Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 06 Aug to 16 Aug 2010
Danny van Bruggen: (Ordina J-Technologies)
nicola palella: (STM) WIthout knowing your values, I was applying most of them in my day by day SW developer work for embedded systems
Vincent van der Lubbe: Learn faster
Johan Brichau: (
Richard Orchard: (Thinking Websites) Seems like common sense to me....
Syed Niaz.
Chris Noffke: ( After 14 years in the custom software development job market, I can say that these 4 principles can have a more positive impact on a project than any formal methodology. So now that I'm a Certified ScrumMaster, I'm even more on board!
Austin Brown: ( Embracing Agile values is critical to the success of software projects. By embracing these values, teams are empowered to deliver superior results that reflect the creativity and passion of its creators.
Serkan Öztürk: (BNN Computer Technologies Inc)
Luiz Carlos Cabral B. Jr.
Jonathan Choate: (Iron Mountain Digital)
Mark Yeager: (Device Drivers Incorporated)
John Manickam: (PWI ) The training that I stumbled into is excellent for a beginner who has however managed IT related projects in a traditional manner of PM. This method adds credibility and validity to not only project management but most often forgotten to be realistically practiced - risk management and true collaboration.
Pedro Vistalli.
Ashish Mahajan: (Ericsson ) I am a true believer of Agile.
Kane Wang.
Alexander Bernitz.
Ming Jin.
Herman Withaar: (Motorola)
Andrew Hayes: (Insitu, Inc.) Agile was tried on a new project and immediately showed its benefits over the traditional waterfall process. It was so successful that the entire department is embarking on a plan to switch to agile based methodologies!
Ashrafali Tayyabi: The Agile manifesto makes perfect sense for present day software development. There is more human involvement than tools and processes. Developers need to be working more on producing software and less on creating documentation. No customer likes negotiations. It is only the ability to collaborate with customers that can win contracts. Change is inevitable and changes need to be responded to with agility.
Mustufa Taj: (Fidelity Investments)
Jonas Petersen: (AGIL UDVIKLING SCRUM EXTREME LEAN) Thanks for a wonderful Manifest...
Robert TOME: (
Mike Jodon: (Agora Games I Major League Gaming)
Daniela Lugo Lopez: (
Shahrooz Sheikh Ghasemi: Agile, accelerated methods for accelerating processes.
José Carlos Gonçalves.
Chris Conley: (gravitytank)
Richard Glew: (The Walt Disney Company) It's hard to argue with!
Gerrit Keck: Yes, I am utterly convinced that the Agile Manifesto is the key to successful delivery of a web project! 4 simple principles, when recognised and followed, will make THE difference on how a developer will approach his/her work and how clients appreciate the efforts of the development team. Cushdie!
Prashanth Goriparthi: (Goriparthi Software Solutions) Agile is future.
Hermann Will: (QADVICE | Software&System Quality) I really appreciate the team's strong responsibility for quality, target date and functionality as well as the significantly improved communication between all stakeolders.
Chris B. Kerndter: ( Pragmatism and Personality
Luc Liu: Agile for ever
Florent Chanavat: ( As a developper and usability specialist, I've always tried to merge simplicity and end-user satisfaction. I guess Agility is for me.
Jorge Merino: (Nuvek, LLC) This is a great manifesto when it is followed, I've been following it for years and it has helped me to accomplish world class projects with 100% customer satisfaction.
Shawn Goodin : (SC Johnson & Son)
Bruno Giuseppin: (Giuseppin Consultoria LTDA ME)
Abraham L C: (SIEMENS (India)) Agile Scrum methodology helped us to find solutions for many of the problems that we are facing. At the same time, we found lots of value addition using this method for software development.
Alexander Zhendisnky: (Qulix Systems) The Agile Manifesto is perfect! Unfortunetly we can't afford following it in all software development projects but we have to strive for it.
Don Murray, P.Eng.: (
Wilson Luiz Negrini de Carvalho: Great results, with a good quality, in a short period of time.
Roy Tang.
Seungbin Cho.
José González D'Amico: (
Volker Meurer.
Amit Bavdhankar: (IDBI Intech Limited) Great initiative
christopher jacob maria dass: (hcl)

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