the AGILE manifesto. Thank you.
Theodorus Bruchwald: (
Andreas Orlik: (self-employed) Over years I have thought beeing alone with my dislike of fixed Software Methods. And now I find this and there are a lot of developers thinking similar. Human creativity cannot be confined in small intellectual boxes.
Vincent Emond: ( In every project, collaboration and constant evolution of the ebjective is a must. I love Agile developement cause it doesn't fear change.
Mark Halliday: ( I have been using various agile development techniques since 2000 in both startups and large global corporations. It's the most effective way to create great software and Agile Manifesto principles are the foundation.
ibrahim: ibrahim
Vaidehi Parimala.
Dani Angga NB: Agile method is the best way for build fast & cheap software
Gabriel Wainer: (Datacom)
Eric Hendrickson: (Liberty University)
Sanjog Pandya: (Chosen webintegration) I recently finished a CRM based custom site using AGILE, I was able to commit changes fast and I allowed my client to make changes during the development and production of the website which were seamlessly incorporated without a hitch.
Gastaud Jean-Yves: (ADDVISTA) The Agile Maifesto is the key between theory and practice. I am fully support the work.
zhangpanpan: (SIRC) an XP fans follow Bob and Beck
Antony Trupe: (
Jed M. Black: (The Who We Are Counts Institute, LLC) Our Institute creates and delivers custom training programs that revolve around the concept that we can build productive relationships through understanding, acceptance and appreciation of who we are. This in essence is what agile methodology requires. If each member of the team can be free to use their gifts and personality style to more effectively contribute and collaborate, they can respond to change, collaborate with their customers and create working software.
Pieter Van Driessche: The Agile Manifesto made my feelings and thoughts about software development and more in general about companies explicit. That is a sign of great ideas.
tiansHUo: I will set my team to be agile
Juha Karemo.
Karl herman: Agile development is not always the process to be used, but it should always be considered. Especially for smaller projects with less than 10 people. Blindly following any methodology is not correct. But blending the two methodologies is in fact agile by its definition. Having used waterfall and agile processes, agile is should usually be used as the basis. Also, with emerging technologies that are better, software is getting more complex. Due to increased complexity, waterfall will become more and more of a dinosaur over time.
arman obalassi: (azaran algorithm rayane)
Asad Safari: (Agile World) Agile is Our World.
Keith Brown: (Pluralsight, LLC)

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