Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 04 Sep to 15 Sep 2010
David E Wadleigh: (Terrific.IT LLC)
Chris Shayan: (S|E|B)
Ravinder Singh: (
Jorge SiƱa Neyra: (SIMSAC)
Diego Buteler: (-) Excellent approach on how to get things done. Congrats.
Seba Jean-Baptiste.
Martin SUDMANN: (PriceMinister)
Igor Scaglia: (
CARLOS Antonio Mercader Flores.
Filipe Sardi: (Voiza)
Sohel Khan: (IBM) I endorse the Agile Manifesto.
Scott Cook: (Schlumberger)
Yordi Lara Ochoa: (Morphorendering)
Cynthia Canteen-Harbor.
Roger Aunebakk: (
Hugo Aristi: (
Muhammad Bari: I agree with the manifesto and I think it is more practical than all of the rest.
Jason S. Moore.
Mars Cheng.
Sunil Roy: I am great believer of Agile Methodology. I always try to inculcate this philosophy wherever possible and in a suitable form.
Seshagiri Sriram: I fully support the agile manifesto.
Seth Baur: (
Oliver Dotzauer.
Richard Jenner: (MSM software development) I support the manifesto and love what you are trying to do here. Good luck!
Leo Herrick: I support the agile manifesto!
Gary Nugent: (The Status Bureau) The manifesto says it all! Awesome.
Eric Olsson: Software development does not have to be painful. These methods go a long way toward removing the needless friction in development.
Wil Moore III.
Richard Lacher: (CC Pace Systems, Inc.) Fully embrace the Agile Values and Principles as a way of thinking and it will fundamentally alter your underlying beliefs and attitudes. Others will see the dramatic improvement in your results, admire your professional behavior and wonder what great wisdom do you possess.
Mike Woudenberg.
Raul Albitre.
kilobytes : ( Always write manageable code... but in the end... "Does it work?"
John Downey: (Purdue University)
Paolo Iacono.
Peter Saddington: (White Barrel LLC.) Endorsed.
Gary Woodfine: (Three Nine Consulting) We have been following agile practices for over 3 years now, and over that time we have seen a dramatic improvement, not only in the quality of software that we produce, but also in the quality of our client relationships. We believe in the agile principles so much, we don't believe there is another approach to build scalable, robust, reliable and effective software.
Anand Bhartia: (PATNI) A big mind set change, but delivers results in even the most complicated projects. Keep it simple! ...Anand Bhartia, PMP, CSM, ITIL Foundation
Rahul Sah: (iSense Prowareness)
Brendon McLoughlin: (Tasc Software)
Jerome Bellanger: I think this is the right way to handle a development project.
Embrenchia van der Merwe: (DSTV Online) Agile is a lifelong change.
John Parkinson: (Innovation Road) We've been practicing agile methodologies since the beginning when the standard IT institution called it hacking. We've always been embedded in the business unit and have our business objectives aligned with theirs. Today my team is more agile and flexible than ever. We deliver large systems impacting billions of dollars in revenue with a small team and very little overhead.
V Whittier: (AlwaysServices - Multimedia Content and Web Development) I am delighted to endorse a clear statement of principles that focus on achieving measurable customer-centric results in the most efficient possible ways. Those processes and tools that do not facilitate achievement of project end goals waste valuable resources. Agile just makes sense!
Jeff Sigmon.
Marc Cobery.
Puneet Mathur: I Completely Endorse the Principles of AGILE and the Agile Manifesto !
Dieter Gottwald: (CITEC - DPW QLD) I have long considered Software Development as a social exercise, much like most other worthwhile pastimes. I like to think that many of the benefits that Agile processes deliver are owed to the recognition of age-old principles of collaboration.
Bradley Williams.
Leo Schou-Jensen: (Agile-Team) Based on our many years with software development we can say that the Agile principles work. We have developed the Agile-Team application with these principles in mind.

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