Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 30 Jul to 04 Aug 2010
Gian Maria Ricci: (Individual) Really believe that success of a software process is due to a good contact with the Client/Stakeholder, and I believe that agile methodologies are the key to obtain this contact.
kasey mccurdy.
Wayne Peacock: The sheer number of people that evangelise Agile software development is a good measure of how successful the Agile manifesto is. And most, if not all, of those people have a real passion for it too. I definitely include myself as an Agilist. Spread the word people!
Anibal Guglielmotti: (OLIS Lab) After more than 20 years manufacturing software solutions, the Agile Manifesto is the aim, the goal and the reality of the daily work.
Neale Upstone: (Open Credo)
dan brown: (Purple Windmill Ltd)
Olivier Hoareau: (PHPPRO) Agile manifesto has changed my life (personal and professional). Agile is becoming more and more one great answer for business-level problem/project. Hoping that more and more individuals and companies will join the Agile Manifesto. Olivier H., French Agile Coach (PHP)
Luis O. Noguerol: (Advance Division of Informatics and Tecnologies, Inc.)
Cyrus Fakharzadeh: (
Jukka Palomäki.
Eduardo Tenente.
Adam Thalhammer: ( I support the Agile Manifesto. I will always be devoted to writing clean code and spreading the message.
Pierluigi Pugliese: (Connexxo)
Janaka Hapuhinna.
Suresh Nanjan: Agile is the way to go and eliminate waste, the manifesto lays out the path and focus on achieving this.
Ron Perkins: (Doozer Software) Common sense appears to be alive and well! (At least for some)
Diego Martín Lima: (Elvex Cooperativa de Software Libre)
Todd Pellizzer, PMP: (Interactive Data) It took a few years and an annual convention or 2 to completely embrace the Agile way of life, but I now can't imagine how I got a single product to market before Agile.
Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C: (Real-Life Projects, Inc.) Although my work often requires that I set up processes, tools, documentation, contracts, and plans, I absolutely endorse the notion that the "items on the left" are even more valuable than any of these things when running a software development project.
Rildo Lessa.
Frank: (House Roofing) I Strongly support Agile Development methodology due to its fast, and quality steps in Software developement.
Matthew Venamore: (simpli·c·t) If providing value to your customer is your top priority, then upholding agile values is your best chance of doing so.
Stephen J. Lisowski.
Pete Moulton: (Lo Mount Sound) Great to see this way of thinking taking off here in Australia, having experienced and benefited from Agile practices in the UK.
István Pató: (Jura Hungária) Enterprise Application Development.
Nigel Misson.
Arun K Viswanathan.
Mauro Stepanoski: (Helius Information Technology) Through Agile I meet the natural way to work and interact with customers and individuals. Just Like in Martial Arts, the natural way is the right way.
Jamilu Ibrahim: (Itivity Global Ltd) It is a great approach to software development. It is simply wonderful. I cannot imagine the development of software in any other way, particularly if the focus of the exercise is customer/end user satisfaction.
Karl Hak Kim Wong: This approach does put human touch on software development. As programmer we must treasure the collaboration with our major stakeholders, the customers who are also the users of the software that we develop.
Sergey Kuznetsov: (
David Cost.
David Yeung: (ThoughtWorks)
Kenn Lucas: (Effective-Link Solutions, Inc.)
Elliot Wiltshire: (Coastal Web Development) It's great to see such common sense and pragmatism applied to the world of building software!
Aaron Rawson: (Martin Bros)
Marco Serpilli: (Visionest) My profile is a Senior Project and Product Manager. For my company I carries out the task of coordinating complex projects in which software applications are developed by us or developed by order. My role is to define the product strategy that are developed within our software factory and sold to end customers. The definition of the project, its organization and the conceptual and methodological approach of post-sales activities are jobs that I carry out every day. I have fifteen years experience in the IT world in IT Management and Software Engineering
Joel Langlois: (Joel Langlois Web Development)
Natarajan Ramasamy: It inspires!
Amy Thorne: ( As "agile" moves mainstream, I am concerned that it's the practices doing so, but not the values and principles. Hence, I think it time for those, like me, who passively supported the manifesto in the past to proclaim their support now, helping agile adopters understand that "being agile" means more than just having iterations, daily stand-up meetings, backlogs, and such-like.
Pavan Janga: (Capgemini) People are more important than process to produce working S/W as required by the market with change's inevitable.Agile works... I'm with it.
Florin Oprea.
Dyaneshwaran P: AGILITY is all about 'being'. You can't do AGILE; but you can be AGILE ! I truly support the Agile Manifesto for it's 4 values and 12 principles. These values and principles guide the team in delivering real value for their customers (not some crap). It also makes the team motivated/empowered since they are 'trusted' to get the job done. Of course the team is provided with the required environment and support !
Ciprian Bortos: ( I'm a believer :o)
VIPin Maheshwary: I have been trying to apply Scrum/Agile to UCD and could not be more happier.
Danilo Barreto Netti.
Steve Mahoney: ( The methods work for US and International projects.
YiXiang Gao: (An Agile Programmer) Practise the Agile Manifesto with my life. I am a Agile programmer from China.
Nicholas Young: (

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