Independent Signatories of
The Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Signatures Received: 12 Nov to 20 Nov 2010
David Bonilla: (Funius) We must change the World, starting with our day by day.
Alexander Wolf: (University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe)
Simon Page.
GS Chandy (GSC): (Intelligent Systems for U and Me) Thanks - and many congratulations to all Agile people for having created this beautiful movement! The Agile Manifesto truly resonates with me. We are doing all our own projects using the Agile methodology - and shall be trying to use the Agile processes in all our working interactions with other companies and individuals as well.
Pasi Palonen: (Motomit / Parker Vansco) Seeing the documentation as the most important task in a project has caused situations where the customer is left with a program that has been done in a few days in a months project...
Sushant Nayak: (
Bertrand Larsy: (Expansive Passion) These values reconcile passion, human collaboration and efficiency. I stand for them !
Toby Druce: (The Virtual Wallet) Love the principle, will work on making it my practice.
Saverio Rizza: (
Vamsi Krishna Korasiga: (Alliance Global Services) Agile is all about change. Change from an existing process to a newer processes(over interactions and collaborations) can give you better results. Agile methodologies gives more visibility, satisfaction and also builds trust with the customer and development team. I truly support Agile Manifesto.
Ernesto Acosta.
Rick Osterloh: (Skype)
Rebekkah Hilgraves: (SheTech and Company) We as an organization commit to adopt the Agile principles both for our own internal development efforts and for those on behalf of our clients. As a widely distributed team, we recognize that we will encounter some challenges to the process and to the commitments, but will be open to change in those areas as well. Above all, though, we commit to the basic principle of human collaboration and exchange of ideas that this process supports. We look forward to the shift!
Abir Mukherjee: (
Greg Penn: (Valen Technologies)
Michael Mallete.
Michael Tague: It is funny when someone gives a name to something that already exists, it makes it seem more important. But, if that gets it greater acceptance, then so be it. I'm all for the iterative approach to software development.
Harikrishan Verma: (Pitney Bowes Business Insight) We are using Agile Development for last 2.5 years and we believe that It always helps to work in chunks. We believe in team work and team ownership. Agile helps to figure out your failure quickly, in order to achieve solid success later.
Wayne Moore: ( Having worked using many prescribed and ad-hoc methodologies, Agile is the one that feels like the right way to develop software.
Alain PARMENTIER: (ING Group) I am glad that the people are put back in the center of the development process. Power to the developpers, value to the business.... I am always surprised to realize that many project manager in the IT business have barely heard about Agile. I am happy to introduce Agile whenever it is possible.
Maurice Mulders: (TomTom)
Ignacio Fidalgo Romero.
Daniel Alonso: It's been proved that this principles improves customer and teams satisfaction. I'm continuing to introduce them to all the people I encounter.
Vivien Leonard.
Serdar Büyüktemiz: (seoze)
Chris Drappier: (Analytical Mechanics Associates) I have been following these principles since I started programming. It is accepted as the standard way to do things in our company today!
AJITH: (Hewlett Packard)
VEDPRAKASH MEHNDIRATTA: Agile principles are completely in line with practical interaction between 'business users','business analyst','architect' and 'developers' for mission critical short delivery cycle in-house development environments. This win-win solution approach gives great deal of satisfaction with feeling of achievement to all stake holders.
Andy Mattice: (AccessVia, Inc.)
Joginder Singh: Following Agile methods makes us focus more on engineering side of solution than process-adherence. The principles of Agile Manifesto remind us again and again about why we are into a project.
Stella Nelson: I fully endorse Agile behaviour for it's common sense without the politics approach.
Julien Biezemans: (JBpro's Interactive) I do believe in the agile values. I'll keep them in mind continuously. Not respecting those values would mean I failed!
Bindiya Pradhan: (ikasystems) In two simple words its flexible and customer oriented. Its something that time demands. Am proud to be working in this technology.
Simo Nikula.
David Hodgson: (CA Technologies) The values in the manifesto have allowed several development groups at CA to free themselves from obstacles by focusing on the right prorities. This works!
Edward Yavno: ( Wholeheartedly support the agile manifesto!
Andre Vellori: (Freelance) La mia massima priorità è soddisfare il cliente rilasciando software di valore, fin da subito e in maniera continua. Il software funzionante è il principale metro di misura di progresso.
Lindsay Córdoba: (UCV - COFAE) Las necesidades de las organizaciones y las principales preocupaciones de directivos en general, suele ser el requerir con la inmediatez posible de herramientas de trabajo efectivas y acertivas, aunque sigue siendo un reto en el desarrollo de software, el levantamiento de requerimientos precisos, con el objeto de instrumentar lo solicitado, por lo que la metodología SCRUM ampliamente desarrollada a lo que se conoce como método ágil, resulta la estrategia más adecuada, sobre todo en un mundo tan dinámico como el que vivimos hoy.
Paulo Gastão Bianchessi da Cunha: (none) Se for importante, então faremos.
Dennis Wagner.
Florian Eisenberg.
Alberto Bastos: (Modulo)
Danielle Golic.
Adrian Lopez Perez.
John Emmanuel Delas Alas: (
Ahmet Dogramaci: I sincerely believe in the agile principles and have seen them work in practice.
Mary Heather Hanley: (VersionOne)
Jakub Zalas: (
Elke Mai.
Shalini Komarla: (BMC Software) I support the agile manifesto

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